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You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. If you're a true fan of Pixar Animation, then you know the crew loves to throw in little homages, references and Easter eggs to their films in all of their projects. Surely there's plenty more Easter eggs, so see Brave again or let us know any treats you found in the film. Brave was originally being directed by Pixar's first female director, Brenda Chapman (of Prince of Egypt), but she was then joined by Mark Andrews (of the short One Man Band) who took over to help finish the movie.
Captain James Bartholemew Hook is the main antagonist of Disney Junior animated TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
Commander of the galleon "The Jolly Roger" and legendary for his cruelty to his enemies as well as his own men, Captain Hook has long since abandoned sailing the high seas in favor of having revenge on Peter Pan for ruining his life,Peter having cut off Hook's left hand and fed it to Tick-Tock the Crocodile, Tick-Tock found it so delicious he's following Hook everywhere for another taste.
Sometime after the events of the first film Hook and his crew manage to evade both the crocodile and reclaim control of the Jolly Roger.Peter Pan decides to leave Never Land for outside adventure, Hook stayed behind instead of following his nemesis to dominate Never Land during Peter's absence.
Much of Hook's past has been revealed in the series, where it is revealed that the captain had a rather miserable childhood. Throughout the series, it is also revealed that Captain Hook is rather infamous throughout the Never Sea. Hook's anger can also be his drive to focus completely on the task at hand, for instance when he realized Wendy Darling and her brothers where recalling tales of Hook's various defeats by Peter Pan.
Despite his reputation as a feared pirate captain and all above traits, Hook is exceedingly immature, prone to throwing temper tantrums and reacting irrationally to even the slightest grievance. Captain Hook is a thin man with curly, black, shoulder-length hair that drapes over his shoulders, a large, hooked nose, a thin, black mustache that angles upward sharply, and a large chin.
Captain Hook is one of the few human inhabitants of Never Land that is capable of understanding Fairy speak which is difficult for humans to understand; to them, all fairies sound like jingling of bells. As mentioned, Hook's main objective throughout the series is to collect as much treasure as possible, even if it means stealing it from someone else.
Peter rejects the offer resulting into Hook and his crew taking the shadow to the Valley of Shadows. In the episode Hook and the Itty-Bitty Kitty introduced Red Jessica, a swashbuckling pirate gal that Captain Hook fell in love with, though she is apparently unaware of his affections. In the episode "Mama Hook Knows Best!" Hook's mother, known as Mama Hook, made a special appearance.One day, Mama Hook visits her son to embark on a treasure hunt with him so that she can witness how spectacular he is as a pirate captain.
In the episode "Captain Hook's Lagoon." Hook tries to create his own lagoon by creating a dam to block all the water out of Jake's favorite swimming hole, Pirate's Plunge as Jake and his crew try to find a way to stop Hook and free the water from Captain's Hook so-called lagoon. In the episode "Captain Who?" Captain Hook and his crew were hunting for treasure,but the heat was starting to take its tole on Smee, Sharky and Bones, who wish to return to the Jolly Roger.Hook refuses to return to the ship without treasure and remind his crew who is in command,however Hook soon loses his footing down the jungle path and fell face first into the Forget-Me Flowers,causing Hook to forgets he is the captain of his crew. In the episode "Jake and Sneaky Le Beak!,"Hook is also given a rival villain known as Beatrice Le Beak, a French pirate gal who plunders and pillages citizens of the Never Sea, as well, even villainous pirates such as Hook, she takes commands of Hook's vessel the Jolly Roger leaving Hook, Smee, Sharky and Bones a drift in her rowboat.
Beatrice couldn't care less about the Jolly Roger and continued after the Splendor Gem fueling Captain Hook fire refusing to allow Le Beak to beat him to the treasure Hook gave chase and confronts Beatrice behind the falls. In the episode "The Great Never Sea Conquest", Hook is sailing through a stormy Never Sea and facing sea monsters. In the episode "The Golden Hook", Captain Hook was the main focus of the episode, after locating the legendary Golden Hook, which can turn anything it touches into gold Hook's new fond power and wildest desire for riches soon get the better of him turning Sharky,Bones and even the Jolly Roger into gold. Hook is the main focus of the episode Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew,After retrieving a large rock formation resembling his mother he orders his crew to following him across the bridge.Mr. Captain Hook is mention by Skully quite a lot in the spin-off usually as the culprit behind various problems in the shorts.In the final episode "Pulley Hook", Hook makes a psychical appearance and as a twist Skully ask the viewers to help Captain Hook figure out which hook he should use to reach a treasure on a faraway island. In the episode "Flying",Jake and his crew need the help of the viewer to get their presents back from Captain Hook.In the episode "Saving Captain Hook",Hook was the main focus of the episode, Jake teach the viewers how to save Captain Hook. In the episode "Dancing with Pirates",Captain Hook appears in the short showing Hook not as graceful on his feet as he think he is.Hook is also seen dancing successfully with Red Jessica. Captain Hook appears in the short as his mother tries to offering him advice on being a good pirate. In the episode "The Treasure of Belch Mountain",Jake and his crew were on the quest to retrieve the next Pirate Piece in the belly of Belch Mountain which erupt sending fire balls raining down on Jake and his crew who race pass them.Unknown to Jake and mateys Captain Hook and Mr. Captain Hook has regularly appeared in books, various comics, and other printed stories in the series. Captain Hook appears as a puppet in the live musical stage show at Disney California Adventure and Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Captain Hook appears in the live musical stage show again accompanied by his scurvy crew searching for a means to unlock the treasure hidden inside a mysterious volcano. Despite their differences, Hook and Jake are shown to work together on occasions, sometimes without the Captain's knowledge. Pate was already in jail at the time - he was arrested two weeks ago on a disorderly conduct charge.Police said they immediately suspected he was behind the killing, but had to wait for lab results to come back in order to file charges. He was formally charged with murder on Friday.A 'Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Mr.
