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Jimmy makes his first appearance in Grade 8 in the third episode, Family Politics, in which his girlfriend, Ashley Kerwin, is running for, school president. Coming up to his and Ashley's 8-month anniversary in The Mating Game, Jimmy is pressured to have sex with her by Spinner at the same time Paige is doing the same to Ashley.
In Basketball Diaries, Jimmy is trying out for the basketball team, but he is having trouble with English and is jealous of Sean's skill. In Friday Night, Spinner and Jimmy get into trouble once again when they disrespect their strict English teacher, Ms.
After Sean finishes his exams in Under Pressure, he is on edge and when Jimmy makes a few comments about it, they organize a fight. In Jagged Little Pill, Ashley's parents are out of town, and both she and Toby are allowed to have one friend over, but Ashley cheats and invites Paige, Terri and Hazel. In Karma Chameleon, Ashley was accepted back into the popular clique and Jimmy begins flirting with her.
Jimmy's rivalry continued with Sean to the point where he did not attend a boys-only get together at Craig's house in Drive. When Spinner is embarrassed because of his body odor problems in Hot for Teacher, he asks Jimmy to be truthful to him from now on and they end up being truthful to others as well, such as when Jimmy says that Ashley's poems are trying too hard to be poetic (but she later thanked him).
In Fight for Your Right, Spinner is also very jealous of Jimmy's wealth and in class, when they are surfing the net they come across a shopping site.
At the end of the year in Tears Are Not Enough (2), Jimmy became closer to Hazel and even though they weren't dating, they did enter the luau together against Paige and Spinner at the end of year dance. In the beginning of the year in Father Figure (1), Spinner wants to get Paige a more desirable locker and gets Jimmy to agree to swap lockers with her- on the condition that in class he admits to being spineless and being controlled by his girlfriend.
In U Got the Look, Jimmy also joins Craig's band, Downtown Sasquatch, and is frustrated when Joey becomes too controlling over it, along with all of the other members.
In Pride (2), Jimmy is also very supportive of Marco when he comes out, and comforts him when he is gay bashed.
In Accidents Will Happen (1) Toby was hurt that he wasn't Jimmy's friend anymore and that J.T. Jimmy performs in a Battle of the Bands competition with Downtown Sasquatch in Rock and Roll High School. Just when Jimmy is enjoying himself with Hazel, the school almost burns down and they have to continue the dance in the parking lot.
When Heather Sinclair becomes ill and cannot be on the Degrassi team for the academic challenge 'Whack Your Brain' in Time Stands Still (1), Jimmy is asked to compete.
When Rick answers the tiebreaker question correctly in Time Stands Still (2), he is excited as it is being filmed and Emma gives him the trophy. Rick pointing his gun at Jimmy will forever be known as one of the most dramatic moments in Degrassi history. Humiliated, Rick briefly goes home, but returns to school with a gun and considers killing Paige, until she unexpectedly apologizes to him, unknowingly saving her own life. Jimmy was well supported in the aftermath of the shooting, especially by Hazel, Craig and Marco. When Jimmy returns to school in Eye of the Tiger, everyone is thrilled, except for Spinner, who is feeling guilty. When Manny's topless video is sent through the school in Venus (2), Jimmy mutters his famous line, "Manny Santos, my, how you've grown". In Death of a Disco Dancer, Jimmy also began coaching the younger basketball team, but had a problem with Derek Haig, who wouldn't listen to him and ridiculed him. In Foolin', Jimmy tries to thwart Darcy and Spinner's new relationship by wheeling into The Dot and making a smart remark, but Darcy defends him. In I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Jimmy is caught between wheelchair basketball tryouts and drawing. When Jimmy helped the painting of the wall mural at Degrassi in Redemption Song, Hazel helped as well. When Ashley returns from London in High Fidelity (2), he confides in her that he likes Ellie and Ashley believes that she likes him back, when she implies she has a crush. 4) I would rather spend one lifetime with you , than face all the ages of this world alone. 7) I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart So deposit your love in it and you will get the interest. 4) My life did not begin with you;But I wish my it ends with you.Please be my life for life! 7) When I look into your eyes, I can see a reflection of the two of us and the life I hope we’ll share together.
8) You have no idea how much i like you, how much you make me smile, how much I love talking to you, or how much I wish you were mine. 10) With this ring, I give you my heart, I promise from this day forward, you should not walk alone, may my heart be your shelter, and my arms be your home. 8) Let all my happiness be yours All your sadness be mine,Let the whole world be yours, Only you be mine. 4) If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I’d walk through a garden forever.
9) I would rather spend one lifetime with you – than face all the ages of this world alone. 5) One day you will someone who will not care about your past b’cos they want to be your future. 7) When someone rejects my proposal,my head says “who cares???” …But then my heart wispers “YOU do ,stupid!! Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. At a GlanceI live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada for those who don't know) and I'm probably the second funniest person I know, but I'm the funniest person I know who has the time to write a weekly column.

