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The application shall be obtained at and submitted to the office of the sheriff in the county in which the applicant resides. The applicant will pay a $60 application fee at the time of application (active and retired peace officers that meet the requirements of KRS 237.110(7) are exempt from paying the application or renewal fee). Not less than one hundred twenty (120) days prior to the expiration date of a CCDW license, the Department of State Police shall mail to each licensee a written notice of the expiration and a renewal form. If you fail to renew your license on or before the expiration date and wish to renew your license, you will be required to pay an additional late fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00). To pay the renewal fee, you must submit a payment to the Sheriff in the amount of twenty dollars and a check or money order in the amount of forty dollars (fifty five dollars if the renewal application is submitted after the expiration date of the license) payable to the Department of State Police. If six months or more has passed since the expiration date of your license, your license has permanently expired and cannot be renewed. You are required to notify the Kentucky State Police within thirty days after the changing of your permanent address or other information on your license.
Firearms (rifles, shotguns and handguns) may be carried loaded and in plain view; Prior to being a concealed carry license holder, a loaded handguns may be carried in any factory installed vehicle compartment. In addition to the above restrictions, units of state and local governments and postsecondary education facilities (colleges, universities, technical schools and community colleges) have the authority to limit the carrying of concealed weapons on property owned or controlled by them (KRS 237.115). The Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence reports that an average of 268 people are shot every day in America. Get your license, educate, practice, and prepare yourself just in case the day comes where you need to defend yourself and your famly. The actual shooting portion of our concealed carry class is held the same day at Brown Bear Indoor Range located on Gratiot, just south of 21 Mile Road in Chesterfield, MI where we use ACTUAL guns with ACTUAL ammo on an ACTUAL RANGE! We have exclusive use of the range during this time so there are no interruptions to our teaching!
You do not need to use our guns (9mm) you are more than welcome to use your own gun – you can use any caliber handgun you choose to bring- you will need to purchase 1 box of 50 rounds of ammo to complete the course.
It is also important to know, that if your CPL License has been expired for more than ONE YEAR you must take the 1-Day 8-Hour class and reapply as a new application per the Michigan State Police. YOU MUST HAVE A CURRENT MICHIGAN CPL – OR ONE THAT HAS BEEN EXPIRED FOR NO LONGER THAN 12 MONTHS IN ORDER TO TAKE OUR RENEWAL COURSE! If your license has been expired for MORE THAN 12 MONTHS, the Michigan State Police will no longer consider your application a RENEWAL – if you have been expired for longer than 12 months, you MUST take the 1-Day 8-Hour Concealed Carry Class and reapply as a new application.
You may renew your license WITHOUT taking a renewal class as long as you have competed a 3 hour review of Michigan law as it pertains to concealed carry and you have fired your gun for a total of one hour in the last 6 months. What good is having a concealed carry permit and carrying a gun if you aren’t truly prepared to draw and fire both accurately and in a timely fashion? The objective of our Advanced Pistol Course  is to teach you the skills you need in order to effectively engage a target at center of mass, from a concealed holster, at varying distances in under 2 seconds! As a concealed carry weapon owner, you must know how to retain control of your gun at all times. Learn to protect and keep your weapon safe and in your possession, while in its normal carry position, during an assault or physical confrontation, or after you have drawn it during an encounter.
While many firearm courses assume that presenting or firing a gun will instantly stop a threat, experience shows that there is a good chance you will end up grappling with your attacker. Whether your goal is gaining solid knowledge of safe firearms handling or preparing to purchase a handgun, our one night two-hour, family friendly Handgun Safety & Responsibility class will give you the information you need.
In this class you will learn to handle handguns safely, load and unload them properly, understand the laws concerning their use and ownership, and make a more informed decision as to whether you want to own a firearm. The Detroit Arms Handgun Safety & Responsibility should be considered a minimum for anyone who owns a firearm or lives in a household that has firearms.
Gun Safety – The proper way to handle a handgun, loading and unloading a gun safely, and proper storage of a firearm in the home or car.
Purchasing A Gun – How to purchase a firearm.  Includes tips on choosing the right firearm for your needs. Gun Laws – What you need to know about brining a firearm in your home – your rights and responsibilities.
Basic Handgun Marksmanship – The proper way to hold a gun, aligning the sights, and pressing the trigger. Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow the time needed for you to come to one of our regularly scheduled classes.
Perhaps you just don’t like learning in a group setting and would rather do it without the distraction of others. It may just be that you don’t have time to commit to one day for eight hours and would like to schedule two days, for four hours each, that work for you.
