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Fabian Strategy is an auto rifle you get for doing the rank 3 gunsmith quest for Banshe-44 as a Titan.
Bolt-Caster, Raze-Lighter and Dark-Drinker are exotic swords you get by doing a quest for Lord Shaxx. You can also get Sleeper Simulant, the fusion rifle, via a quest whose name is still unknown. A pulse rifle called No Time To Explain is in the same boat – a reward for an unknown quest. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by Mmorpg life DOO or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. The Iron Banner event in Destiny is once again upon us, challenging guardians to bring their best gear into the Crucible to battle it out for bragging rights, as well as some cool new toys. What this all boils down to is not only a much higher importance on the armor that you choose to wear, but also the weapons that you opt to dish out doom with. Today, I'm going to break down my five picks for the best weapons to bring to the Iron Banner event (running January 13 - January 19).
As a final note before we begin, I've chosen some weapons that I feel represent all three classes (primary, special and heavy), as well as give options to all types of gamers, regardless of their skill set or play style. I've decided to kick things off with a weapon that really flew under my radar until I was lucky enough to earn it as a drop in the Weekly Nightfall Strike a short time ago. Where you can get it: As mentioned, I was lucky enough to get it from a drop during the Weekly Nightfall Strike not too long ago, but you can also get it from other activities that drop loot.
Don't get angry if you're playing Destiny on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, but this Hand Cannon won't be available to you until at least fall of 2015. Where you can get it: The Hawkmoon will drop as loot, meaning that you can snag it from raids, the Crucible, Weekly Nightfall Strikes or even engrams.
You're not always going to be able to get your hands on some heavy ammunition in the Crucible, but if you do, there is no better place to put those bullets than into a machine gun called Super Good Advice, and then into your opponent's skulls. Where you can get it: I'm very sorry to report that this weapon does not drop as loot, and I'm almost certain that Xur won't be peddling it at the Tower any time soon.
Before I was qualified to take on the Crota's End raid, I hopped into the activity and took advantage of a loot chest that was sitting near the start point.
Where you can get it: As mentioned, I got it from a chest during a raid, which means that it's available anywhere that exotic loot is dropped. I told you that this list would cover lots of different play styles, so what better way to finish it off than with an exotic shotgun? Where you can get it: Sorry, but this one is also going to be left to chance, once again in the form of an exotic weapon bounty.
Although it wasn't intentional, most of the weapons on this list are somewhat hard to obtain, while others are left completely to chance. I'm personally a fan of No Land Beyond with Trolley Problem (current Crucible legendary fusion rifle, but any decent fusion of your choice gives a good mid range punch), or Universal Remote with Trolley Problem. As you've probably noticed, I'm personally a fan of taking a sniper (No Land) or shotgun (Universal) as my primary, especially when Universal has a longer shotgun range than usual and the perfectly accurate middle shot (lined up with the reticle when ADS) gives a nice 7-8x damage critical that will drop about anything. Destiny has hundreds upon hundreds of weapons to collect, spanning multiple weapon types and rarities.
We’ve seen gameplay of this Exotic Rocket Launcher since E3, but only recently did we discover what its upgrades do. Universal Remote not only is an epic Exotic shotgun, but it is also unique in the fact that it takes the place of your primary weapon, rather than your special weapon slot. The Red Death’s awesome aesthetics (bloody spikes!) are paired with one of the best weapon upgrades in the game. The Vex Mythoclast is accepted by the Destiny community as the most overpowered weapon in the game. These weapons will often be purchasable from Xur, Agent of the Nine, who appears in the tower on weekends.
LAS VEGAS — A years-old Disney policy meant to restrict the use of exotic animals in its films is no doubt a good thing, but if you happen to be making a movie primarily starring exotic animals, it also makes things trickier. The aforementioned policy outlines that Disney productions are, in general, not allowed to use exotic live animals outside of a zoo, sanctuary habitat or natural environment. But, Legato said, the Internet has a wealth of video footage and reference materials that aided the team in making the animals move and act authentically. Imagine a wedding in a centuries-old church followed by an intimate dinner party in a tucked-away family-owned Italian restaurant, glasses clinking while wine and laughter flows. Despite what Hollywood would have us believe, most Las Vegas weddings are planned, well-thought out events as opposed to quickie ceremonies between people who've met mere hours before. There are more than a few reasons Maui is one of the world's top honeymoon destinations, among them top-notch resorts, world-renowned surf, activities aplenty and sandy beaches ranging from white to black to red.
