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If you are seeing the footer over the first message please disable compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. Every once in a while, a movie comes along that pretty much tells you what you're in for the second the studio logo fades away. Okay, John needs better acting lessons, and writers need to do better with more diverse and interesting action storylines.
The main reason for the fun behind Fantastic Four is in watching this eclectic mix of personalities discover and come to terms with their new powers. The playful but insensitive Johnny Storm (Chris Evans) gains the ability to create fire from something as small as a single flame from his fingertips to his entire body blazing at thousands of degrees.
However, while these three can turn their powers on and off, Ben Grimm's (Michael Chiklis) life is becoming a nightmare.
Meanwhile, Victor Von Doom seems to be losing everything from his hair to his girlfriend to his business empire.
It is a great story with a lot of character development setting up for a great confrontation at the end of the movie between Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four. The weakest aspect of the film was the romantic tension between Reed Richards and Susan Storm. Read more reviews from various critics across the Internet Click here to see theaters and times for this movie!Buy the poster! As A Hard Day’s Night opens with that famous chord, we are tossed straight into battle as we follow John, George, and Ringo running like hell to escape a screaming mob of school kids. After escaping the fans at Victoria Station, we’re introduced to Paul’s grandfather, who’s nursing a broken heart, and has been put in Paul’s care for the time being.
If Paul’s Grandfather is a problem, he’s only one of the adults here who have little respect for the young musicians. Yet for all the rushing from scene to scene, AHDN has many small and quietly funny moments as well.  George admiring the legs of a pretty secretary as he was accidently mistaken for a model and auditioned by a snobby fashion director. As fictional versions of themselves, writer Alun Owen captured The Beatles’ individual traits in a lovable, realistic manner. Phil Collins was one of the lucky kids who got to be in the audience during the filming of the movie. George met his future (first) wife on the set of AHDN; Model and starlet Pattie Boyd and was instantly smitten.
By the way, in researching this movie, I was astonished to learn that Wilfrid Brambell(Grandfather), was only 56 at the time of filming and Richard Vernon as the Banker on the Train was only39!!!
When the movie came out, it got great reviews, Most of the critics were, as you said, expecting just another dumb Elvis-style ripoff. I remember seeing this in the theater, and being wowed by the experience of seeing them larger than life.
Richard Lester said that for the press meet-and-greet scene, he followed the boys around a real event and wrote down what they actually said. I think George, John, and Ringo were all fine actors in this, I only found Paul’s acting to be a tad forced.
As soon as the 20th Century Fox logo and fanfare is wrapped up, what's the first thing we see in The Marine? This movie ruled and damn your brain is comparable to a fruitfly if you don't think this movie was amazing!! George trips and falls on the sidewalk and Ringo falls right on top of him but they take the tumble in stride, laughing as rise.  Although the fall was an accident, director Richard Lester wisely left it in the final cut, and in doing so he preserved forever the youthful exuberance of the boys in the midst of the chaotic ‘Beatlemania around them. Grandfather, with his dour expression and big glasses looks harmless enough, but Paul warns his mates that he’s “a king mixer” and will stop at nothing to get people into a fight. There is an undercurrent of the embryonic generation gap to come, with continuous friction between the old guard and the new.
In another scene, George teaches roadie Shake to shave while John plays with a toy submarine.  Later, when an actress mistakes John for a former lover, he plays along.

