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Michonne on The Walking Dead represents an aspect of Artemis that has no interest in connecting with others…until she does. This aloofness, aloneness, and preference to be apart from people is a big part of the Artemis archetype. She enjoys the company of women and children, but she doesn’t really partner up very well with any of them either. Even after Michonne joins the group of main characters at the prison, she still keeps relatively apart. How far can the antisocial aspect of the archetype take us before we need to grow out of her?
In season four of The Walking Dead, the main characters get separated, and Michonne finds herself out on her own. Michonne also, slowly, begins to open up and share herself with these people—her family. I know that for some Artemis archetype people, communication with others can seem a little futile, as though everything is shallow or gets lost in translation. So what do the independent-to-the-point-of-antisocial Artemises among us have to learn from this? And it shows: with just a fraction of the zombies, the spinoff is only pulling in a fraction of the original a€?Deada€™sa€? numbers, averaging under 7 million viewers. That conflict peaked in last seasona€™s finale after Rick executed alcoholic, wife-abusing resident Pete (Corey Brill) - the communitya€™s only doctor - after the booze-soaked surgeon accidentally shot the husband of the towna€™s leader. The aftermath will impact the rest of the season as the groups must decide whether or not to unite.

Co-star Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn, one of the original Atlanta survivors, argues the Alexandrians are a€?ill-equippeda€? to make it in this grave new world.
The show, based on the best-selling graphic novel series, is just catching up to the point in the books where Yeuna€™s character meets a bloody end. Still, before that happens, a€?I think everyone is going to need a drink,a€? warns Lincoln.
At the same time, last seasona€™s breakout star Carol (Melissa McBride) continues to help Rick feel out the locals by hiding her true nature behind floral cardigans and a a€?Stepford Wivesa€™a€? smile.
She’s good at moving through the post-apocalyptic zombified world and keeping herself alive.
Andrea thinks they’ve found a real safe haven in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. She looks around and sees this Stepford-esque community, and her gut tells her something is wrong. At first she tries to do things like she did before—wandering alone in the wild zombielands, doing what she had to. Marrick is an author, ghostwriter, and suitcase entrepreneur—which is a hipster way of saying she travels and works from her laptop. The content of this article, except for quoted or linked source materials, is protected by copyright. A group of world-hardened survivors are struggling to integrate with the inhabitants of Alexandria, a walled-in, zombie-free sanctuary outside of Washington, D.C. And if Rick didna€™t have enough on his plate already, hea€™s also got a teenage son striking up a relationship with a comely coed.

Artemis, for all her amazingness and all the empowerment she offers us, has her dark side (like all the archetypes). But it didn’t take long for her to realize that if she stayed all by herself, she was pretty much dead already. But it’s so much better when you have kin to come back to, so you actually want to come out of the woods again. It’s just that I find it difficult to connect with people in ways that feel meaningful to me.
She represents the strong, feminine spirit that connects with nature, does her own thing, provides for herself, doesn’t take shit. She’s taking our attention right now because feminine energy is rising in the world to equal partnership with the masculine.
They’ve got booze and running water and happy people wearing khakis and milling about in the street like it was a Gap commercial. So she tracked some members of the group, and when she found them, she wept for relief and love. And since I’m not really into extended small talk, I wind up letting go of people or just ignoring them after awhile. Andrea is a pretty capable woman herself, and she relies on her judgment and comes to the conclusion that this is a safe place.

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