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Updated with some more stuff and colors.Tell me some programs that WORKS for SA and do NOT work with SA. That's fine and dandy, they can go talk about it in the SA forums then instead of intentially stirring up sh*t by comparing a 2004 game to a 2013 one. Our love for San Andreas was never about how alive the city was, It was about the nostalgia, characters, story, and layout of the city. GTA SA has some content that GTA V doesn't have and in 2004 it felt amazing, GTA SA is the kind of game you have to play till the end to realize how much it has to offer. Why is it so hard for people to understand the concept of "relative to its time?"  That makes no sense to me.
It was awesome at the time, but open-worlds are common now and far less exciting to play as we've been numbed to the experience.
I think San Andreas still holds up really well in terms of gameplay (at least on Pc), graphically it was outdated even when it came out and yes, it looks pretty bad today. The thing is, just like with a lot of "classics," much of the praise they're getting today comes from nostalgia.
The rumors began when the opportunities to buy San Andreas on Xbox Originals marketplace was removed, and increased when achievements list was updated on the websites of Xbox Achievements.
Rockstar says that this is a service and thank you to the fans and those who already have saves from the game does not start again to experience the graphic preparations. I beat this game like a hundred times, sad thing is this new HD version is for failbox 360, those filthy console peasants are getting on my nerves!

I'm not sure if you are confused or did this on purpose because you know no one would probably read it in the SA sub forum.
San Andreas was amazing for it's time, and I have no idea why in Gods name you are comparing it to current gen GTA's?
Once you get in the game you won't see anything special compared to the other games at the first look but the more you advance the more you discover. Games like Ocarina of Time, GTA III and Vice City, and others, are difficult to get into nowadays, because they are precursors of a gameplay style that is well settled now. I still enjoy older GTA games to an extent in terms of gameplay, but each game's story is just as amazing as the first time playing. Greece has become Europe Mestre, Ronaldo his great despair and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came to the store shelves. Now therefore Rockstar already confirmed that on October 26 there will be an updated HD version.
And I really cannot understand why the fool wants review a game that was made back in 2004 and on the f**king PS2 to add to that. Vice City did actually have better graphics, but VC had a very small map and it was a much smaller game overall, so it's graphics did not suffer. It was an amazing, mind-blowing game back then and one hell of a fun game now if you get used to the now-awkward controls, but I honestly think people who say it's better than V are just hipsters. Las Santos hardly resembles actual LA (I live in LA) besides the few landmark buildings like the Hollywood (VineWood) sign.

His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster. And now everyone can once again enjoy the story of Carl "CJ" Johnson and his way up to become the king of San Andreas. You have to take into consideration that SA was much bigger than VC in every way imaginable - SA's map just colossally huge, it contained 3 major cities, and there was tons and tons of extra things to do outside of the game's main storyline. The second picture in particular is like seeing an old friend I haven't talked to in a long time. San Andreas doesn't have this, and I noticed when I was replaying GTA games during this year waiting for V.
I couldn't replay Vice City because it felt too simple, however San Andreas felt just right.
CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.
Besides, if you take into account how revolutionary and how much content SA added after VC you could understand why it got so much praise.
You are one kind of special retard that's for sure.Because a lot of people keep saying here that SA was better than V in every way.

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