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Yaris entertainingly took on Monster Trucks, Gadget Freaks and Hungry Girlfriends in the form of animated pop promos featuring the ‘But, can you do this?’ song. We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Jesse McCartney and Emily Osment sneak around the penthouse in these new stills from Young & Hungry. In “Young & Punchy,” Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) wants to hire computer genius Cooper Finley (McCartney), but an awkward incident with Gabi (Osment) leads Josh to punching Cooper rather than hiring him. Meanwhile, Elliot (Rex Lee) and Yolanda (Kym Whitley) each scheme to be the first person to try out the fancy new bathtub Josh had installed.

All we see is mega-adorableness in this pic of Gabi (Emily Osment) and Cooper (Jesse McCartney) in the season two premiere of Young & Hungry. Meanwhile, Elliot (Rex Lee) has a big date with the wedding florist and ends up bringing a forlorn Josh along. Now Gabi is determined to make things right between them, leading to a different kind of spark between her and Cooper.
The girlfriend, not satisfied with the salad she ordered, looks over at her boyfriends wings and then proceeds to steal them from him. Now the boyfriend is sitting on a couch eating his Taco Bell Loaded Grillers, when his girlfriend comes in and sits next to him, eyeing his food.

He knew she was going to steal it from him, so he bought two and hands her the other one before she can claim it for herself.

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