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In addition to working as a marketing writer, Julia Selby Smith is finishing her master's in public communication and technology at Colorado State University. We’re a couple weeks in to the new year now, so…how are those New Year’s resolutions coming? It takes dedication and some serious talent to successfully pursue a degree, work, and maintain a busy family schedule. As of lately, finally, online college education has reached such a degree that more and more people are interested in this kind distance education. It should go without any saying that business administration comes with the greatest possible pay-checks and possibilities. The second option that comes with great earning possibilities is the field of computer and information sciences.
Nowadays the area of psychology has been recognized and raises more and more interest everywhere. There is one major thing prospective students need to research when deciding online education path. These days there are multiple online college options and chances are anyone can find something interesting. The professors are qualified and an accredited institution provides the same quality of education as a brick and mortar university. Choosing the right online college degree may raise problems for most people since there are plenty of online college options.
Students planning to enroll into an online college degree program should research their options. In general, when an educational institution earns the accreditation that means that their level of education is worthwhile, up to the standard, and earning a certification or degree there is “just about the same” as in case of brick and mortar colleges.
Shelling out the phantom colleges that are not accredited should be the number one priority.
Nowadays there are multiple online college options and students should opt for authorized colleges that can hand out diplomas that have worth.
Because of the economic situations there are a lot of people who try to change their careers for others that offer more security, so they could be thinking about an online college. In order to get an associate’s degree you have to learn at a community college for two years, full-time. The certificate programs are available at community colleges and technical or vocational schools. The main point of programs of this kind is to teach people about a given set of knowledge and skills to be able to enter a certain field of work.
As part of your education in this field you will receive information regarding programming, network security, database management and web development. The main purpose of these specialists is to create, maintain, test and update the computer software to make sure that they fulfill their purpose. These professionals supervise staff and they allocate the resources to ensure that given projects are done in the IT industry. The legal and paralegal degree is especially for those students that want to take up career in the legal field. A bachelor’s degree in law is in demand these days mostly because companies need legal associates that are proficient in laws that are required to run a business. Online degrees have gained more and more popularity in the past few years but still most people are frowning when they hear about online education. Everyone knows that some universities are more established and they are popular for providing top-notch quality education.
The first and foremost factor that needs to be verified is the accreditation of an educational institute.
User reviews should also be considered because there are barely legal institutions that are accredited but simply provide poor education or their quality of services is sub-par. Distance learning is a fantastic opportunity for those prospective students that cannot afford relocating and attending regular classes daily. The typical coursework in case of an online journalism degree includes the following materials: journalism ethics, media criticism, elective reporting topics, advanced reporting, and so forth. Furthermore, the student will have the necessary know-how to either get into the field and start a career or look for further education and earn master’s degree on their specific research interests. Some of the options that are starting out with a journalism degree are the following: technical writing, editing, publishing, consumer advocacy, advertising, and news-writing.
It is a common misconception that a fine arts in film production degree guarantees for everyone to become a movie director. Online college degrees are helping hundreds of thousands of students to pursue the career of their dreams. Earning a bachelor of fine arts in film production is the first step for someone to get into that area.
After graduation while the degree does not guarantee a starting position as a movie director, there are many other options to start out in the field of movie making: camera operator, screenwriter, assistant director, producer, grip, etc. Generally, these degrees are focusing on to provide broad education on all areas of the film making. Accreditation means that the educational institute conforms to the highest expectations when it comes to providing quality courses and fulfills the requirement policies.
In case of online colleges their accreditation requirements are the same as for brick and mortar universities. There are online websites that offer college diplomas in virtually any degree and area that can be purchased. Therefore, it is important students to research everything about their online institution of choice.
College applicants should search for programs that encourage students to launch new business ideas.
A number of undergrads start working on new ventures and participating a€‹in business competitionsa€‹ while simultaneously earning a€‹their bachelor's degrees, which requires a certain kind of passion and focus.
Some schools specialize in supporting young entrepreneurs and readying them for life at a startupa€‹. Whitman School of Management, undergraduate students can major in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises to learn what it takes to start a company.
Gabriela Escalante, 28, was impressed with Whitman's nurturing approach to budding entrepreneurs and moved from El Salvador to attend the school. Before coming to Whitman,a€‹ she started a T-shirt a€‹business, but since coming to the school she's branched outa€‹.