Every time a group of men under the age of 25 gathers for long periods of time, you can bet your last two cents that one of them (probably you) will be smoking weed. You people need to get high with some gangstas,youll get your street knowledge up and learn mad things about smokin'. Although I still find myself perplexed by my finger nails when I'm high and I'm well well past my first time. Founded in 2000, PIC is a comedypublication featuring enlighteningand irreverent humor from adiverse group of awesome writers.You'll find that we are somewhatcollegiate, often sarcastic, and alwayscuriously insightful.
As for the not-so-obvious parties that are experiencing a negative effect from the lockout, you can include most escort businesses in that category. A 30 percent decline seems to be the magic number, even for Henry, who runs an escort service in New York that he says charges between $400 and $4,000 an hour, depending on the woman. Henry says he takes between 65 and 80 percent of the total cut to match the players and other high-profile fans, who are with the client an average of four hours. I guess when your million-dollar checks stop coming in, you have to make sacrifices, like ditching the $4000 escorts for the much cheaper, yet not-so-discrete, groupies. Jimmy is seen with his best friend, Spinner Mason, as they tease Emma Nelson and Manny Santos.
At the school dance, Jimmy is bragging about the 8th graders-only after party and tries to aggravate him. Also, in class they are studying Romeo and Juliet, with Jimmy and Paige playing the main roles. Jimmy has developed a strong bond with Toby and is at her house for dinner almost every night. Jimmy shows some potential, but is still struggling compared to Sean, and when it comes down to it, he's not the star. Emma and Ashley try to convince their boyfriends to call it off, but their rivalry knows no bounds. However, when word gets out that Ashley accepted a date from Sean, Jimmy, as he thought they might get back together and disowns her, calling her a "slut".
Jimmy and Spinner got into a big fight about the truth, which resulted in Jimmy revealing that his parents didn't like Spinner, and Spinner revealing that Jimmy's at his house all the time. He gets insecure when Sean turns up and begins drinking his parents' alcohol, but they make a truce and Jimmy decides to rekindle things with Ashley. Both parties are overjoyed but Ashley senses something isn't right when he doesn't understand one of her songs and keeps an old photo of her in his locker. Jimmy can afford things, but Spinner can't and the latter ends up stealing Jimmy's MP3 Player. The attendees are Sean, Ellie, Toby and Hazel as well as Jimmy and everyone has to reveal why they were there in a game of truth or dare.
Jimmy is at first cold towards Rick, but then changes his ways, warms up to him, and finally believes that the bullying has gone too far. Rick then overhears Spinner and Jay falsely imply that Jimmy was behind the prank, knowing Rick was there thinking that he would tell Mr. Hazel was a little too cautious though, Craig showed up often discussing his love life with Ashley, and Jimmy really wanted to see a Kid Elrick concert, so Craig and Marco helped him escape the hospital to see it in Secret (2). Ellie discovers his talent and takes him to an art exhibition which he enjoys, but causes him to miss tryouts.
He promised that he would paint a picture of her face on it, but he instead painted Ellie's.
Whether it's a road trip, a concert, or a day spent playing Halo 3, someone is eventually going to bust out the green.
Maybe I'm just immune to it, like some kind of weird superhero." was exactly the same thought process I went through the first time 2. Sometimes i'll smoke a joint and i won't be sure whether or not i'm high, then i'll be driving home and i'll think of the weirdest shit, talk to myself in my head and whatnot, and then i know-yup- i'm stoned!
When he pushes Sean too far, Emma saves Sean from getting into further trouble by asking him to dance.
Ashley is ready to dump him but he instead dumps her because he doesn't want her pity, but when he ends up alone on his 14th birthday, thanks to his workaholic parents, he leaves Ashley a distraught message saying that her family is all that he has. When he finds out that he has an English test on the same day as basketball tryouts, he chooses English, and passes the test.
After they leave Friday detention, they decide to prank her during her adult classes and egg her car. When Emma tries to split it up physically, she ends up getting pushed to the ground, which stops the fight, and leaves them both remorseful about what they did. When he writes 'Marco is a fag" on a wall in the boys' bathroom, Jimmy is disgusted and asks Spinner if he's going to add something about Jimmy being black.
When Jimmy got a bad grade in math, he asked Toby if he could hack into the grade system and change it.
However, Hazel declines her truth(she later admits she was surfing porn) and Jimmy dares her to kiss Toby, which she does. Hazel says that if he wants to make her happy, all he is has to do is dance with her and for the first time, he is really happy.
When Jimmy defends Rick in front of Alex, Jay and Spinner they decide to play a prank on him. When Jimmy proved him wrong by beating him in a one on one penalty shoot out, he realized he deserved more respect. Hazel confronted him over it, and Jimmy said that even though he loved Hazel, he admired Ellie.
