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Food for thought: Why can most people tell you more about their favorite celebrities than the people they interact with on a daily basis? A disturbing letter targeting a teen with autism has shaken the boy's family and rallied the local community to their defense. The anonymous note was sent to 13-year-old Max's grandmother's house in Newcastle, Ontario, on Friday. In an interview with Toronto-based station CityNews, Max's mother, Karla Begley, could not keep from crying as she read the section of the letter that suggests she euthanize her son.
Worried for their safety, the family told CityNews that the police have been contacted, and they would like to press charges if possible.

According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates, 1 in 68 children in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder, based on health and education records.
Occultists really are behind in their actions and their motives and they work through hidden knowledge which is what occult means. Signed, "One pissed off mother," the letter refers to Max as a neighborhood "nuisance," "retarded" and a "dreadful" noise polluter. In the meantime, however, the neighborhood has rallied around Max, making a special effort to make him feel welcome in the community, CityNews reported. That figure represents a significant increase from previous prevalence estimates, released in 2012, which estimated that 1 in 88 have an ASD.

The occult word derived from the Latin language from the verb ocultare, simply means to hide or to conceal or to keep secret and they are perpetuating the forms and control of behavioral control over the masses of people because they have them under a form of mass mind control, their works through the manipulation of people through hidden knowledge about the human psyche and how it function how it operates and what peoples motivations are deep in the psyche and in deep in their subconscious, so with that knowledge they will have the tremendous power differential, you know with the differential in knowledge comes a differential in power and that’s how they are able to control to keep people under their thumb.
A photo of the letter was tweeted over the weekend by YouTube stars Lennon and Maisy, who identify themselves as family friends.

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