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Well, when it comes to dating a water-bearer, the traditional tricks and tips are of no use. Usually, when you ask 100 women how to make a man fall in love with her, a lot of the answers often gravitate towards physical appearance.
While there’s a lot to be said about such answers, they basically discount one fundamental truth that is very important to the Aquarius man. The world of people can be a very messy affair; there are a lot of emotions and trivialities involved. Be that as it may, if you want to figure out how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you, you have to focus on his ideals. You have to understand that you are dealing with a horoscope sign that is more than willing to starve for his or her idea. Aquarius people in general often focus more on psychic payoffs and rewards, rather than material rewards. In a very real sense, ideals to them offer a high degree of fulfillment and a sense of personal completion. If you are serious about understanding how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you, you have to wrap your mind around this particular concept. One common misconception that women who are trying to attract at Aquarius man often have about the water-bearer is that they have to be very smart to attract the Aquarius man.
If this was the case then I doubt that Aquarius and Virgo signs would be so well matched in love and romance.
So if you are a Pisces, for example, you can express your ideas and your insights in emotional terms. You don’t have to be all philosophical; you don’t have to have a solid understanding of human nature. This is not just a question of a guy looking at the clouds and trying to figure out how many cats and dogs he can count.
The Aquarius tends to define dreams and ideals as something higher and more fulfilling, and more complete than the things that we can see, hear, touch, feel, and smell. To make matters even more challenging for the non-dreamy types who are trying to figure out how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with them, there is another requirement: you have to believe in dreams. It’s not enough for you to have you own dreams; you have to believe in your dreams enough for you to at least put in some action towards your dreams. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. Unlike other men belonging to different zodiac signs, an Aquarian guy will take his own time to get attracted to you, and perhaps a tad bit longer to say those 3 divine words.
We're not trying to discourage you to date this guy, all we're trying to say is that he is not your type if you're one of those girls who likes throwing tantrums, being pampered, and follow the world in the way it runs. While most born under it are perceived to contain these traits, note that, not all men will fit in the same shoes. I promise you that by the end of this special seduction guide you will know exactly what steps you must take to attract an Aquarius man.
If you are serious about understanding how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you, you have to understand one thing about the Aquarius male personality.

You are dealing with a horoscope sign that is more than willing to work at a low-paying job just to get a shot at making his dreams come true. It’s not uncommon for internet startups to be directly owned by, founded by, or driven by an Aquarius. As long as the ideas that you share are true, in the sense that it comes from a very deep place and it’s very sincere, and you have a high level of emotional integrity, you can engage an Aquarius man. It’s not a question of a guy sitting back in a college dorm room smoking pot, blowing smoke and just dreaming and wishing of a perfect world.
He evaluates people and he defines the good and fulfilling life based on the quality of people’s dreams. If you are trying to figure out how to make an Aquarius man fall in love with you, you will be evaluated based on your dreams. The mind has this ultimate reality that makes things more fulfilling, and leads to a deeper sense of personal completion. So, be prepared to be patient, because in this case, patience will be more than just a virtue!
Secondly, you will have to let go of any mushy, romantic, and pampering expectations (if you had any) from this relationship. Though, it won't be a difficult task to get his attention, what will make things challenging is to keep him involved in you. Observe the guy carefully before presuming what you need to do in order to get him to like you. There are people that are often more comfortable in the world of ideas than they are in the world of people. In other words, the Aquarius man understands that ideas can have many different shapes and forms.
The main reason they drive the Aquarius man forward is because of the emotional payoff the Aquarius man gets when he has these mental pictures. For this guy, everything is logical, and your mushy talks and girly tantrums are enough to put him off easily! To find out more, ring Lori’s new love line on 0907 181 2948, enter your zodiac sign code and select OPTION 3.
Others are more developed and mature, and they would basically say that they have to look like the type of the person that they want to attract.
Being an air sign, he wishes to be free, wandering and exploring all possibilities of life, and you need to accept this side of his. At the very least, you have to have dreams that he would find credible or that he would consider worthy. However, if you manage to get the key to his heart, rest assured, you are the only one who would have it.
Best keep your feet on the ground.MayLove is back on track making you feel wanted and appreciated. This is because Aquarius is known to be the most loyal among all the other signs.Essential Tips to Attract an Aquarius GuyFreedom lover, intelligence seeker, an avid explorer, a creative thinker, and a rule-breaking buff! These are his essential characteristics that you must be aware of if you're looking for a serious relationship with an Aquarius guy.

Now, with these qualities, it would be evident to you that this guy is no fool, and is definitely not easy to get. So, you'll have to take one step at a time, and in doing so, get close to him eventually.Being an unconventional person himself, the first thing that will attract him to you would be your eccentricity. Even if that means avoiding high heels and wearing flip flops to a nightclub, because you're thinking of your comfort―he would like that. As long as you are sure of what you're talking about, and share some amusing facets of a certain niche with him, you will be admired the right way.A guy under this zodiac loves exploring new thoughts and ideas.
Talk as a grown up individual who understands that not everything in the world is in sync with your thinking.This guy is driven by creativity, and if you too share the same gift, this could be the force that drives him closer to you!
If you are good in music, singing, writing, perhaps painting, or any other area where you need to stimulate your creativity, this could be an added advantage. Or else, you can display your creativity in the way you talk to him―innovating new puns, or some really unusual observations in your day-to-day life, all this would be extremely interesting to him. Let him know that you see this world in a different way, and he would definitely want to explore your view.With this man, don't expect to think of a serious involvement without becoming a trustworthy friend of his first.
As we said earlier, he would take his own sweet time to observe you, to understand you thoroughly. Become a friend he can confide in, discuss absolutely anything under the sun, be yourself with him, and accept him just the way he is without emotional drama.
All this would be very important for him, before he finally decides to utter the three words.One thing that a lot of people, especially girls, find difficult to do, is to maintain their sanity at times. But, instead of creating a big fuss about it through melodramatic expressions, crying, and emotional dialog, speak to him in a calm and mature manner.For instance, if you are upset with him because he hasn't met you for some time, instead of saying, "Guess you're bored with me", say, "What adventure trip are you in?" Excuse the sentimental talk, please!It is highly important to be at peace with the fact that this guy cannot be influenced, he has a mind of his own, and you cannot expect him to change when in a relationship. For him, being with you should mean a companion who he can fly with (or fly back to), not who wants him to be closed in a cage.The thing with this guy is that when he needs to focus on a particular project, that is all where his mind would be. Which is why, be least bothered about your weekly dates, or everyday phone calls in the night. You live your life and let him live his, respect that, and he will make sure you guys live happily together.
A good part about the patience is that you may suddenly be bestowed with sweet lovingly gestures, provided you don't expect them.With the kind of traits he has, he is bound to get bored easily. For instance, if you have become a good friend of his quite recently, get him something nice and thoughtful based on his interests.
It needn't be a big and expensive gift, perhaps a ticket to an art fair!Being a creative being, he would love to explore and analyze some good artwork. Therefore, show your amazing facets to him, step-by-step so that he feels that he is still exploring you, and that you still have a lot of unexplored facets to yourself.These tips will be well worth the effort, if you are 'actually' what these points demand. If you think of it, the last thing this man would want is to be with a person who is a total sham!
It doesn't matter if you're just not his type, if you are true to yourself, he will respect that.

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