She encourages prospective college students who are also interested in starting a companya€‹ to consider schools that focus on hands-on learning opportunities.

Now Next Glass, a new smartphone application that launched today, can provide newbies with some guidance. The app was inspired by a disappointing restaurant experience Next Glass CEO and founder Kurt Taylor had with his father. So Taylor set out to objectively and universally define wine and beer, creating Next Glass in October of 2013. Next Glass also conducted what they call “The Beer Census,” using a 20-foot refrigerated truck to travel around the country with stops in more than 35 cities. The Beer Census included pit stops in multiple big college towns – natural hubs for wine and beer consumption.
But college students won’t be the only ones who benefit from Next Glass, Taylor says.
App users have the ability to customize a profile with their likes and dislikes, which in turn allows the app to calculate the chemistry of their taste preferences.
There’s also a scanning option, where users can scan the front label of a wine or beer to see how that product stakes up to their taste profile. Whittingham, a self-proclaimed craft beer fan, says that he enjoys how the craft beer scene fosters a sense of community and likes the idea of having a way to look up drink information with the simple touch of a button on his smartphone.
Ali AAsum and Emily Halnon, both of the Oregon-based Ninkasi Brewing Company, say apps like this one help create conversations with consumers and spark interest in the craft beer scene.
The financial risk decreases, Halnon says, when experimenting with beer as opposed to wine. A member of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the New Jersey Institute of Technology was shot early Monday morning.
She brings to ValuED insights about life as a student, research related to continuing education and online learning, and—her most preferred topic—(loosely themed) academic humor. I’m sure you’ve been hitting the gym, clipping coupons, and steadfastly writing those daily journal entries. As a culture, we have a tendency to lump college students neatly into one category: right out of high school, living on campus, engaging in hijinks whilst wearing togas… (Okay, that last part is just the result of watching too many 80s movies). However, the competition is quite stiff – but this should not demotivate prospective students. This area of the IT showcases broad options ranging from system administrators, network technicians, up to software developers and systems analysts. Career changes are not that easily done but a college degree on a new field can easily yield new opportunities and a fresh start. It is important to know whether the university or institution that looks promising is accredited or not. The advantages of online college programs come from flexibility and they can easily help to jump-start new careers. The majority of these careers don’t require a bachelor’s degree, but they do need an associate’s degree or certificate program.
Once you complete your studies you can enter the associate of science or associate of applied science programs. The best thing about having a certificate of this kind is that people can enter the work field quite fast. These include nursing, graphic design, computer technology, medical assisting, paralegal or legal assisting, medical billing and coding, and web design. If you have an associate’s degree you will have more knowledge that can bring you higher wages.
There is almost no company that could function without a department of this kind and there are specialized companies as well that handle IT. Such a degree is just great if you would like to have a career that requires general knowledge regarding the field like quality assurance engineer or technical support specialist. It is the job of network administrator to protect them against hacking attempts, viruses or other threats. There are lots of opportunities starting out from these degrees: jurist doctor, executive JD, legal services, criminal justice, paralegal studies, and so forth. Many lawyers are carrying out these tasks aside from their own business, but the count of new businesses is ever-increasing and some firms are just looking for fresh graduates that are aspiring for a career in legal advocatory. It’s up to the student to decide which area wants to target or whether desires to further progress on education. Distance learning has been around for decades but it raises some questions on the validity of education. The student needs to research the legitimacy of an online education institute if desires to earn a degree that is well-worth and respected. There are dozens of options from broad-based communication up to focused electronic communication studies.
The student is able to attend courses with a flexible schedule and the comfort of their own home. Enrolling into online education programs in journalism, for example, is a great decision because there is not that much practical “hands-on” work involved like in case of medical degrees. The opportunities are broad since journalism is about learning economics, communication, psychology, politics, and other topics. However, one thing is known to be for sure: such college degrees are giving broad experience and education in the field of movie production, directing, screenwriting, and editing. Online education is a fantastic opportunity to study from the comfort and convenience of your home. The applicant should focus on creating a great portfolio when applying for online college degree programs. Therefore, this includes, but not limited to: advanced editing, screenwriting, film theory, history, the business of film making, editing theory and advanced techniques, cinematography, and so forth. Students usually check other factors such as course types, tuition prices, degree requirements, holiday schedule. This means that the level of education must be the same, regardless that the courses are online. They will forgo tradition and join the startup communitya€‹, according to a recent report from the Kauffman Foundation, which supports entrepreneurship and innovative approaches to problem solving. Prospective students interested in working with or creating a new business should consider institutions that will provide this type of support, experts say. While researching colleges and universities online, she found that Whitman offered an education for entrepreneurs that other schools didn't. He can speak with the school's entrepreneurs-in-residencea€‹, for example, about fundraising, pitching, how much to charge for a product and other topics that can be challenging for a business owner. The two ordered an expensive bottle of wine per the waiter’s recommendation but ended up disliking it.