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The witch has another Easter egg in her woodshop as you can see a recognizable monster engrained into another piece of wood just lying around. While a worthy opponent for Peter Pan, Hook is destined to fail, do to Peter Pan's ability to fly, but more often through the bumbling actions of his first-mate Mr. As a young buccaneer, he was trained in the ways of a pirate by his mother, Mama Hook, so that he would one day become a feared captain, much like her. As several characters encountered by the Jake and his crew all seem to have some history with the villainous captain, though it's always a negative one. He hates being told what to do by those he declares lower than him, including his own crew, and Mr.
But that sneaky snook Hook hates to look like a bumbling fool, so he decides to fly to London, England, steal Wendy's storybook, and destroy her stories once and for all. His behavior thus, at times, resembles that of a cranky child rather than an nefarious pirate captain. To achieve this goal, Hook often uses one of his special hooks, created for treasure hunting. Smee are the main antagonists that Hook's pirate rival Jake and his young crew outwit while searching for treasure. Captain Hook was determined to locate and claim Jake and his crew hideout as his own but through the ordeal he remained unaware how to gain accessed into it. Hook manages to steal it from the sea pups.Jake and his crew quickly climb aboard Bucky and heads off after Hook. Smee attempt to steal Bucky.Unknown to the captain and Smee that Bucky is self aware, they believe the ship is haunted. Peter Pan's shadow makes way for Never Land and visits the Jolly Roger: the ship of the villainous Captain Hook.
However, Hook secretly has no idea where to find treasure but pretends to so his mother wouldn't be upset. As the two greedy pirates battle for control of the Splendor Gem they fall through the entrance behind the falls but are rescued by Izzy and her pixie dust losing the Splendor Gem to the Never Sea. To deal with this new threat, Jake creates the League of Never Sea Captains: Himself, Captain Hook, Captain Flynn, Captain Frost, and Beatrice Le Beak.
Captain Hook makes a brief appearances in the episode "Tic Toc Croc!", showing the wrong means dealing with Tick-Tock the Crocodile and later being chased by the ravenous reptile at the end of the short.In the episode "Go, Bucky Go!",Jake teach the viewers how to steer Bucky in order to get away from Captain Hook. Many of his games appearance in the series as the main antagonist, but others such as "Ready,Set,Hook" the player get a rare gimps as playing the villainous captain.In the game "Hook Yer Pirate Name", choosing from the various objects from Hook's ship to the shores of Never Land Captain Hook will give the player there own pirate name. Captain Hook knew Jake and his crew were also on the search for the treasure of the volcano.Using his Fishing Rod-hook the captain steals Cubby's map before fleeing into the Never Land jungle with his crew. Jake and his crew soon sneak aboard the Jolly Rodger but Hook knew Jake would attempt to reclaim the map,Hook prepared a trap waiting for him.As Jake reach for the map he finds himself trap within a cage with in the crows nest. In "Hooked", Jake worked behind the scenes to help Hook get the Ruby Heart of Hearts for Red Jessica.
Like the other pirates, Cubby is greatly annoyed by Hook's thieving ways but won't hesitate to help the Captain when needed. The 24-year-old South Carolina murder suspect posted for a frightening mug shot after he alleged took a friend into the woods, killed him and left his body for neighborhood children to find. James.A  We are thankful that we were able to solve this case so quickly,' Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile told WBTV. Smee, who is unquestioningly faithful to the Captain, but is incompetent.During the finial phase of the first film Peter engages Hook in single combat as the children fight off the crew, and finally succeeds in humiliating the captain. However, according to Mama Hook, Captain Hook was a somewhat pitiful pirate during his training, and seemed hopeless for many years.
Various other pirate characters such as the daring Captain Flynn and the regal Pirate Princess all have shown to have a hatred for Hook proceeding their respective debut episodes. Some of the hooks include a propeller hook to give the captain flight, a plunger hook to grasp treasure, and even a butterfly net hook. He gives it to Jake.Cubby and Izzy reminds Jake that Hook always takes there things and never gives it back. With the help from Jake and his mates, they discover Hook's footprints heading in the direction of Crocodile Creek.Unknown to Jake and Hook's crew at the time the captain sleepwalks across a sleeping Tick-Tock who awakes confused.