It's been called "the island that inspired heaven," so what better place to begin a life of heavenly wedded bliss? For couples who prefer snow to sand, a winter wedding in the French Alps is a natural choice. When a bride imagines taking her vows on a beach at sunset, it's likely the Caribbean she's picturing. New York City has been the inspiration of countless songs, been the setting to blockbuster movies aplenty and is home to some of the world's most iconic sites.

Princess dreams die hard, which makes Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando the ideal place for regular ladies who've managed to find their own Prince Charming to begin their happily ever after.
Even couples who've traveled to Mexico many times have likely not been to Riviera Nayarit, a short drive north but seemingly a world away from the bustle of popular Puerto Vallarta. The Undying Mind – An ancient Mind, feared by the Vex themselves, hides among the channels of the Black Garden.
2v2 (Doubles) has been added to the database, along with modes that do not use the motion tracker (radar). Embark on adventures alone or with a fireteam to push back the Darkness and reclaim our lost worlds. The Dark Below – Eris Morn has landed in the Tower with fears of recent Hive activity. Gone to Ground – Search the Cosmodrome for the Wolf Kell who led the revolt against the Awoken. There’s still only 1 Exotic Sparrow and Ship, but the Ship has been updated with a new thumbnail.
There’s new Legendary Sparrows, two of which will be rewarded in the Trials of Osiris. These are bought using Crucible or Vanguard Marks (the tooltips will specify), not raid-related like the ones above. You may recognize some of these Exotics, but now they’ve got unique thumbnail images and updated perks. Hover over the item to see its tooltip, or click an item to see everything known about the item.
The upgrade perks on these Exotics are insane! Lord of Wolves can light your foes on fire… on FIRE. They can be obtained through quests, by using blueprints, decrypting engrams, trading with Xur or as random drops. Unlike regular Crucible matches, the Iron Banner won't see all participants competing on a level playing field, instead allowing you to keep your custom attack and defense ratings to see how they stack up against the lowly level 20's of the universe. Decide to head into battle with your favorite rare auto rifle and you might find yourself nursing a wounded ego. As with any list where someone tells you what is the best and what didn't make the cut, I expect many differences of opinion.
You can also purchase it from Xur for a pocket full of Strange Coins, although good luck getting the guy to show up for work. If you're playing on the PS3 or PS4, however, this very well could be your best bet for a Hand Cannon during an Iron Banner event. I'm not entirely positive that it can be purchased from Xur, so for now expect that this one will be left to chance. What sets this weapon apart from its competitors is the fact that the rate of fire is one of the best of any exotic weapon in the game.
In fact, the only place that you can get this gun for sure is by completing an exotic weapon bounty called A Voice in the Wilderness, which itself is only obtained by chance. You can't get weapons in that chest anymore, but luckily I made off with an exotic sniper rifle called No Land Beyond. It made its first appearance with The Dark Below DLC, so it's yet to be seen whether Xur will offer it up for a bounty of Strange Coins.
Unfortunately, the shotgun that was originally going to make the list isn't currently obtainable in the game, so you'll have to settle for the Invective.
Players will need to complete A Dubious Task to get it, but for those that do, it will be well worth the effort once you let loose during one of the Iron Banner events.
Don't worry though, as there a many guns that will get the job done when you take part in the Iron Banner. Not only does this weapon upgrade to track targets, but upon detonation, the Wolfpack Rounds upgrade causes the impact to divide into even more tracking missiles. The Red Death upgrade immediately heals you upon each kill, making this weapon great for both multikills in Crucible, but more importantly, survivability in Raids and Strikes. This weapon is categorized as a Primary Fusion Rifle, and fires full auto, making it insanely strong for Crucible matches (many want to see a nerf for this weapon). The artists spent months combing through research in order to track behavioral and movement patterns they could mimic on screen. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. There is perhaps no place in the world more romantic than Italy and perhaps no region there more picturesque than the Amalfi coast.
Though more than 100,000 people choose Sin City for their weddings every year, Las Vegas is still the perfect destination for cutting-edge couples who rebuff tradition.
It's relatively remote location - 500 miles east of Madagascar - has helped to preserve its pristine white-sand beaches, lush green mountains and cobalt-blue waters, but that's not to say there's any shortage of accommodations for you and your wedding guests. With its cobblestone streets, upscale shops and world-class restaurants, Megeve is everything one would expect from a tony Alpine ski resort. With locales ranging from exotic gardens to waterfront pavilions, there's likely a place for nearly every taste. Stretching 100 miles along the Pacific Coast from Nuevo Vallarta in the south to San Blas in the north, the region is the home of all-inclusive megaresorts to tiny boutique hotels and everything in between.