Includes training from an NRA Certified Instructor, all classroom materials, indoor range time, snacks and beverages as well as the use of a gun, if needed. All handgun ammunition for this class must be purchased at Brown Bear Indoor Shooting Range the day of class. Click Here to pay online and then contact us at 586-598-5300 to schedule the dates and times that work for you. Instructors for private training are available Monday – Friday (no private classes on the weekends, as we already have group classes)  to suit your needs. Gun laws vary from state to state and it’s important you know what they are if you are wandering the country with your little friend. Every day I get calls at Detroit Arms asking this very question and people are shocked to learn this truth. So, in an effort to avoid the inevitable confrontation, I simply hand out their brochure to every single person who asks, and I shut my mouth.
Just based on the fact that your package has been signed for does NOT mean it is ready for pickup. All other individuals who wish to apply for and recieve an Exempt status on their Michigan Concealed Carry License must wait for new legislation to pass the House and Senate, as well as get signed into law by Governor Snyder.
The first step in obtaining your Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) is taking an accredited class. If you have EVER been charged with a felony, please understand that this not only means that you may not take the course, but you may not own a handgun or ammo, or live in a household that contains a firearm. Furthermore, if you hold a Michigan Marijuana Card as a user, you will not qualify for a concealed carry license. Upon completion of the class you must submit your paperwork to the county clerk in the county that you live in. NOTE:  If you have not provided your fingerprints to the Michigan State Police within 5 days of applying for your license, your application will be automatically DENIED. Once you have properly applied and supplied fingerprints, you will receive your Michigan Concealed Pistol License In approximately 30-60 days in the mail. YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO CONCEALED CARRY UNTIL YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR LICENSE IN THE MAIL.

They changed the license to CPL meaning Concealed Pistol License, to make sure people understood that the license was for the concealment of a pistol. This Act put into law that people in Michigan who use Marijuana within the bounds of that law are protected from prosecution in Michigan courts. This creates a problem for those who wish to purchase and possess firearms or get a Michigan Concealed Pistol license. The federal statute prohibits certain classes of individuals from shipping, transporting, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition.  One of those classes includes people who are unlawful users of, or addicted to, any controlled substance and marijuana falls into that category. According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), “Any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her state has passed legislation authorizing marijuana for medicinal purposes is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition”. Therefore, those individuals who possess a Medical Marijuana Card, as a user, in Michigan as a user may not  legally purchase or own a handgun or ammunition. More information on how to do so can be found by contacting The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program. At Detroit Arms, we host a Michigan Concealed Carry class every Saturday and Sunday throughout the year. In order to properly serve our client base, we find it necessary to have a Class Cancellation Policy that requires our students to give us a 48 hour notice if they are unable to attend a class they have registered for. We are more than happy to accommodate you in a future class if it becomes apparent that you are not going to be able to attend the class you had originally signed up for.
Some of the seats are occupied by former students who are sitting in for personal review – yes, any one of our students is able to come by for a refresher at ANY TIME, at no cost.
In order to provide our students with the absolute best class in the state of Michigan, and to ensure their comfort during the day, we close off registration for a class when we reach our student limit. When a student calls the day of the class to cancel, we have now lost the ability to sell that seat to another student who may have been interested in taking a class that day. When you sign up for our Concealed Carry Class, you have purchased one of a limited number of available seats for this class.
Just as you do when you plan to attend a concert, or a sporting event, there are only a certain number of seats available to be filled.
We understand that true emergencies happen – putting you in a position where you simply can not attend our class on your assigned date.
Therefore, before you consider not showing on the date you have committed to, please take into consideration all of the above. In Michigan, any private property owner can declare their property a GUN FREE ZONE at any time. Located at 21 Mile & Gratiot, Brown Bear Sporting Goods has all of the guns, ammo and accessories you need! Secret Weapons Boutique typically attends all local Gun Shows (especially the monthly show at The Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt.
Originally Posted By PWhite:Holy Crap Sheep!!!!How long does it take you to get dressed in the morning?
Originally Posted By unclez:Here's mine, although sometimes I switch to the Glock with the same style holster. Now, I know that there are some out there who would argue that I should remove homicides from the total, but as you can see, just pulling the suicides completely debunks Josh’s numbers.
While motor vehicle-related deaths are on a steady decline as the result of a successful decades-long public health-based injury prevention strategy, gun deaths continue unabated. Josh seems to have difficulty with words and numbers, so let’s draw it out with pretty pictures and colors, shall we? And while the health and safety regulation of motor vehicles stands as a public health success story, firearms remain literally the last consumer product manufactured in the United States not subject to federal health and safety regulation.
