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When things are going good or something makes us feel really good, our cells start to act up. Maybe you saw your parents fighting and even though it felt uncomfortable, you feel pulled to fight with your partners anyway. Maybe you’re so used to guys treating you like crap that when the nice guy comes around you ignore him or think there must be something wrong with him.
Maybe you find a silly reason to dump the guy who actually makes you feel great or you do something to hurt him.

The bottom line is: When your relationship past is filed with pain, drama, and disappointment feeling bad in love starts to feel normal and feeling good in love can actually feel uncomfortable.
Until you can raise your upper limit for happiness in love, you will continue to create the same patterns in your love life. Lately when I am feeling really good I stop and say to my cells “This is your natural state.
If we feel negative a lot, what happens over time is that our cells get used to those chemicals.

Make the decision today that no matter what your previous pattern has been, you deserve happiness and love.

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