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When you see her at an event you are both attending, does she constantly sneak glances or even stare at you?
In getting dumped, you'll wonder where all those incredible feelings your girlfriend once had for you seem to have gone.
I mean it just doesn't make sense: One minute she's hanging affectionately off your shoulder, yet right after the breakup your now ex-girlfriend is completely and totally avoiding anything to do with you.
During any contact you make with her (and you shouldn't be making any), she's NOT going to give you a straight answer about how she still might feel.
Later on however, there may be certain undeniable signals that indicate when your ex is thinking about you, or even starting to want you back. Instead, you need to make your girlfriend think that getting back together was her own idea.
This is the equivalent of tacking with the wind, and using the momentum of your past relationship to drive you through the breakup and into the reconciliation phase of getting back together again.
The severity of your breakup can be measured by how much your exgirlfriend still cares for you. Your Ex Keeps In Touch - If your girlfriend is still talking to you after the breakup, it's because there's a part of her still hanging on. She Shows Up To See You - A girlfriend who's serious about breaking up with you would never show up to physically see you.

Your Ex Girlfriend Still Has Your Things - If you've left anything of significance over at your ex's home or apartment, she's pretty much obligated to give that stuff back.
So if it's been a week or two since the breakup and she still hasn't offered you your things back? She Keeps In Contact With Your Friends - An ex girlfriend who's still talking to your friends is doing it for one reason: to keep tabs on you. There's never a good excuse for your ex girlfriend to still be talking to your friends (or vice versa).
Many times, an ex will get angry because you went somewhere or did something she didn't approve of after the breakup was over. In any case, the fact that she's still watching you at all is a big sign she's not over things yet. In the end, there are a LOT more signs your ex will exhibit when she's not ready to be finished with your relationship. Check out Get Her Back For Good, if you're looking to know which other signs may indicate that your girlfriend's feelings still run deep. By learning exactly why your girlfriend broke up with you in the first place, you can know exactly which approach will be most successful in winning her back. If so, then it is evident she is interested in you and wants to keep a close eye on what you are up to.

Though you may think that simple text message was just a friendly way to say hello, it may mean a little more than you think. George Karanastasis lays everything out for you, including an easy, step-by-step approach to properly contacting, communicating with, and getting your ex to respond in positive ways to you, no matter what kind of breakup you may have experienced.
However, though the answer is an ambiguous one, it can sometimes be a “yes.” But how can you tell if she does – in fact – want you back? If she had no interest in you anymore, she would certainly not feel the need to talk to you, even as “friends.” So if she called you up to see how you were doing, do not automatically assume it was a pity call. If she tells you she misses you, still has feelings for you, wants to hang out again, or anything that is similar to these, then what she really means is that she wants you back in her life. All women are different, but there are a number of tell-tale signs that can insinuate she misses you and wants you in her life once again.
Often enough, she is calling because she actually cares about you and what is going on in your life.

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