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If you are a guy who is still trying to build your muscles,then you may be intimidate to meet nine year old Giuliano Stroe, who is nicknamed the ‘Romanian Hercules’. Stroe has been pumping iron since before he could walk and have been dubbed the ‘world’s strongest boy’. For men who would want to try this type of stunts, some of them may end up with sprain muscles and even land in an emergency room.
His dad, Iulian said: “He was very excited about going back to school and he wanted to show his friends he hasn’t been slacking during the holidays. There are no words to take the pain of losing a dog away, but there are some that can lend comfort, perspective and hope.
As dog lovers, we do understand what you are going through and hope that in these pages, you might find some small comfort and the knowledge that you are not alone.
Anyone who has lost a dog to old age, or illness, has surely asked themselves, why cant they just live longer? Dog forever is every bit as grand and as long as ours; it seems shorter to us, only because it is compressed in to a small, densely packed window of human time. A beautifully told story of love and loss, grieving and going forward, knowing our lost dogs are waiting for us. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Over the course of a half-century, the Draper family has carved out a name (and a fortune) in a place where breeding and ancestry are thought to be irrelevant. Like many startups, Valley Girl was launched in a garage—except that the garage was in her family home.
For this year's season, the fourth, Jesse is able to get guests like Sheryl Sandberg on her own.
In the early 1980s, Tim Draper was bumping around Silicon Valley armed with an engineering degree from Stanford and a diploma from Harvard Business School, trying to figure out what to do next. A Well-Connected Man: Family patriarch Bill Draper (clockwise, from top left) with Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, Fidel Castro, and Bill Clinton. To understand how the world of the Draper family works, just follow the path of Thomas Foley.
Billy Draper, on the other hand, says he is doing his best not to exploit his father's network. Of course, being part of the Draper clan means there are always potential investors at the ready.
As the younger generation of Drapers begin to make their way through the Valley, they increasingly swap places with their elders.
If Adam does end up as the next Draper VC, it would be perfectly fair to ask if the elite of Silicon Valley aren't so very different from the East Coast establishment they once fled. Unlike their forefathers, the Draper kids will compete in a mature industry where innovations and startups are a dime a dozen. Over lunch one afternoon with Tim, Jesse, and Adam, the conversation snakes back to stories of Deathball, a game Tim and his kids invented for the family swimming pool. Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets. Oliver says no matter how much you try to educate customers about the nuances and subtleties of coffee, a€?There are those who still like their coffee with milk.a€? Like me. I spend 72 hours walking this capital city, and Ia€™m delighted to find that it has more than a few of my favorite things: funky clothing shops, contemporary design stores and so many independent bookstores that I want to weep with joy. My first full day in Vienna, Alexa Brauner (, a Viennese design and architecture connoisseur, takes me on a walking tour. Alexa and I spend the morning walking into shops, and I follow her lead, greeting shopkeepers with a€?grA?ss gott,a€? a decidedly Austrian salutation that has a range of meanings and emotions behind it, but mostly a€?may God greet youa€? or a€?God bless you.a€? We walk toward the city center, past Mariahilfer Strasse, Viennaa€™s largest commercial street. The exquisite design continues at A–sterreicher im MAK (, the museum restaurant named after its star chef, Helmut Osterreicher.
I tell Alexa Ia€™m surprised by the number of vegetarian options on menus in Vienna, after expecting largely sausages and schnitzels.
After lunch we pop into the Post Office Savings Bank, designed by Otto Wagner, the architect and city planner who has had the most lasting impact on Vienna. Alexa and I stop for coffee, hit another dozen stores (a€?grA?ss gott!a€?) and end up in the city center, at Graben, the bustling main square.
We peek into MA?hlbauer (, the century-old hat shop whose customers include Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and Yoko Ono. And the Adorable Award goes to WieWien (, a gift shop with a large book section in back. Ita€™s hard to think of Austria and film without two classics coming to mind: The Sound of Music and The Third Man. In warmer months, you can re-enact the Orson Welles chase scene on a Third Man Sewer Tour (
On the other hand you must also let her into your world as well by showing her your vulnerability of being a man who lives and breathes and makes mistake and not a superman she dreams. Dressed in a camel-hued sports coat and burgundy dress shoes, he looks like the kind of man who wouldn't dare enter an elevator without first holding the door for the women getting on. El Camino Real, the clotted artery running through Palo Alto and Menlo Park, had a Five & Dime instead of a Tesla dealership. In the 1960s, Bill founded two VC firms, Draper & Johnson and Sutter Hill Ventures, while becoming known for investing in people rather than markets. Unlike Westport or Dallas or even San Francisco, the Valley isn't known for respecting the elite trappings of old money, connections, or inherited power.
In the past, it has hosted the more formal holiday parties of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, but tonight, with scantily clad female Santas cage-dancing by the DJ and pink glitter dripping from the sushi, taco, and cotton-candy stations, the room has been transformed into Generation Draper 4.0.
