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AMMAN, Jordan (CNS) — Fleeing conflict and violence back home, refugees from Syria and Iraq praised the Catholic humanitarian agencies helping them to cope with their trauma while starting a new life in their adopted safe haven of Jordan.
Living became impossible in Ahmed’s northern Syrian city of Aleppo because of constant fighting and government bombardments. Syrian refugee children walk with their grandmother at Al Zaatri refugee camp in the Jordanian city of Mafraq, near the border with Syria, May 4.
Ahmed is among than 600 refugees who are slowly getting back on their feet through JRS-sponsored programs that include home visits, psychosocial support, educational opportunities for children and adults and college degree preparation.
An Iraqi woman, Um Mustafa, said she and her family fled Iraq more than a year ago after receiving threats and her brother-in-law was killed in Baghdad. Today, 300,000 Iraqi refugees and more than 600,000 Syrian refugees registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees are straining Jordan’s meager financial resources and its educational, health and energy sectors. The Catholic Near East Welfare Association also supports a variety of ministries to refugees in Jordan, explained Cardinal Timothy M. In addition, the Mother of Mercy clinic in the industrial town of Zarqa, just outside of Amman, run by the Dominican Sisters of St. Meanwhile, the Sisters of Franciscan Missionaries of Immaculate Heart of Mary have opened their convent for Syrian and Iraqi refugee families to gather in the afternoon, Cardinal Dolan told CNS.
Arif of JRS said his agency also is trying to reach refugee children who are unable to attend school in Jordan.
Refugee children who have missed out on years of education because of the conflicts are behind and need additional tutoring, while others are bullied or discriminated against by other students, he said. A lack of classroom space hinders JRS from offering education to more students and JRS has called on more Jordanian parishes to open up their school premises. FORT WAYNE — Being single at an age when many contemporaries are marrying and even starting families can make maintaining a fulfilling social life difficult. One grassroots group of twenty-something Catholics on the southwest side of Fort Wayne, led by Molly Slocum, has formed to meet that challenge. Slocum, a Bishop Luers graduate who earned an early childhood education degree from Xavier University has taught in Alaska as well as in the Southwest Allen County public schools before teaching first and second grades at St.

In spring the group, who now has a Facebook presence, opted for a weekly Lenten Bible study and much to Slocum’s delight the group doubled in size to 20-25 members with the help of a little recruiting from the original members. As the group continues to gel and their faith is challenged to grow, the social climate is expanding as well. The members attend other faith events in the diocese such as Theology on Tap, a monthly speaker and conversation series for young adults, and Slocum reports a service component is developing within the group with volunteer service trips to St.
Another founding member of the young adult group, 27-year-old Sean Clerget, is new to Fort Wayne and found it important to step up and join in. Though Slocum feels there is still a misconception among young adults about the truth of the Catholic Church, she has great hope for the future of the young adult presence in the diocese. Slocum feels the Church and the diocese are both working slowly to improve the sense of community for Catholic young adults.
The Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and its parishes assume no responsibility for, nor do they necessarily endorse, these websites, their content, or their sponsoring organizations.
Check Out The Latest Articles Getting Over a Sudden Break Up It seems like most of us have been there. Fleeing conflict and violence refugees from Syria and Iraq praise the Catholic humanitarian agencies helping them cope with trauma while starting a new life in their adopted safe haven of Jordan. Our classes provide a safe place for them to share their experiences and to learn,” he said. About half of its nearly 7 million inhabitants are Palestinians who fled several wars with Israel and their descendants. The government has reported that more than 1 million Syrians are sheltering in Jordan and their numbers are growing daily. Catherine of Siena, provides prenatal and neonatal care to poor women and children, almost all of whom are Palestinian refugees and their descendants. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish gathers for faith formation events as well as social activities.
Add to that the faith component and some young adults find it a very real challenge to develop and sustain relationships that meet their social and spiritual needs.

Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish recently that the young adult presence was essential to the life of their faith community. For more structured events in the fall, Slocum says the group will meet at different times and come together for Mass.
Mary’s Soup Kitchen and the hope of establishing a game night at Saint Anne Home and Retirement Community. We provide psychological information and a list of counselors across the USA who are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. It is also a leading source of news for Catholic print and broadcast media throughout the world. Pictured from left are Danielle Rush, Sean Clerget, Bobby Slocum, Craig from the curling club, Matt Sorg, Molly Slocum, Teresa Trout, Jim from the curling club, Trisha Trout and Susan Grothouse. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, says, though her ministry of overseeing the weekly faith formation of 550 students in kindergarten through eighth grades and supporting the 100 volunteer catechists there keeps her busy, being single in Fort Wayne is complicated.
Slocum hopes to establish a core group soon that will guide the young adult group as it expands. Many parishes don’t really know how to relate to this segment of the population and that is not necessarily the fault of the parishes. One of the great things about this time in life is the opportunity to volunteer and hopefully have an impact on others while growing in your own faith at the same time,” he relates.
ARISE Together in Christ is a three-year, parish-centered process of spiritual renewal and evangelization for all ages. Ultimately unmarried Catholic adults have to take initiative themselves and have to work hard to build communities and sustain friendships,” he says.

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