It began in laboratories with the intent of identifying the chemical makeup of each wine and beer bottle.
He believes the interest will extend to anyone looking to discover new wine and beer options.
There is also an option to link up with friends and see their respective preferences, plus another that provides nutritional information.
But she believes this app could be a good place for novice craft beer consumers to explore options. The infographic below illustrates data we found about the impact advanced education makes across different areas of life—from career to lifestyle.
The latest statistics are showing that around 31% of students took at least one course that was online. In terms of online education, students can research the bachelor degree in computer and information sciences. Professionals with a college diploma are often handed out greater responsibility jobs matched by a higher paycheck.
Students can opt to study from a wide variety of degree options from the convenience of their home, without being required to move or quit their job. It’s important to realize that working in any field or any position where you are not passionate about will have negative impact on your life. That’s great, however; the main problem comes from the non-accredited colleges or phantom money making institutions that are giving out certificates that hold no value. The AS programs offer you both general education and coursework.  On the other hand the AAS programs offer less general education and more professional preparation.
The best thing about a career of this kind is that you could have it even if you choose an online college. Once graduated there will be many options to jump-start your career in various fields related to your studies.
It is really important to research when searching for educational institutes because there are thousands of options with huge differences in all aspects. Online education institutes can be rated the same way because some are providing quality education while others are not even accredited. Department of Education hands out the accreditation by taking in consideration numerous factors and meeting those requirements is not easy at all. This also applies if wanting to breeze through job interviews and reply with educated answers to possible criticizing questions regarding distance learning versus brick and mortar universities. Nevertheless, it is critical to research the field, look for government related accreditation documents, see which institutions are regionally accredited, what kind of standards are met (GAAP, etc.) and only knowing these information is recommended to enroll into such an online program.
On top of these, geographical flexibility is a huge advantage since no relocation is necessary.
If the prospective student has adequate discipline and time management skills then it is possible to meet the deadlines. Each of these elements is combined and students are learning “life skills” that are useful everywhere. The only trick is researching the market and finding out which universities are offering the best programs for your own needs. It is crucial to enroll into an accredited university because that’s what prospective employers are looking for. In simplest terms, reaching accreditation is quite tough and requires years of past education history of the institution. Another problem is with poor institutions that are lacking qualified teachers, their course materials are subpar, or eventually students are getting easy-peasy exams and earning their degree without any effort whatsoever. Knowing that anyone can pursue online college degrees, the next typical question is which might offer the best paid jobs. This financial field comes with multitude of options such as financial analyst, advisors, key positions in management, accounting, and many others.
A really good psychologist with exceptional skills that knows how to get inside patients’ heads, and make them feel better, will obviously earn big bucks. The accreditation for online colleges is the similar tough audit that brick-and-mortar universities are going through as well.
As long as the students are passionate, earning such a degree can be done quite seamlessly. The tuition costs can be paid the same way with the help of credit programs just like in case of traditional colleges.
This is why it’s recommended to research the options and choosing the right online college might be the best decision.
Online schools can have multiple certifications alongside but it’s critical to know which one is given for what. Once you found them, it’s important to validate them at the organization that handed out those certifications and accreditation. The best thing about the having an associate’s degree is that you have a thorough education.
Earning a college degree online is a better option for those people that don’t want to travel or are required to work, and want to study from the comfort of their home. The courses are all targeting such areas to provide assistance when applied in the real world. Once an institution is accredited, you can be sure that it’s not just a money-making scheme that acts as a “school” by handing out fake diplomas. Anything from new media journalism up to creative writing, TV reporter, or newspaper headline editor is possible with a journalism degree. It is critical to have a well-written resume with convincing notes explaining desires to pursue that degree. This is different in case of just-started institutions with no history or, even worse, diploma mills.
Technically, being accredited means that the quality and quantity of education is up to par. The material along with lecture notes and books are handed out in digital format to the students.

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