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This is the hottest new hair trend to take over the ponytails of every guy with tresses long enough to rock one. Okay, we're not embarrassed to say that we go weak in the knees for that shaggy, grown-out hair that hipster men can cultivate so well. After all, no one wants to pull out a long blond hair from their vegan organic burdock-root-and-shiitake soup, because that’s nasty, no matter how gorgeous the hair-shedder is. And in the meantime, we just have to hope that the boys don’t figure out that irresistible beauty secret of high bun = no shower. Monochromatic color may be a bold fashion statement, but sometimes, contrast is cooler — like when it comes to brows and hair. I’m not trying to place any guy into a man bun box or anything — but I do want to look at a few different types of guys who can really rock their ballet buns.
I'm a 22-year-old from the Great White North and recently graduated from the University of Guelph with a Bachelor's Degree in English.
These were sometimes fairly interesting, and I now definitely have the inside scoop on who was rocking what kind of man bun when and where. I found that these tied up locks do not only make appearances on the streets of Richmond, but that they also grace red carpets and one was even spotted in an Alexander Wang commercial recently. I then proceeded to attempt to delve into why this is a trend, researching the history of long hair in general and then the history of man buns, which led me to an interesting (and helpful) BuzzFeed article on the chronology of man buns, looking at where the style came from, who has sported it and how it has evolved.
This led me into my research of men sporting buns in ancient Asia, particularly the Buddha, and then far later came the samurais who are famous for their striking topknots.
In general, my thought process (and browser history) seems to be guided mainly by two things: my own questions that I have about the topic, and informative articles that I stumble upon that help me to discover facets of my topic previously unknown to me and other new things that I can explore. In the last two weeks I found that the best route of inquiry for my research paper is to look into why this hairstyle has become a trend, and I have also decided to focus on modern American culture.
The undercut bun or as others would call it, a top knot is a mixture of two of the trendiest hairstyles of 2014 – The Undercut and the man bun.
Por mais que eu prometa para mim mesmo que nao vou comprar novos perfumes em viagem, eu acabo nao conseguindo resistir e trago algum cheirinho novo pra casa. E foi exatamente o que aconteceu com o Bvlgari Aqva Amara, que conheci na Perfumeland nessa ultima viagem para Orlando.
Confesso que a embalagem tambem me chamou atencao e me fez gostar ainda mais dele, estou apaixonado por esse tom de bronze. A nota de topo e Tangerina siciliana as notas de coracao sao Neroli e Notas aquosas as notas de fundo sao Patchouli ou Oriza da Indonesia e Olibano.
A fixacao dele e bem boa, e alem disso no kit veio uma versao pequena dele otima para carregar na bolsa e dar aquele retoque quando preciso. Infelizmente nao encontrei esta versao do Bvlgari para vender por aqui, mas se voce estiver de viagem marcada super aconselho procurar e provar, tenho certeza que voces vao se apaixonar assim como eu me apaixonei! Sagitariano de 26 anos que adora viajar, estar com os amigos, produtos de beleza e roupas… Juntou tudo isso, e nasceu o Estilo Bifasico. Como o look estava com uma pegada mais esporte, optei por usar essa calca jogger com alguns detalhes. Confesso que quando eu recebi a jaqueta so com meu nome bordado, achei que seria dificil de usar… Mas ai tive a ideia de ir colocando os broches que comprei em viagens e amei o resultado. Como queria deixar a atencao toda para a jaqueta, optei por usar com um jeans preto bem skinny e camiseta preta longa do Rodrigo Martins… Sim estou VICIADO nas camisetas dele, fui na loja esses dias e trouxe mais 3 pra casa!
Como queria um look com uma pegada mais pesada, usei com as botas da Timberland que eu adoro, e nao via a hora de comecar a esfriar pra poder voltar a usar.