After all, it’s funnier, better-directed, better-acted, and has better music than all but a few you can name. We see professional wrestler, John Cena, dressed in a Marine uniform (the only time we will see him in uniform the whole film), saluting us, in front of an image of a waving American flag that has been badly inserted behind him with limited green screen technology. The Beatles often become the victim of their elder’s poor attitude and management, yet they  often manage to outwit the adults and even escape for a brief idyll in the fresh air, playing like school kids in an open field to the strains of Can’t Buy Me Love.
Although they’re squeaky clean, you just know that there’s serious working class grit under all that beautiful hair. At the time it was filmed, no one knew that The Beatles would become legendary or even last a year, for it was just conceived as a quick money-maker for United Artists. It kind of looks like a recruitment commercial that was made by people who just didn't care. He chases away some schoolgirls on the train that George, John, and Paul are trying to impress, get’s the boy’s manager Norm angry at their roadie, Shake, for being taller than he is, flirts with a buxom gambler, and in a manipulation that nearly causes a production shutdown, convinces Ringo to escape into a London adventure.  (He tells Ringo he should be out paradin’ instead of readin’ a bloomin’ book).
But even that joy is cut short by a groundskeeper who admonishes them for being on private property.
But Richard Lester and Alun Owen knew this couldn’t be a run-of-the-mill-Elvis picture, and gave it a radical new style of musical cinema that would be imitated for decades. Some even compared him to Chaplin as a comic actor and predicted he would be the one to branch off from the group and become a movie star. As soon as this image fades out, we're whisked away to far away Iraq where some American soldiers are being tortured by some Al Qaeda terrorist scum. Fortunately, John Cena's character literally comes bursting through a brick wall, automatic weapon drawn, and starts blowing away every single terrorist in sight. Yes, folks, welcome to The Marine, the second attempt by the WWE to break into the world of motion pictures, after their previous horror attempt, See No Evil, flopped at the box office. They've moved on to dumb action movies, and before the movie was even two minutes old, I knew this was going to be a very long 90 minutes.As I'm sure you can tell by that opening paragraph, John Cena plays a soldier who is pretty much a one-man army, harkening back to the days of Rambo and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. His character is named John Triton, and after pretty much single-handedly destroying an entire terrorist cell in less than three minutes without suffering a single scratch, our hero is discharged for not following orders and waiting for the rest of his squad to arrive.
John tries to settle into a comfortable desk job as a security guard at an office building, but gosh darn it, you just can't expect a guy to be satisfied with a desk job after bursting through a brick wall and killing hundreds of people in the name of his country!
John gets a little fired up while trying to escort an obnoxious guy out of the building (by throwing him out a window, of course), and winds up getting fired. And so, the happy couple head out for a day of fun and frolic, only to have to make an emergency pit stop at a gas station.
Unfortunately, this is the same gas station where psychotic jewel thief Rome (Robert Patrick) and his gang of criminals just happen to be filling up their getaway car. Fantastic." Even so, what he would rather stretch is his mind in order to figure out a way to help his friends. When a police officer sets Rome off, the villain starts shooting people and takes poor Kate hostage!
Go after those scumbags that kidnapped his wife, kill a lot of people, and then yes, kill even more people.That's pretty much The Marine all wrapped up for you right there. The movie obviously tried to bring back a bit of spotlight to the long-forgotten 80s action film.
A simpler time when John Rambo could fly back to Vietnam, rescue some POWs, blow up a lot of stuff, and everyone loved him for it. While I do think a movie in this style could still be fun, the way The Marine does it is all wrong.
This movie is so ludicrously over the top that I had a hard time believing that this movie was even set on planet Earth. I certainly have a hard time believing that the character of John Triton is one of our kind. Aside from being able to destroy an entire terrorist army before most people finish stretching and yawning, the guy can survive an explosion when the building he's inside gets blown up.

He simply walks right out of the massive explosion without a single solitary burn or bruise, nor any explanation as to how the hoo-hey he survived when everyone else in the building obviously died. He can also be shot at about 30 million times while driving full speed down a highway, and not suffer a single wound.
He can plummet hundreds of feet to the ground, and immediately stand up and walk it right off.
The movie never displays his ability to bend metal with his bare hands, but considering all the other feats the movie showcases, I really would not be surprised.
I would not be an honest critic, however, if I did not say I found some unintentional amusement out of how over the top this film is. By the time John Triton was able to be shot at by numerous guns and still keep on going, I could no longer hold back the laughter that was building up within me. Note the key word here - "almost".What holds The Marine back from becoming a total guilty pleasure classic is when the movie tries to actually be funny. Heck, the guy barely speaks through most of the movie, he's too busy killing people and defying human endurance. Such examples include head villain Rome having a very serious phone call with someone, informing them of his demands, only to get another call on call waiting. He switches over from the important call, and places an order for Cable TV on the other line. Another example of the bright wit of this movie is when one of the villain rather suddenly out of the blue shares a time when he went to summer camp as a child, and supposedly tried some "sexual experimentation" with one of the camp counselors. Seriously, this movie is funnier when it's trying to take itself seriously than when it tries to make the audience laugh. Taking inspiration from everything from James Horner's score for Titanic (John and Kate's love theme) to something that sounds like it literally come out of an old Looney Tunes short (played, oddly enough, when the main villain is hitting on John's wife), this is one of the worst film scores I've ever heard, and every scene that accompanies it is made even worse for it. What could have been a fun, dumb movie quickly becomes torturous thanks to some of first-time director John Bonito's decisions, such as filming many sequences in slow motion when it is not needed, or having the fight scenes edited so ineptly in order to avoid an R-rating that we can barely tell what's going on.
They can't think of anything for their hero to do other than to have him run through a swamp and randomly kill or beat up whoever he encounters along the way.Do I really need to say anything about the acting?
Is there anyone reading this who is on pins and needles waiting to know if John Cena is to be the next breakout star in the world of wrestlers turned film stars? Just about any action star could pull off the kind of stuff The Marine asks of him, and since he gets to display no personality or emotion other than murderous rage, he doesn't really get to stretch his acting muscles here. Andre the Giant's position as the best movie performance by a wrestler for his work in The Princess Bride is still safe and secure. Oh, and she apparently hails from whatever planet John Triton comes from, because she can not only be physically abused numerous times without showing a single sign of physical pain, but she can also survive a truck catching on fire and plummeting into a body of water. On the villains' side, Robert Patrick pretty much gives the same wiseguy "comic" evil performance he gave in 1993's forgettable video game adaptation film, Double Dragon. The rest of the characters are pretty much all human targets for John Cena or Robert Patrick to kill, so they don't really matter.Okay, obviously The Marine is not supposed to be art.
The Marine has its dumb fun moments, but not enough to warrant a visit to the theater or even a rental. I'm sure this movie will be a regular feature on Cable TV in a year or two, so you can easily hold out until then. Well, unless he can follow the path of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and work his way into some real roles, I can't see him going far on this path.

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