Most of your group is used to this, but there's always the odd time a fresh face appears who may not be as chronic-minded as the rest of you, so you, being the good host (and horrible corrupt person) that you are, decide to let the newbie take a hit of the bong, just so he doesn't feel left out. Unfortunately I smoked a second bowl packed,full just to "feel something".Within 10- 15 mins I was basically paranoid about everything but I was especially paranoid that this random dude was going to rape me(Im a guy).

However, he makes a mistake by convincing Spinner to give him Ritalin for the tryouts to improve his game. When Ashley consumes an ecstasy tablet, she invites Jimmy and Spinner, who could tell she was high and Emma, Manny and Liberty also arrive.
Their class is studying The Taming of the Shrew, and both Ashley and Craig agree that it is wrong to "tame" someone and begin working together on the project. Later, he organizes a sleepover with Marco and Spinner, where Marco saves Spinner from choking on a piece of cheese, which helps them later come to terms with the former's sexuality.
However, when Toby hacks into the system in the Library, accidentally changes the grade to "8888%". However, Jimmy ends up wearing a sari and their very Western-styled limo driver is arrested, so they arrive to the dance in a police car. When they returned, Jimmy's dad found out and was very angry, but calmed down once Jimmy explained the situation. The next day, he thanks Ashley and says that no on wants to be with a guy in a wheelchair, but Ashley stops him and kisses him, rekindling their middle school romance. In my defense, I tried it at a party where there was stuff like mdma and etc, so that guy was most probably just peaking and hugging everybody but I thought otherwise.
Then he started to strongly believe that he has sticks in his neck and that he's choking crawling and yelling on the floor. Ima watch some tv." And whiles shes watching old spongebob episodes and rofling up her bowels on the carpet she has a violent craving for twinkies.
Jimmy assures her that he won't leave her for Paige and they spend the evening blowing up their condoms, content with their romantic yet non-sexual relationship.
However, Jimmy is rough on the other players (mainly Sean) and the coach only sees him as a bully, thus turning him away. After dancing with everyone and making an idiot of herself, Ashley makes out with Sean in front of Jimmy and then dumps him, telling him everything she thought of their relationship which hurt him deeply. Craig and Ashley have more in common and he is more comfortable with her goth looks than Jimmy. The place they made reservations to have dinner at is no good, since Spinner and Paige ran off without paying a few Jimmy, Hazel Spinner and Paige ready to attend the Bollywood themed dance.
He said that he had his back, when Rick said "you stabbed me in the back" and shot Jimmy in the back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. However, Hazel talks with him and says he's still the same Jimmy, but he disagrees and says that he's different and can't explain, but Hazel asks him to try and he agrees. Jimmy also learns that because he's had so much time off school for physio therapy etc., that he doesn't have enough credits to graduate and must stay back one extra year. Jimmy was left very bitter and on edge when the infamous school shooting left him crippled from the waist down.
The next day, they are talking about it in class when Ashley says that it was mean, yet Hazel is supportive of the two until they learn that her husband is very sick and so she was under emotional and financial stress.
Ashley feels horrible the next day, but Jimmy doesn't want to talk to her and so their romance is over. Ashley ditches her goth look but decides it is wrong to change herself and asks Jimmy which photo he prefers of her.
However, they all end up regrouping and take a trip through the school, ending up on the rooftop. When Spinner gets into a car to drive away, Jimmy stops him, but tells him they are still estranged when he says, "You're dead to me". Jimmy doesn't blame Spinner though, and after his kiss with Ashley, he makes amends with them. Hatzilakos about what he and Jay did (he leaves Alex out because she was already feeling regretful and didn't fabricate the story), and is expelled. He is also good friends with Paige Michalchuk, Marco Del Rossi, Ellie Nash, Terri MacGregor and Craig Manning. However, there is evidence of an escape and Toby takes the blame, which Jimmy admires and thanks him for.
Just as Ellie is getting ready to take a group photo, her tape recorder falls out and it reveals that she was double crossing Sean, which the others are disgusted by. Make a note to tell that to the guys.They don't seem amused by my witty observations, their loss. Seriously guys, that actually may be the most foul thing I've inhaled since I visited my grandpa. Wait, Superman got paralyzed on a horse and there was no Kentucky drug rehabilitation for him, right? The Gods always did have an eye for good weed, right?"I'm looking at my hands and honestly I can't tell what all the fuss is about, they're just hands, with little fingers. Okay calm down, you're being a pussy, just drink some water, you're not overdosing just listen to your heart beat. Just chill out and lean on something.I've been leaning on this kitchen counter for like 5 minutes, the nachos are starting to mock me from the bowl. This is friggen awesome, was it always this sweet or is the weed making it better?I really think weed makes me smarter, I just talked in-depth to that guy about how Iron Man could totally beat up Batman in a fight. Batman could just fuck up Stark by playing mind games with him and driving him to alcoholism.
What's the etiquette here, do I give them money or do I just sit still and hope they leave without me so I can look at this goddamn ceiling some more?Okay they're gone, it's just me and some other guy who looks like Charles Manson.

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