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If he broke up with you and got a new girlfriend, your next move shouldn’t be focused on winning him back.
As for his new girlfriend insulting you, that is definitely something that he should be mature enough to take care of. This entry was posted in RELATIONSHIPS and tagged Ask Miss Daja, love relationships and the single woman. Although it may not have meant anything to you, it is understandable that your boyfriend reacted negatively. There are certain expressions of affection that are arguably only reserved for your partner and putting your legs over another man's lap might be misinterpreted as you trying to get comfortable or flirting with him. He may just need some time to cool down, if it is still raw, then he might come around and realise that you didn't cheat on him, but perhaps made an error in judgement.

This may have happened through his insecurity as much as it did your actions, so if you can meet in the middle by talking and discussing boundaries then this could help you in future to trust and not hurt each other unknowingly. You cannot control her or the things that he’s told her but I am hoping that you are staying clear of their relationship and not doing anything to come between the two.
He may have reacted the way he did because he fears losing you, or because he doesn't give you enough affection and this reinforced the point.
By seeing it from his point of view, it might help you to realise why he responded in the way he did. You should take this time to focus on gaining your self esteem and confidence back because it is clear that you are a little heart broken from this break-up. If she continues, then might be something to bring to his attention but if he allows that to happen, he obviously doesn’t respect you and I would hope that alone gives you all of the answers you are looking for.

Try to explain to him that went through your head, if he can understand why you did it then it might help him to trust you again. An apology may or may not come but I can say from experience that when a break-up happens, an apology will usually come later on down the road when time has healed and the other party is able to think clear without feelings clouding their judgement.

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