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That’s a map I made of the electoral outcome if every voter in the United States voted for Bernie Sanders and, as you can see, in that situation there is no way that Bernie could lose! There are a lot of other examples just like this that you won’t hear from the mainstream media who seem to refuse to write anything about Bernie Sanders. With all this evidence in front of us, it’s hard not to see the total lack of respect the media is showing Bernie Sanders. Breaking NewsThis Guy Watched Hockey For The First Time And He Didn’t Like It And He Turned It Off Uhh, you new to hockey, bro? Obama is on record telling illegals that they can get up to $25,000.00 in retro-active Tax Credits over a 5 year period they have been in the Country paying taxes but never file a Tax Return as an Illegal . Put aside that insane logic that an illegal could prove they were in the USA 5 years paying taxes . Justin seems to think that bringing in 50,000 jew-hating homophobic muslims migrants with little job skills or English skills will help to defeat ISIS and the islamists while being good for our economy because they will have babies and by goods with their welfare cheques. Throughout his working life, Trump’s goal has been getting things done to his satisfaction. Paolo said he cleared the air after news reports have come out supposedly quoting his father as saying that he will run for president if his son can convince him. Usually it's the latter, and when people get ex texts it can bring up some pretty bad memories. It is now less than 300 days until the next presidential election and there’s a lot of excitement about the candidates, and none more so than Bernie Sanders.

I know a lot of people think Bernie Sanders is a long-shot candidate, but if they and every other voter cast a ballot for him, then we would be looking at a Sanders presidential victory in 2016.
There are 538 electoral votes in the United States, and if Bernie Sanders gets all of them, then he would definitely win the presidency. You can catch him at his weekly show "A Fine Show Indeed" at the Bushwick Public House or anywhere else that is kind enough to let him perform.
This Woman Is Running For President And She’s Not Even A Man This Guy Watched Hockey For The First Time And He Didn’t Like It And He Turned It Off Know Someone Who Exercises? Trump’s crushing victory in New York, and what looks like his impending sweep of North Eastern states, his giddy advisors have been estimating that he could win as many as 1400 delegates and secure the GOP nomination on the first ballot [Internal campaign memo projects Trump will win 1,400 delegates at GOP convention, by Philip Rucker, Washington Post, April 20, 2016]. Immigration Customs and Enforcement Homeland Security Operations (ICE HSI) – which is ostensibly the investigative arm of DHS—but which I call ICE SVU because it seemingly takes on every possible crime except actually enforcing immigration law. We reserve the right to exclude comments that we deem to be inconsistent with our editorial standards. It's good if you actually want them back and aren't completely ready to kill them, or it can be a bad thing if they broke your heart and you want nothing to do with them but set all the clothes they left at your house on fire. But, from those bad memories and resentment can cause some pretty funny and awesome responses to ex texts, like the ones in this gallery. They're clearly written by people who no longer give a $^&*, which means that they do not hold back what they're really feeling.
But, as with any candidate, he has his detractors, and the mainstream media is so pro-Hillary it’s hard not to get frustrated sometimes.

Some would have you believe that Bernie Sanders will be defeated in the primary and that he would lose a general election. Yet the established, politics-as-usual crowd would have you believe that Bernie Sanders couldn’t win the election. Think about this for instance: In a result I thought up, Bernie Sanders wins the primary against Hillary Clinton by an almost infinity to one margin, and he wipes the floor with the Republican nominee, Establishment Jeb, in the general. Bernie Sanders can and will win this election if every person in America “feels the Bern.” They’re trying to crush his campaign, but don’t let them do it. Since the (unfortunate) creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the immigration law enforcement functions once performed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) have been broken into several different bureaucracies.
We all know that Bernie Sanders is the only real option for the next president of these United States. However, each of the components and sub-components has its own origins, bureaucratic nature, and different levels of commitment to immigration law enforcement. This is the kind of data we should be reading in the news, and not just biased opinions from yet another talking head discussing the possibilities of the coming year.

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