Valley Girl gets about 2 million views each month, via everything from YouTube and Roku set-top boxes to Indoor Direct, which serves programming to Taco Bell and Denny's.

Big from Sex and the City in a family biopic (that is, if he didn’t just cast himself), was on safari in Tanzania when he spotted a breathtaking piece of land. Foley is a tan, angular former UCLA water-polo player who was Jesse Draper's sixth-grade valentine.
Typically, explains longtime Valley observer Bob Cringely, someone has to work for years on the tech side before gaining the credibility to become a venture investor.
Ia€™m at the bar of his tiny coffee shop, Alt Wien Kaffee (, where the slow roaster sits just inside the front door. But after checking in at my hotel, Altstadt Vienna (, I make a reckless decision to leave the list behind.
She says ita€™s important to understand that before the Iron Curtain started coming down in 1989, there was no exchange of artistic ideas in Vienna, and there was only one gallery in the entire city. Next is Das MA¶ebel (, a furniture and accessory gallery where I find terrific pastel-colored boxy stools, mirrors in the shape of Eastern European countries and an egg holder that looks and feels like a putting green. Therea€™s a Lobmeyr chandelier crafted from glass bottles, and the faucet in the restroom sink is a fountain of water that shoots up through a grate. She says the cuisine here (the only international cuisine named after a city rather than a country) is more sophisticated than that in other parts of Austria, since ita€™s so close to Italy.
On the way there, I stop and buy an irresistible dress by a Hungarian designer at punkish Disaster Clothing ( In theory, according to the Vienna Tourist Board, Vienna could supply its own demand for fresh vegetables and wine. The best example is at the showroom of Gabarage Upcycling Design (, which uses industrial waste as raw materials for creative designs. Go into any coffeehouse, and youa€™ll find a dozen newspapers and magazines available for perusing.
I go there with my friend Julia, a Viennese photographer, and we browse a large collection of cookbooks. Again, I find beautiful books: new and rare, including a 1959 edition from Czech photographer Josef Sudek for about $1,300 (okay, ita€™s nice to at least browse). Wallets, T-shirts, music, jewelry (including a fabulous Ferris Wheel ring for $115) are all displayed in 1950s-era suitcases. I am told a coffeehouse should be considered a second living rooma€”as comfortable and relaxing as your own home. But the best discovery of all is that my favorite hot chocolate of the trip (I had about six cups of heisse schokolade in three days) isna€™t from a coffeehouse at alla€”ita€™s in a disposable cup at this store, served thick and creamy with plenty of milk and sugar.
Neither is well known in Vienna, but for cult followers of the latter, there are plenty of ways to get a fix during your visit. Ita€™s centrally located in the Seventh District, just a 10-minute walk to the Museums Quarter and shopping on Mariahilfer Strasse. Located downtown near the Karlsplatz, the Terence Conran-designed property is considered Viennaa€™s design hotel masterpiece, filled with pieces from international and local artists.
Ita€™s the perfect spot if youa€™re looking for cool design, innovative architecture, great colors and clever functionality while saving your euros for shopping in the Seventh District. Located about 25 minutes from the city center, the property owners call it a€?the worlda€™s first urban zero-energy balance hotel.a€? Solar panels produce enough hot water for the entire property, and rain is collected to irrigate the gardens.
Altogether, he made bets on more than 500 companies, visited more than 100 countries, and was the first VC to invest in developing countries such as India.
Unlike many twentysomethings who put it all on the line to make the techie pilgrimage west, the Draper kids have Silicon Valley in their breeding.
The former rapper met Tim a decade ago, at the house of another billionaire VC, Ron Conway.
Four years ago, she started filming interviews with her father's friends, with her dad often acting as booking agent.
At the entrance of the Valley Girl party, an oversize flat-screen TV flaunts Jesse's Valley Girl logo. He went to high school with Jesse at Menlo School, the Atherton prep school; after college, he spent three years in investment banking before returning home to Silicon Valley. Together, Foley and Tim came up with the idea for Xpert Financial, an online trading platform for private companies. The three men got to talking—and in that single afternoon, Adam, an English major, became cofounder of Xpert. But he came to the realization that his Silicon Valley instincts would never fit in Hollywood.
Artists pay Mobber to get fans to tweet and post Facebook updates about their new song or video, in exchange for coupons or special access to the musician's work. And there is a widespread feeling among many Valley entrepreneurs that DFJ is now at the bottom end of top-tier firms, a once-great outfit that has lost its edge. And I fall in love with Viennese hot chocolatea€”a perfectly sweet, milky antidote to the espresso.
The museum, built in the 1870s neo-Renaissance style, is free on Saturdays and located adjacent to the University of Applied Arts. The menu offers traditional and contemporary Viennese fare, so therea€™s beef goulash on the former and herb-filled ravioli and pickled pumpkin salad on the latter. While traditional Viennese cuisine is hearty, meaty and often breaded, therea€™s a new movement to eat less meat, which I learn has as much to do with the environment as human or animal health.