The [ATF] is charged with enforcing our nation’s limited gun laws, yet it has none of the health and safety regulatory powers afforded other federal agencies such as NHTSA (or the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency).
That was done deliberately, Josh, to keep antis like you from using consumer safety as an excuse to regulate guns out of existence.
Such an approach to injury prevention has been applied to every product Americans come into contact with every day — except for guns.
As Josh so helpfully points out at the beginning, there are a lot more licensed drivers than there are permit-holders (although I think there may be more people “packing heat on your street” than he realizes), so we obviously need to do some number-crunching to be able to properly compare these rates. I’m going to assume that permit-holders are responsible for all accidental shootings (which is ludicrous on its face, but as my faithful readers know, I like to be conservative in my calculations). According to figures from the Census, in 2009 there were 211 million licensed drivers in the United States, and according to MSNBC, there are about 6 million gun permit holders in the U.S. Next time you get in your car compare all the Safety features that have been installed changed over the years to protect you your family and the people around you. Now look at your weapon, look at every gun, 200 year old technology just an on off switch that even a 3 year old can operate, 3 kids shot a day can prove that.
Why doesn’t my gun have built-in safety feature so if it’s stolen the criminal can’t use it? Niw, without having made a single safety change in gun design in 200 years, the comment about Cars vs Guns means nothing.
But if you think about who “profits” from not having to change its 200 old technology, then it starts to come clear. Cars don’t have any real features that prevent their use in an unsavory way once it is accessed and put in to use (started up). Think, Stop and Think, Next time you get in your car compare all the Safety features that have been installed changed over the years to protect you your family and the people around you.
Now look at your weapon, 200 year old technology just an on off switch that even a 3 year old can operate, 3 kids shot a day can prove that. Without having made a single safety change in gun 200 year old technology, the comment about Cars vs Gun means nothing. But if you think about who “profits” from not having to change its 200 old technology, then it start to come clear. Contrary to some statements above, guns are continually improved to be safer while still doing what they are designed to do.
If you want to succeed with this argument for the second amendment, you will have to be creative and think more broadly about what your positions mean.
Because some think a safety feature should be added to a gun does not make the case that in reality it makes sense to do so and if one pushes an untenable argument it only proves ignorance. I own a gun and lock it up, I take it out to use it or to serve another purpose (self protection), it is my responsibility not to let others use it.
Drivers are regulated by highway and roadway rules and posted limits, they should not drink when or before driving, they should not be otherwise distracted (texting, etc) and follow common driving protocols and courtesy. How many times have you been in a situation where there’s going to be an imminent attack. I would like to know how many switches, buttons, and permissions you would like to engage or overcome to protect you and your family? A) Zero – The best way to protect my family is to reduce the availability of deadly weapons easily used by a criminal, 3 year old, and crazy person.
C) Zero – I have been alive for 58 years and never felt the need to protect myself or my family. Thanks for drawing our attention to the fact that people ACCIDENTALLY kill more people with vehicles than INTENTIONALLY *and* accidentally, with firearms.

OMG, we need to to regulate drinking vessels such as coffee mugs because I know a kid who drowned by attempting to drink from one. Indeed he should instead conpare all gun owners with licensed drivers since almost everyone who owns a car has a lisence for it versus relatively few gun owners having permits. Eibach kit with Tokico shocksYour headlight covers, are those the little peel and stick or are they a hard lexan type?Have you run them with your lights on? They are the peel off type and I wouldn't recommend running lights on with them installed. A photocopy of a certificate or an affidavit or document certifying completion of a firearms training course offered or approved by the Department of Criminal Justice Training.
If you wish to renew your CCDW license, you must take the renewal notice, a CCDW License Renewal Affidavit stating that you remain qualified to possess a CCDW license pursuant to KRS 237.110(3) and (4) and a color photograph to the Sheriff of your county of residence. If your license has permanently expired, you may reapply for licensure pursuant to KRS 237.110 by obtaining a CCDW application from the Sheriff of your county of residence. Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense beer or alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose.
Areas within an airport where restricted access is controlled by the inspection of persons or property.
