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I first started using this technique 1-2 years ago and don’t remember whether I saw it somewhere, was inspired by a diagram or illustration, or invented it myself. In this tutorial, I will show you the easiest way possible to draw fist for you to implement in Manga or comics. Here is another video and step by step how to draw hand basic video tutorial instead of fists or clinch hands. 3) Add two more rectangle inside the initial square, top one serves as a rough guideline for index and middle fingers.
Notice when the leg is bent toward or away from you portions of it will be hidden from view. Facts About Horses - Find fun and fascinating facts about equine behavior, world records and horse history. Gaited Horses and MulesFun informative interview on gaited horses with long time trainer and author Burl Brooks aka Moose.
Today, I thought I would upload a tutorial that can be very helpful to those that have a problem with drawing backs.
When drawing arms from the back view, you should be sure that the back overlaps some of the back part of the arm like shown here.

Now you will sketch out the back of the torso, and follow the lining all the way down to the waist, and hips.
Add the jaw line and the curve of the face to join the top part of the circle from the step 3.
Added a C shape for the ear and a small horizontal line representing the chin edge – see inside of red dotted circle. Look at the illustrations carefully and notice that the back of the pastern is curved while the front is more straight.
There are so many different types of poses out there that an artist can draw their character creations in, but sometimes there is one pose that is overlooked but also used quite a bit. Starting from number 1, this shows the muscle definition that is connected to the neck muscles.
When this is done add muscle definition, and all the detailing that a back would have like the shoulder blades, creases, and dimples. I also use it as a great artistic warm-up to raise my motivation and get positive vibes before a drawing session. The first as you see here shows how broad the shoulders can be drawn out, the other diagram is showing the slanted look or style of shoulders that is more on a slope instead of a straight and down motion.

Now this tutorial is going to be very descriptive by providing helpful tips, and tricks to anyone that is having a hard time drawing the back of a human figure. Next, number two shows the position of the shoulder blades, and number 3 shows how the back's sides should look for a well defined back. Knowing how to draw backs is important as an artist because not everyone likes to draw their characters in a front, side, or ? view all the time. The back of a male or female character determines what type of body structure you are going to draw. This is because the shoulders, arms, and even the waist and buttocks are all parts of the back of a human figure. I believe this lesson will not only help those in need of a tutorial to teach one "how to draw a back", it will also give you more knowledge on how to draw a human body properly. If you do those things, you will create a figure that is portioned and strong looking and ready to meet the world.

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