Stephena€™s Cathedral (, the countrya€™s best example of Gothic architecture and the venue of Mozarta€™s wedding. Then I grab a book and easily sink into one of the sofas in the hotela€™s Red Salon, where evenings mean hot drinks, freshly made cakes and a visiting Dalmatian curled up by the carefully tended fire. I find bags, light fixtures, jewelry, shelves and a recliner, all made from, well, garbage.
There are bookstores aplenty and book sections in restaurants, gift shops, galleries and clothing stores.

If you do nothing else, take a ride on the giant Ferris Wheel ( that was used for a famous scene with Welles and Joseph Cotten. Several of the 42 rooms and suites have been redesigned by Italian architect Matteo Thun and Viennese furniture designers.
This summer, rooms will be cooled with ice-cold groundwater, and two wind turbines will be installed on the roof. Headed back to the airport, you can check in and get your boarding pass at the downtown Wien Mitte CAT station.
And Tim's sons, Adam and Billy, both entrepreneurs, have a tamer twentysomething variation. Yet that soon changed, thanks in part to Bill Draper, whose office is an homage to a six-decade career that has spanned money, politics, and philanthropy.
They have inherited connections and wealth from their father and grandfather; and yet they are wired with the Silicon Valley worldview of individualism and relentless optimism. More recently, Hammer attended Tim's 50th birthday party, where Tim dangled from the Circus Club rafters with Cirque du Soleil acrobats.
He was traveling with a local Tanzanian who suggested an even better locale: Lupita Island on Lake Tanganyika, the second largest freshwater lake in the world.
That may sound wild, but when paired with his father's instinct to bet on people rather than technologies, it has led him to incredible financial wins. In the fall of 2008, Foley decided he needed to figure out what to do next and began tapping the network he grew up with. Billy used money he inherited from his mother's side of the family to hire a coder in Bangladesh. In fact, if the Drapers are betting on anyone to carry on the Draper dynasty, all fingers point to Tim's oldest son. So, despite all their privilege, the odds are against the Draper kids slipping into success via their gene pool. Ia€™ve barely sipped it before I realize it is by far the strongest caffeinated product to ever touch my lips.
But in just two decades, a once-dark city has sprouted communities of young artists, musicians and designers. MAK has a valuable collection of Wiener WerkstA¤tte furniture, oriental rugs and precious textiles, porcelain and glass. Ita€™s no surprise that this city of 1.6 million ranked first in Mercera€™s 2009 Quality of Living Survey for expatriates. My chestnut dumplings, sitting atop a bed of lentils and greens, were worth the trip to Europe alone. There are also a handful of chocolate shops that exhibit their wares so artfully, youa€™d think they were displaying fine jewelry. You can also take a bus (20 minutes; $9 one way, $16 round trip) or taxi (about $50) from the airport. His mahogany bookcase is stocked with framed photos of himself with members of the elite network he curated over the years, including U.S. In a hot-pink dress cropped mid-thigh and 4-inch silver sequin platform heels, the party hostess towers well over 6 feet tall.
And so are thirtysomethings from BitTorrent, Sequoia Capital, and Square, as well as high-school friends who became venture capitalists. Several years ago, when Polly wrote a script about two preteen rock musicians, Tim told her he'd foot the bill to shoot the film, especially if he could act in it too. After meeting with more than a dozen family friends to contemplate his future, he finally landed at DFJ's offices to meet with Tim. Whenever he pitched an idea, he says, the conversation always turned to something mundane like fixing the furniture in the office. The neighborhood with the most creative energy and commerce is the Seventh District (, where we start our walk, outside my hotel. Charles ( empire, which has an old-style pharmacy, spa and restaurant all along the same street. Thata€™s the case at Fruth Chocolaterie (, where delicate chocolates are shown in old-style cabinets. When the general opened his VC firm in the late 1950s, he recruited his son Bill, then living in Chicago, as one of his first employees, thus launching the Draper dynasty. Tim is the most prominent member of the Draper clan, a billionaire partner at Draper Fisher Jurvetson, which is famed for backing Baidu, Hotmail, and Skype.
Katie Anderson, a lanky blond childhood friend of Jesse's, says that growing up in a famous, wealthy family was no big deal for Jesse. I stop in the famous 1786 chocolate shop Demel ( and hang out in the back of the shop, watching pastries and cakes being made. And yet as much as Tim was following a path laid out by Bill, father and son were different creatures. Foley's idea was to create a platform that would make the capital-raising process easier for private companies.
Well pay strict attention to their special relationship with their family, how special or important their family is to them starting with the time they spend with them, the minutes, the hours being the most important and the rest will fall in place. In those early days of working for his father, Bill would pull over to any storefront that had the word technology in its name.
The best gift anyone could give their family, especially their kids is their time and if for no good reason its being spent elsewhere where family should be their specialty and first priority think where you'll be with that someone special. He has started a foundation to teach elementary- and middle-school students entrepreneurship; later this year, he is launching Draper University, a program for 18- to 24-year-olds.

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