Blog, lojas e duty free shops e produtos importados na Argentina, Paraguai, Lojas no Paraguai e Uruguai. Long hair used to be reserved for the rock gods and the wash outs, and it was usually coupled with an inordinately large amount of facial piercings and tattoos.
If these options are not enough to convince you to grow your hair for a Man Bun, then all you have to do is have a look at the latest celebrities who are jumping on the bandwagon. The great thing about the Man Bun is that it suits pretty much everyone regardless of face shape or style. Did you know that the man bun has become so popular that it's actually a trending topic on Twitter? Guys get so little in the way of hairstyles that it's no wonder this 'do has become the next best thing since sliced bread for them.
One Direction singer Harry Styles, soccer hottie David Beckham, and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal have all been spotted getting their bun on.
After years of the "metro" aesthetic, shows like Bored to Death, and all things Williamsburg seeping into the national consciousness, men's hair, in general, is longer. We have to say, we're torn: On the one hand, Olivier Theyskens pulls the high-on-the-head bun off better than most of the chicks we know.
Next you have your starving artist man bun, which seduces you into their guitar playing — wait — he’s definitely playing the piano — I was distracted by his BEAUTIFUL man bun! There is also the hipster man bun — and  although this tea drinking, plaid wearing dude thought he rocked the man bun first — refer back to man bun one for the truth.
Instead of ordering around a class of bossy 5th graders, I decided to pass up the teaching gig and pursue my passion for writing. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I found (as would be expected) many pop-culture articles, tabloids reporting on celebrities most recent hairdo’s, BuzzFeed and Huffington post articles, etc. However, I also found that despite the abundance of praise for this hairstyle all over the internet, there is a considerable amount of harsh disapproval, making this topic even more interesting to explore.
One that I found interesting was George Harrison of the Beatles, who began tying his hair up around the time that his interest was sparked by Hare Krishna. Other than this, I have not found the need to further narrow or change my topic, as there is enough information out there to write a paper on this topic, but there is not an abundance and certainly not enough for me to feel the need to narrow  my focus further. This hybrid style is extremely difficult to pull off but if you can – it looks amazing! Eu sempre fui viciado em perfumes, e sempre que tenho oportunidade de conhecer uma fragrancia nova eu acabo trazendo pra casa.
Eu ja uso o Aqva normal ha algum tempo e quando a vendedora me apresentou esta versao eu me apaixonei. Nesses dias de SPFW eu acabava retocando so na hora de ir para alguma festa a noite, pois ele durava o dia todo em mim. Meu primeiro dia no evento foi na terca-feira, e optei por usar minha jaqueta jeans personalizada que ganhei da Levi’s ha um tempao e ainda nao tinha usado. Ainda quero colocar mais coisas nela, entao aguardem que em breve ela volta ainda mais colorida por aqui. Eu acabo nao levando em viagens pois elas sao bem pesadas, entao acabo usando so quando estou por aqui mesmo. This combined with a good suit and tie will not only look professional, but it is also irresistible.

Jake Gyllenhaal is the latest in a long line of famous men who have been spotted wearing it, and frankly we can’t imagine him with anything else now.
So if you haven’t started growing your hair out to at least try the Man Bun, then you better get going pretty soon, otherwise you could be missing out on basically the most sexy hairstyle since…..
Consider this the testerone version of the top knot, positioned anywhere from on the very top of the head, down to nape of the neck. So long, in fact, that it necessitates some means of getting it out of your smokin'-hipster-man face. On the other hand: If we see one more bun comprised of hipster dreadlocks, we are going to have to resist the urge to buy a razor and slice it off. I’m going to try to prove to the man bun haters out there, why buns are worth falling in love with.
Don’t get me wrong, this guy still rocks the up-do, but his man bun is just plain condescending.
These buns prefer to hang upside down and need fresh air and the smell of pine to allow them to flourish. That name alone is enough to sweep any girl off of their feet, but this guy doesn’t play around. Now it takes a certain type to pull off dreadlocks on their own — but dreadlocks and a man bun! We’ve gathered the best looking top knot’s we could find to inspire you to take the risk of trying out this hairstyle! E aproveitei para colocar um pouco de cor nos pes, com esse sneaker lindo da Adidas que comprei em Orlando e estava doido para usar.
This new hairstyle is challenging stereotypes everywhere, with more and more men growing out some luscious locks in order to rock the Man Bun.
It can be made into a wild, disheveled ‘just out of bed’ mess or into a posh looking gentleman’s cut. Bradley Cooper’s Man Bun has woman everywhere trying to convince their partners to grow their hair, so as just to have a little bit of their fantasy at home.
Hot weather, functionality, and FDA health codes all contribute to rise of a new and slightly confusion trend: the man-bun.
The man is serious about his bun — I mean you could try and touch it — but don’t say I didn’t warn you first! I am also interested in the arts, as I was a dancer for 14 years and an assistant ballet teacher.
E a escolhida da vez foi essa bomber linda da New Era em conjunto com esse bone com animal print colorido mega cool. Not to be confused with the topknot, undercut or a lazy bun, the Man Bun is when hair is pulled back from the forehead and tied up just in the center of your head, and there can be some hair left out if that is what you desire. I love being creative and will continue to record the chapters of my life as I grow in the city of Toronto, Ontario. What I mean by man buns is this new incarnation of hair buns on men, made famous by the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt and David Beckham. The Man Bun is proving to be so popular that there have been tons of YouTube videos made just to explain to men everywhere how to execute the look.

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