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Last year, when star Lucy Liu stepped behind the camera, Joan was off-screen much of the time. TVF: It’s very relatable though what Joan’s going through just emotionally how she doesn’t really know what she wants and that’s a very real thing. LL: She thinks she has the answer to what she needs, but I think in reality looking at it from a more objective point of view as an audience member, you see that she becomes kind of scared and closed off. LL:  I think your deductive powers are pretty…you should be on the show [laugh] but, yeah, they're all connected and I don’t think Joan is safe essentially and I think Sherlock recognizes that and that’s why you see him come to her place and kind of assist her. I think that the great thing about the show is we can break off from being a narrative show and sort of just focus on the procedural and I think what she does is she decides she’s not going to focus on the narrative part of her life but the procedural aspect of her life. TVF: I’m glad they brought Gina back because she was a good sparring partner for Joan in the season premiere. Last year when I did the episode with Mycroft and Jonny that was like it mainly focused around them and I was kidnapped. TVF: How does all that impact your perspective both as an actor and a director since you’re kind of seeing both sides of it at the same time really, which has got to mess with your head a little bit? LL: I’d say that I think as a director I’d like to work on a project where I’m actually not in it to see the full spectrum of what I can do with my attention just focused on that.
I think from an actor’s point of view, I love being able to be on the same side of the actors as a director because I know what it’s like and I know that sometimes when you have the urgency as a director to be like ‘come on we've got to get the shot in.’ You can tell that the actors aren’t completely happy with their performance so you really want to be sensitive to that and I think being on the other side of that I know what that’s like. TVF: I recently fell into a Hulu rabbit hole watching old TV shows and I found Ally McBeal. You accrue all of that and then you put it into where you are now, so had I not had those things and I just started Elementary and was quite green…first of all I would definitely not be directing. I think when I was doing Ally McBeal there was just this energy and this dynamic spark that character had. You know the idea of that and what’s not exotic about Watson and it’s not maybe as stimulating as Ling Woo was, but what’s so wonderful is 20 years later or 15 years later I’m playing someone who is a person who is not exotic. So politically and socially the timeline has really shown what and how the business has grown and how my relationship to the business has grown and how my race and my gender have also transcended at that time as well and how it’s grown.
TVF: Well, when you have some down time and you’re watching Hulu look on there and Ally McBeal’s all there.
Lucy Liu and her rumored new mystery boyfriend hold hands while going antique shopping on Saturday afternoon (August 17) in downtown New York City. Earlier in the week, Lucy wore a striped dress and a white cardigan while walking around the set of her hit television series Elementary with her dog in tow.

Now why is the media not desperate in getting her pregnant like they are with Jennifer Aniston?
Lucy liu’s new boyfriend is none other than SCOTT BREINDEL, a sound man on her tv show! We already knew that when Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan's (Lucy Liu) boyfriend Andrew (Raza Jaffrey) met on "Elementary" there wouldn't be any sort of "jealous boyfriend" vibes, but that didn't make their introduction any less hilarious.
RELATED: Sherlock Thinks Joan's Boyfriend Is an 'Annoyance,' Will He Come Between the Couple on 'Elementary'? Opinions on how Sherlock's feelings about Andrew will progress seem to vary among the series' crew and cast. Miller, however, thinks Sherlock finds Andrew "an annoyance," while Liu assumes he thinks things will go back to what they were before the sleuth left for London.
She makes a decision that kind of eliminates so much of her life that makes her happy because of what happened to Andrew.
I think that it’s good that it just is between the two of them as opposed to Sherlock, who probably has a lot of enemies as well but it’s nice to see that [Joan has] kind of created a little niche for herself in this business where she also has people that are not so thrilled about her as well. First of all, we had challenges in the fact that we were taping in the winter…we shot it at the Bronx Zoo, which was fantastic, but we were dealing with animals and zebras don’t really work out in the winter. At the same time, I think when you’re maximized artistically that way and creatively sometimes you get things that you would’ve never gotten if you weren’t that pushed.
I really understood that I only needed to master up until to this point and then this was going to be a two shot and then I would cover it here, so I wouldn't cover the whole scene all the time over and over so by the time you’re finished with the scene you’ve done it 25 times.
You know for me, I’m very much immersed in Elementary right now and so everything is about this right now. There was calmness to her, but there was this sort of very colorful, vivacious thing… [every audition] that I went into at that time in my life was exotic. She’s famous, rich, and looks about 15 years younger than she really is, like most asian women. Showrunner Rob Doherty told TVLine recently that while Sherlock might have seen Andrew as a "threat to the partnership and to the work that [he and Joan] do," he knows he's no longer in a place to pass judgment. What has made me a director and what has made me a better actor are the works that I have done in the past, so all of those layers and all of those instincts and the awareness that I have is from starting from the very beginning of when I started acting after I graduated college. Second of all, I don’t know that I would be able to be as calm and as controlled as Watson is now. She was a male and now she’s a woman.’ That’s an interesting topic but no one’s asking me ‘whoa, why are they putting a Chinese person in as Watson?’ So then it was a thing and now it isn’t.

Although it’s not as colorful as Ling Woo and maybe not as funny, I’m just trying to represent a real person as opposed to trying to play someone exotic and kooky. Being too good has nothing to do with it, they are both individuals in a cosmopolitan city. The relationship between Sherlock and Watson is sort of reunited because he comes to her - I don’t want to say rescue - but you see that he’s very tender with her and he sort of opens up and is there for her essentially. I feel like there’s something that comes out of it that you wouldn't normally get if you were sort of like oh, I've got all the time in the world to shoot this. How do you think of it, like is it very present for you or do you kind of put jobs behind you when you move on? More like ‘we want something that’s not Caucasian or African American, like exotic’ and then you go in the room and there’d be all kinds of different looking people. Not all men are looking for young women who seem to be so eager to pop out babies left and right. I’m living with family in a western city, and I have never seen so many minorities with hangups about their own race.
Not necessarily blonde although they would end up you know casting Ling Woo as blond in the end. If color blind, they should be open to dating ANY person they find attractive, but few people do that. You can’t go up and pet them and you have to make sure that they don’t end up maiming the actors with their hooves. Usually, they are stuck on Caucasians, and they actually avoid members of their own race like the plague.
This guy isn’t terrible, but he does look like a fit old man and Liu could do a lot better in her own race.
And I’m sick of minorites who have been brainwashed into believing that almost any white man is superior to a man in their race.
I’m not going to date attractive men in my race, but then go date some ugly old white dude.

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