Though there are no guarantees, the odds of a sunny day are much higher when the wedding location is San Diego, California, home to some of the world's loveliest weather. Choose the right tool for the job, however, and you'll be purchasing that level 32 gear from Lord Saladin in no time.
The rate of fire isn't particularly high for an auto rifle, but the stability is more than manageable, allowing you to score headshot after headshot on your fellow guardians. What sets it apart from other options is its extremely high impact and quick reload times, although players on the Xbox consoles wouldn't be giving up much ground if they went with another exotic Hand Cannon called The Last Word. Xur will sell other exotic Hand Cannons from time to time, including The Last Word just last week.
The best part about it is that it's a primary, meaning you don't have to rummage through the map looking for special or heavy ammo to use the thing.
Your best bet at this point is a loot drop, which unfortunately doesn't leave much in the way of hope. Even if you don't have an exotic, there are plenty of great legendary options to ensure that you stay competitive. Exotic weapons are the best of the best; their upgrades are so powerful that you are only allowed to equip one Exotic weapon at a time.
When fully upgraded, this weapon gains additional range and accuracy, making it an absolute powerhouse for PvP.
Not only will your radar remain active when scoped in, but after aiming down the sights for a period of time, this weapon will grant you invisibility. In addition, this weapon also will have reduced flinch when fully upgraded, making it second to only one other weapon in Destiny.
The Mythoclast can only be earned as loot from the final boss in the Vault of Glass on Hard Mode, making it the hardest piece of gear to attain in Destiny. Perched high above the coastline, Ravello is an ancient town with spectacular vistas well-suited for sophisticates.
Choose anything from an intimate ceremony on Bellagio's Terraza Di Sogna with the waters of the world-famous fountains dancing in the background to The Graceland Chapel -- site of many celebrity weddings and equipped with the capability to broadcast your wedding online for friends who can't make the trip. Romantic moments are around nearly every bend in Maui, whether watching the sunrise atop Haleakala or simply strolling barefoot on the beach. Luxury hotels like the Four Seasons Mauritius at Anahita are well-staffed with professionals able to assist with plans for a wedding on Mauritius from far away. Despite the plethora of high-end tourists it attracts, moderately priced hotels and family-run bed-and-breakfasts are available in addition to the luxury hotels. Forgo the traditional limo and use a taxi for transportation, choose an ornate hotel ballroom or stark loft for your reception, and afterwards, continue the celebration into the morning hours by taking part in New York City's unrivaled nightlife scene. There's no location, however, better suited to carrying out a princess fantasy than Swan Boat Landing with Cinderella Castle as the backdrop. Depending on preference, a couple might choose to begin their lives in the laid-back surfer enclave of Sayulita or at one of Punta Mita's ultra-luxe beachfront resorts, like the St. If there is a weapon that I've overlooked I'd invite you to discuss it in the comments section.
The damage is on par for what you'd expect from an exotic, but it's really the accuracy that's going to set this one apart from the rest.
It's not for everyone, but you'd be hard pressed to find a sniper that wouldn't want this in their gun bag.
When you're that close to your target with a weapon this powerful, pretty much anything exotic will get the job done. The best part about legendary weapons is that they can often be purchased from vendors in the Tower, such as the Vanguard Quartermaster.
There are a handful of Exotics to swoon over, and it will take a lot of effort to earn a spot for one in your inventory.
For a more casual seaside affair, choose the tiny and stunningly beautiful town of Positano. Cozy up underneath a blanket in the back of a horse-drawn carriage or bundle up and wander the narrow streets hand-in-hand, either way, be prepared to succumb to romance. The islands, though a short ferry ride from one another, have entirely distinct personalities, with Nevis being the quiet, untouched sister island to St, Kitt's hustle and bustle. There's nothing cookie-cutter about this city, and no shortage of ways to have a one-of-a-kind wedding. Complete the dream by choosing Cinderella's Coach, complete with six Welsh ponies and two footmen in full costume, as your transportation. Just keep in mind that it is a special weapon, meaning you'll need to find special ammunition on the field of battle to load it up. As long as you're willing to embrace the grind, you should have no shortage of options in your toy box of destruction. Nevis is all that's right with the Caribbean - beautiful volcanic ash beaches, full-service resorts and easy to get to - while still managing to feel like a well-kept secret.
Nevis's legendary sunsets are the perfect backdrop for a Caribbean beach wedding and the stuff wedding photographer's dreams are made of.

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