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Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell was spotted out for the first time since his split from girlfriend, Blanca Fouche. The friend added that it was Michaela€™s decision to call it a day and that is currently a difficult time but the pair, who only got together in May, are still close and upset because they have been through a lot.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Like many of you, I have been reading and watching reports of Justin’s behavior and I am really worried about him. Isabel and Marilyn Thomas are the chick-lit authors behind Stargazing from Nowhere, a YA novel about a rock star, the small town girl he falls for, and the secret between them that threatens their fairy-tale romance.
Geordie Shore series 5 ended with a bang last night (April 9), with the cast leaving Charlotte behind for a Piste-up trip to the French Alps.
With the blonde bombshell and Ricci both absent from their final Geordie tour, there were mixed emotions among the housemates about going skiing, particularly where Charlotte is concerned.
Gaz appeared to be remorseful and regretful following his behaviour on fight night, with Vicky, Sophie and Holly expressing their resent towards him for the situation they feel he has caused – costing them their best friend. On the trip, Gaz clearly missed Charlotte, surprising pulling partner Scotty-T with his lack of interest in banging birds, despite not being under the watchful eye of Charlotte. With Gaz's mind clearly on Charlotte, it is left to Dan to represent the Geordies by getting mortal, as well as Sophie's boyfriend Joel joining the lads on their night out… where he seemed to win them over!

The tension between the boys and the girls was still present, but with it being their last trip and their time together coming to an end, they decided to let bygones be bygones and focus on being a family. Back in Newcastle, the cast and Vicky are reunited with Ricci, but the girls could not convince Charlotte to join them for their last big night out, who told them that she still hates Gary too much to be around him. Ricci and Vicky shared a farewell kiss before admitting that they are still very much on a break with no signs of rekindling the engagement, with Vicky adding: "I’ve changed so much I’ve gone from being engaged to single. After their epic final night, Gaz tried to make up with Charlotte by taking her pet goldfish Scramble, Egg and Toast to her house, but she refused to answer the door.
Instead, Gaz is left with a text saying: “I need time to put myself together”, bringing series five of Geordie Shore to an end!
He added: "I always know no matter how much time she needs or how much time I need or what ever happens somehow we’ll always come back.
The 31-year-old Chilean mother-of-four stood by him throughout his trial over child sex allegations, but now have decided to part ways.Le Vell, 48, was dressed in casual attire as he wandered around Manchester holding a crumpled Sainsbury's bag on Thursday.
They often start as a single photo of one person; parts of the photo are then extracted or manipulated in Photoshop and made popular by Internet communities like Reddit. A good girlfriend will say, “Don’t drive so fast!” or “Don’t let your friends drive your car so fast.” All the speeding in his California neighborhood–what was up with that? She’ll always have his back, so that when her friend gets grossed out by PDA, she’ll stick up for your relationship.

She’ll be there as a sober second thought when he needs a friend to hear him out and support him through life’s challenges and celebrate with his life’s victories–and it seems that he has so many wonderful ones ahead. What I liked the least hearing about is that he allegedly spit, (TMZ says he did spit), at the crowd of fans gathered below his balcony after a Toronto concert. A good girlfriend would never let him abandon such a cute, little, precious monkey, or even get one in the first place.
A good girlfriend would tell you not to get any more because you might want to get into acting later on, or have other opportunities that multiple tattoos have no place being a part of– and it’s super hard to cover them up.
Whenever things would get too intense on tour, she would know what to do and she could take his mom out shopping and they could bond over stories of him–the ones she left out of her book! I wasn’t there, so I don’t know, but even the drama around it leaves me worried, especially since there’s been so much drama with him lately. Your friends need to have a life too, that doesn’t revolve around hanging with you (I mean, what are they going to put on their resume for the two or three years that they’re hanging around with you?) and your girlfriend should remind you of this.
She is there for him and that love and support is priceless and will help him continue to be a better artist and a better person because love is all that really matters in the end.

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