You should check with units of state and local government as well as postsecondary education facilities prior to carrying a concealed weapon on their property. Please dress in the type of attire that you would normally wear while carrying your weapon. In fact, criminals often attack without warning, delivering a sudden sucker punch or taking you to the ground before you can deploy your weapon. The techniques are simple and effective, regardless of the size or strength of the attacker. You can carry a gun, open carry, without a concealed carry license – as long as you are 18 years of age or older and have a gun that is legally registered to you. Yes, I have other junk in my pockets, but nothing worth showing and nowhere near as much as some of you guys carry.
Time for the antis to trot out some ginned up stats about which to hyperventilate and ‘view with alarm’? Sugarmann then provides the list, breaking it down by gun deaths [sic] and car deaths [sic] (note: no cars or guns were killed in the performance of this study). And if you think I’m being paranoid, look at California, which used state “safety regulations” to implement their microstamping requirements, loaded chamber indicator and magazine disconnect regulations. And as is the case with motor vehicles, health and safety regulation could reduce deaths and injuries associated with firearms. So what Josh really has in mind is to use safety regulations to “reduce the carnage.” But “safety regulations” would have no effect on suicide or homicide rates. Setting aside the fact that the freedom to own and carry a firearm is a natural, fundamental, and inalienable human, individual, civil, and Constitutional right subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility, ignoring the fact that defensive gun uses save twice as many lives as criminal gun uses take, guns are still safer than cars and gun owners are still safer than car owners.
Seatbelts, , car locks, remote locks, built in alarms, horns, anti-lock breaks, and air bags to protect you, your passengers, automatic breaking so children don’t get run over.
Because most gun owners wouldn’t mind having to hit a few more switches before shooting a buck. Seatbelts, , car locks, remote locks, built in alarms, horns, anti-lock breaks, and air bags to protect you, your passengers, automatic breaking so children do get run over. My Springfield XD has many new safety features that help keep the user safe while still allowing the gun to be used effectively.
Responsible gun owners are regulated by range rules and posted requirements, they should not drink when or before shooting, they should not be otherwise distracted when handling their firearm and follow common gun handling protocols and courtesy. Anger, alcohol, drugs, depression, and other things can turn the otherwise sane and reasonable person into a murder in an instant of bad decision making.
Criminal gun owners will certainly not have a permit, only law abiding gun owners who live in an area where a permit is required will have a permit. You can download the CCDW License Renewal Affidavit (KSP 125) to be submitted with the renewal form to the Sheriff of your county of residence by clicking here. You may reschedule to a future class if unable to attend, provided at least 48 hours notice of inability to attend is given. If do you do not, we will supply the equipment and provide information you can use to properly select the appropriate rig for you. Include a copy of their valid photo ID and return the registry ID card. A confirmation letter will be sent when the Michigan Marijuana Program has processed the withdrawal. Nice pics.BTW I have two cousins that are IN Troopers.Thanks for the comments, I really like this gun and it is a great shooter!Nice to hear about your cousins also! Our pal Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center has provided the “study”, one he hopes people will gloss over without really looking too closely. We know that suicide rates are independent of method (that is, restricting access to firearms may reduce the suicide rate with firearms, but it does not affect the overall suicide rate) so let’s and remove suicides from the totals.
The application will be sent to the Kentucky State Police by your Sheriff's Department within five working days after you submit a photocopy of your certificate along with the application information and payment. No calls – No Shows will forfeit all class fees and ability to reschedule for future date.
Unfortunately for Josh, debunking the panty-soiling hysteria of antis is pretty much what we do . I don’t see anyone planning to ban cars because they can, and commonly do, kill people. The baseball player was from Australia (happened somewhere in the US), and his mom was going on about the gun laws, and how she thought it was was wrong that we didn’t have more background checks. The Department of Kentucky State Police shall, within 60 days, either issue a license or deny the application, in which case the applicant shall be informed in writing of the grounds for denial and his right to submit, within 30 days, documentation relating to the denial. And, just so this thread will go ballistic, I recommend that we do away with the Second Amendment because it has been completely misinterpreted. I could be hit by a car, a falling tree, hurricanes, tornados, floods, and many many more things. These three teens already had the gun illegally, as teens are not allowed to be gun owners, not allowed to have a gun without adult supervision, not allowed to commit murder, by law, already. Almost every day there are news stories from China about someone stabbing and killing multiple people. So, considering how well the current laws kept them from killing (which is against the law)- how many more laws do we need to make, if they’re already committed to ignoring the laws?
If you really want to focus on the violence, start with education for the poor in regards to child rearing. These are entirely preventable, but I don’t hear anyone complaining about that or protesting to add a breath-tester starter in EVERY car to ensure nobody drives drunk.

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