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While a career contributes to your time on the planet in many ways, most people agree that it shouldn’t be the sum total of your life. Make a conscious decision to live your real values and don’t let the desire for quick cash or easy job tasks get in the way.
Most career advisors preach the importance of networking with professional contacts like school professors, former and potential coworkers, and people in professional associations. If you let your career be determined by your values, your family and your friends, you will be happier and have better self-esteem, which leads to creativity and even more acknowledgement of your worth as a human being. Also check out 10 Secrets to Getting Yourself Headhunted if you want the dream job to find you!
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I am a recent graduate of a four-year university with a bachelor’s degree in Democracy and Justice Studies. I was in the same predicament as you when I finished my undergraduate degree in Criminology. Qiana Williams is a senior human resources manager for a global retailer where she is responsible for all aspects of the implementation of HR strategy for more than 200 employees domestically and internationally. Go ahead and do the rounds of careers offices and the like, but don’t expect them to actually help. I appreciate the general advice given in this article but am curious as to why Teach for America is listed as a suggested service position. Attention hiring managers!We want your insights on how job seekers can find great opportunities. College students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
EL PASO — Choosing a college major is a hard decision for students to make because it can determine the student’s career future along with income level and having to pick a different one later piles on more stress. Chavez gave into his father’s pressure and started his UTEP college education as an English major in 2004, but a year later he began to question his career path and switched to math after finding his true passion. About 80 percent of students in the United States end up changing their major at least once, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. According to the UTEP Center for Institutional Evaluation, Research and Planning (CIERP), between the fall 2011 and spring 2012 semesters, 14.4 percent of UTEP undergraduate students changed majors. Some students start college with a major their parents or relatives picked for them, not realizing that if they end up changing majors too far into their education it will take them longer to graduate. Chavez graduated in May 2012 with a degree in math education, five years later than anticipated and after taking a two-year hiatus from school to earn money to pay for his own education. UTEP provides academic counseling resources and advice for undecided students to find out about some of their career choices. Virginia Segovia, 45, said that when she decided to return to school in 2004 after a 15 years hiatus she didn’t know that UTEP provided students with career counseling. She said she now feels pressure from her parents because they believe that the communication field isn’t in demand and it will be harder for her to find a job. Like Astiarzaran, some students decide to change majors because they are struggling in basic courses for their intended major. Chavez said that he is confident in his decision to trade change from learning to teach English to teaching Math. That 80% figure from the NCES really makes you stop and think about what is really influencing you in your choice of major.

I’m trying to find where you go the statistic of 80% changed their major, could you help me out?
I agree that parents have some influence on what they want you to do, but this is going to be your career. Lots of parents do have a major influence on their children’s decisions,but i also think its great that the parents care and have interest in their young.
Most students in college today are majorly influenced by their parents in choosing their major.
Could you please provide the link or survey name where you found the statistics reported by the National Center for Education Statistics that 80% of college students change their major at least once?
I was wondering if you could provide a link to the statistic that 80% of students change their major.
Born and raised in the border, I’m bilingual in Spanish and English and confident public speaker. If you work a regular full-time job, you get 128 hours per week to sleep, eat, be a romantic partner and parent, or participate in sports and entertainment. These relationships should never be sacrificed for a job, so make sure that what you want to do fits with what you must do for a given profession. Your friends might know even better than you do what you’re good at and what you can add to a group setting. You are different from all other people and over your lifetime, have learned what makes you tick. For example, a very caring person might find fulfillment in nursing while an adventurous person might love venture capitalism. Use that as an advantage by asking them about companies near them or acquaintances they may have in your area of interest. In the end, your life story will include all aspects of your life – including those 128 hours per week – so get on a path that will end in a coherent tale. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, check out our Guest Post Guidelines - we look forward to hearing from you! Economy in a Snapshot is a monthly presentation designed to give you a quick and accessible look at developments in the economy.
Here are all of the forms, instructions and other information related to regulatory and statistical reporting in one spot. The Bank gathers and shares regional economic intelligence to inform our community and policy makers, and promotes sound financial and economic decisions through community development and education programs. As the first comment suggests, there are a number of challenging estimation issues involved with this analysis, and, as our Staff Report details, we do our best to address them. However, the main question is how do you address the endogeneity problem - that in order to afford living in a big city you need to have a job offer in that city before hand.
It is of most importance to consider what you love and like to do when choosing your college major. As with picking something that you love to do, it is also a good idea to pick something that you WANT to learn about. Many students may have other pressures that influence their decision on choosing a major such as family expectations, financial commitments and cultural expectations.
I chose not to go to law school or pursue any further education in hopes of landing a nice job. I thought I wanted to go into corrections, but after a few interviews I realized it really wasn’t the field for me. Just about every department lists what graduates with that particular major have gone on to do.
Career Services staff members often have insight into which companies are willing to take chances on nontraditional majors.
While it would be great to work in a field that speaks to your major, if you’re pressed for work, you might have greater success taking a job outside of your field and volunteering instead. Prior to this role, she navigated the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, tackling the various aspects of HR. On the surface, their mission is admirable but they are not benefiting the long-term educational needs of schools across the country. On average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career. A change of major can occur within departments, from business marketing to business management, or within the same college, from mechanical to civil engineering, and sometimes across colleges, for example, from education to health sciences according to CIERP. In most cases these students struggle to make a decision because they don’t know how to confront their loved ones about a career change. He says his decision to change majors wasn’t based on the job market, but on where he thinks he will have more opportunity to teach others what he loves. Today I’m a substitute math teacher and they do feel proud of me,” said Chavez, with a big smile.
The University Counseling Center provides students with career counseling for their career goals.
A student who is contemplating a change of major should meet with a college advisor to approve the change. You want to be respectful of your parents’ aspirations for you (especially if they are picking up part of the tab), but we are talking about your working life!
Do you really want a lifetime of hating your job because you don’t want to disappoint your parents? But what a lot of them don’t realize is that, what their parents think is best for them really isn’t. I have an Associate Degree of Arts in the field of study in Radio and Television Broadcasting. There are many, many possible career paths out there and a practically infinite number of possibilities. An important step in finding a life-supporting career is defining your values and then finding money-making opportunities to match.
If you can’t find anything that fits, remember that nothing is stopping you from creating something that does. But, you may be missing the boat if you don’t network with friends and family members as well. Places like church, parent-teacher associations or social justice groups can also be network goldmines. While it is true that big cities have a higher cost of living, it is also true that workers tend to earn higher wages in these places, which typically compensates for the added costs. Some people find it easy to pick what their Major will be, but for some they are still in the process of deciding which course they might major in. You will find it easier to stay focussed and involved in a course if you are truly interested and passionate about it.

