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You are in a relationship and after careful consideration, you realize that your boyfriend is a total fathead.
If your boyfriend is stupid and cannot really understand the magnitude of the situation with maturity, you can very easily shift the blame onto yourself.
With it's incredibly loud and energetic atmosphere, a casino is another spot that will detract from a scene-making ex.
Official Co-leader of the Official To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. He says that he'd happily offer a fair divorce settlement and let Sonya back into their home, on one condition: she dumps her boyfriend. Master P goes on to refute Sonya's claims that she made No Limit and deserves half his fortune because of it: "You know what? Watch Percy's full rant — which took place in a Calabasas strip mall with his four young kids standing right behind him — below.
When it comes to a clean breakup, you want to make sure that your soon-to-be ex clearly gets the message. However… when it comes to dumping someone there are some lazier ways that take less emotional and mental preparation. Be Very LiteralIt's best to be very straightforward, and if I've learned anything from English classes, it's that literal language is the easiest to understand. It may be difficult to settle down with someone whom you are not compatible with but it is even tougher to spend time with a very stupid boyfriend. Letter writing may be a very old tradition but the power of words in black and white far surpasses the ones that come out from the mouth.

But ensure you leave no trail so that he does not end up following you and reaching your doorstep.
You can either pretend to or if you are fortunate enough, manage to find someone compatible in a short term period.
Well, I guess you could (should?) have an actual conversation with your guy about wanting to call things off. Rent an actual dump truck to make a pit stop past your boyfriend's house and have them deliver the news.
This is probably the best time to break up with him because he has so many good things going on that will cancel out the badness of you breaking up with him. He'll be even happier when they shout out to him and say they are going to play a song dedicated to him from you!
Rather than flat out saying you don't want to date him anymore, start announcing his newly single status to the school - over the loudspeaker, in the cafeteria, at the afternoon pep rally! Won't this be more respectful than a breakup note you jotted down on a piece of notebook paper before school? Demonstrate with a dramatic coin flip - heads means that breaking up is the right decision. To dump someone, you may be surprised to learn that you can use these pre-written messages to your advantage. If you are extremely sure there is no point in continuing the relationship because of genuine reasons, you might want to put an end to it.
After Master P's wife Sonya Miller fired off claims that her estranged husband had literally locked her out of their home (where she still lives with four of the couple's seven children), as well as cutting her off financially, the rapper-entrepreneur is sharing his side of the story with TMZ.

I'm not sure that your decision to dump him can be made more clearly than with the visual representation of a dump truck parked in his driveway. Even in your break ups, you want to be sensitive with timing, and I think this will really nail it.
He may be less happy when he realizes you paid the band to play their most well-known break-up song for him, but remember how nice you were before they did that?
Put that breakup message up there on the big screen, and it's unlikely that your now-ex will try to protest your decision in front of the millions of fellow fans watching the breakup go down. Well, you can always make sure the coin lands the way you want with one of those trick coins!
Use a little icing to add "Don't" before "Be Mine" on a cookie, or just make like this picture, and leave the broken one in his locker. Alternatively, you can find a girl who will try hooking up with him so as to divert his attention from you. Okay, technically Opposite Day is January 25, but instead of basically waiting another year, just do what you used to do in elementary school and just declare that any day is opposite day. It's a pretty clear message that you won't be valentines anytime soon, and you barely had to do anything! Besides careful choice of words, a letter can be read multiple times and with each time, the reader gets to gradually come to terms with what has been stated.

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