Now, with no luck searching and applying fruitlessly for months on end, I almost wish I had. This will give you some insight into the range of ways people have leveraged your particular major.
Let them know that you are interested in learning about careers that might be outside of what people normally do with a degree in your field and if they can connect you to potential alumni, organizations, and opportunities. Most of the time, these positions don’t require you to have a specific major and your alumni status goes a long way. Qiana has played an active role in her community through board service with organizations such as City Year – Columbus, Communities in Schools of Central Ohio, HandsOn Central Ohio and the United Way of Central Ohio.
For example, my Ivy League alma mater did not have a careers office worth the name, nor did my department make any effort to keep up with ex students. They are instead helping to turn the nation’s educational philosophy into a business model, rather than a human one. However if the student does not know what to major in I think he or she should give thanks to their parents for the thought for their children’s education, and lives. 80% of students changing their major is a lot, if most students would research and take the time to learn what it is that they are good at, and what they enjoy, that percentage would go down majorly, and most likely they would be able to graduate in the time that they are expecting. So far I have had two internships, the first one with Latinitas; a non-profit organization that empowers Latina girls with media and technology. Your life can be one cohesive story if you fit your job in with your personal life rather than fighting with yourself to do it the other way around. To do that, you will need patience, love and understanding but also time basking in your spouse’s presence. Your friends may also plan vacations or extended weekends together, so being in the loop will allow you to spend even more quality time with them. An important issue related to your comment is what economists refer to as “sorting”—that is, the best and brightest tend to locate in big cities, in part because of the higher cost of living.
No matter what major you choose, if you’re not really interested in it, you will find it hard to stay motivated and complete the course. If you are interested in being a doctor but you’d also love to study a language, you can have both by completing your pre-med subjects, but majoring in the language of your choice. However if you are interested in running your own theater company some day, you really have to know all about the business. You also need to think of the external aspects that will affect your post-college life in one way or another. Do you have any advice for finding a good job that recognizes a degree in a field such as mine? Identify several that sound interesting to you and reach out to those individuals to learn more about their careers.
Additionally, some universities have multiple career service centers, so don’t limit yourself to just your department. Had I thought to check that out before applying to that University, I’d have gone somewhere else instead. Another thing students should try is enrolling but only go for your basics at least get those out of the way and if by the time you have finished those and still are unsure then speak to the counselor and see if he or she could help you in deciding on what you want to do.
To that end, you’ll need to find a job with hours that are similar to your partner’s hours, even if it means slightly less pay. We address this issue by controlling for a wide array of individual worker characteristics that may influence job matching. You will find that you will enjoy your time more at College if you are able to do something that interests you while also pursuing a long term profession. Ruling out a major should be a balance for your dreams and desires, try not to get too overwhelmed with it all. Who knows, there might be a company visiting the College of Business’ Career Services office that would love to have you! But even when they are outside your major, they are still your best friends, and a good place for them is a good place for you.
Terrell said Career Counseling Services for the most part are free of charge to all enrolled UTEP students. I am future graduate on the summer of 2013 with a Multimedia Journalism Bachelors with a minor on Film.
It will be worth it in the long run because a happy husband or wife makes a happy, and productive, employee.
Importantly, because of the data we utilize, we are able to account for each person’s college major, which provides a more complete way to control for differences in skill than has been available in previous studies of this nature. No one wants to disappoint their parents but in reality your parents will be happy that you are learning to make your own choices.
My goal is to obtain a challenging position in Broadcast Journalism, with a special interest in reporting and anchoring in Univision. Regarding the comment about the comparison between New York City and Syracuse, keep in mind that the 6 percent increase we estimate is related to only the larger size of New York City (and the labor market benefits that result) compared to a place like Syracuse. As of right now I am the oldest one in most of my classes and I don’t have any doubts that I will probably look into changing my major, but that is not because I am not sure if it is what I want to do, but because it may not be the right area of where I want my career to go. That is, our analysis controls for other factors that might influence job matching among college graduates, such as differences in worker characteristics and the economic structure of each metropolitan area.
But, because I have had life experience and I have done many different jobs I know what career field I want to be in.
So, the actual difference in the probability of working in a job related to your college education in New York City compared to Syracuse may well be larger than 6 percent, but that would be because of other differences between these places. I did upset my parents by making the choice of not going to college right out of high school.
But eventually they got over it and realized what I was doing was much more honorable, and that I could always go to college later, and only after I had figured out what it was that I really wanted to major in. Now it’s not a question of what I want to do it’s just a question of how many things I want to do. I am only going for one degree right now but I will be going for another one later, this is just happens to be the most important one to me in order to be successful in the rest. The bottom line is that everyone should take the time to really think about your career because if you’re not happy with your career it will only frustrate you for the rest of your life and then you will have to do it all over again.

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