Smee enlist Jake and crew to help jog his memory, so they take Hook all across Never Land, but nothing seems to work. Reluctantly, Hook accepts the puny pirates' help and they gave chase to Rainbow Falls were Beatrice Le Beak has abandon ship leaving Fast Claw to watch the ship but the fiendish falcon is tricked by Skully to leave his post allowing Hook and his crew to take command of the Jolly Roger once more. Hook soon Roger where he has captured Beatrice and Fast Claw and force the duo to walk the plank for stealing his ship and costing him the treasure but this is short lived as Beatrice Le Beak manage to steal one of Captain Hook's Whirly-Hooks allowing her and Fast Claw escape. The third challenge takes place in Crocodile Cavern the lair of Tick-Tock Croc and the challenge is won by the snook who strikes the gargoyle gong first. Back on the Jolly Roger Hook was still sulking due to his losing the contest with Le Beak, when Mr. The Jolly Roger crew soon follow Jake and his crew on the search for Captain Colossus's sunken battleship the Mighty Colossus and it's treasure.

Smee informs Jake and his crew that Hook is no longer in control of his senses and needs to be stopped. Smee gain the upper hand using his Whirly-hook to fly to beat Jake and his crew to the treasure but this is short lived as Hook grabs the Pirate Piece with his bare hand burning it causing him to drop the piece allowing Jake and his crew to reclaim it.Hook is last seen after Belch Mountain fiery burps destroy the captain's Whirly-hook sending him and Smee plummeting only to land on the back of Tick-Tock the Crocodile who quickly chases Hook and Smee away. With Jake taken care of Hook's victory was assured until Hook soon hears the ominous ticking of the crocodile's approaching the captain panics about the deck of his ship as he flees to Smee to save him, his bumbling first mate accidentally knocks Hook out cold as he open the door.Unaware of his action Smee believes Hook's taking a nap. Other times, Hook is aware of Jake's assistance, such as in the episode, "Hook and the Itty-Biity Kitty". However in Captain Hook's Parrot,Captain Hook wants to have his own pet, so he and his crew capture Skully during a game of hide-and-seek with Jake and his Crew. Pate seems to smile slightly as he sticks out his forked tongue, which was surgically split. However, one of the more consistent inclusions is the Pizza Planet truck from the original Toy Story which has been in every Pixar film except The Incredibles.
It was also revealed that he was heavily ostracized by others as a child, as he explains to Mr. He also wears an orange sash over his right shoulder that holds his sword scabbard at his left hip.
Hook and Smee witness Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully looking for treasure and decides to follow them and steal whatever treasure they find. After sending Jake and his crew packing, Hook looks for the Mighty Colossus but soon concludes that it's a wild goose chase.
Hook is not up-to-date on the names of popular toys, often giving them obvious names, such as "wheely-rolly thing" instead of skateboard, or "surfy thing" instead of surfboard. Hook is often reluctant to accept the help of the "puny pirates", but has thanked them on occasion. But there's now way they managed to fit an automobile into the medieval time period setting of their fairytale Brave is there?
Smee several times throughout the series, resulting in him spending most of his childhood hated and alone. He despises Jake and his crew, as they are the physical opposite of everything that Hook is, and he cannot stand them due to there kindness, treasure finding skill and being allies to his greatest enemy Peter Pan. Hook wears maroon pants and white, knee-high socks, as well as black shoes with a pink circle decorating each one. Smee notices that the shell is missing, and both pirate groups find that it’s floating on a log in the Never Sea racing to retrieve it. Being that Peter's thoughts are filled with worries about his shadow, he's beginning to lose his flight as it can only be accessed through happy thoughts.
Unknown to Hook, at the time the gift contained Tick-Tock Croc who began chasing the captain across the deck of the Jolly Roger. However, the Jolly Roger's anchor soon get caught in some and accidentally frees the evil mer-wizard, Lord Fathom.
Smee soon spot Tick-Tock and felt sorry for his fate, leaving Izzy,Skully,Cubby and even Mr.
Smee, Sharky and Bones, arrive at the creek and spot the captain's hat atop the crocodile's head. Initially, Mama Hook was very proud of her son until Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully arrived and took back the treasure informing Mama Hook her son stole the treasure from them. Wendy Darling warns Peter, and he evades Hook's attack, while the captain falls into the Never Sea below, where the crocodile was waiting.
He is arrogant and can be easily distracted when he believes he has the upper hand in a situation. However, the shadow proves to be elusive as a chase leads the pirates to be thrown overboard and the Jolly Roger to be taken over by the shadow.
Hook's crew feared the worst, but Skully assured everyone that Hook was safe, spotting another set of tracks on the other side of the creek but they had to get past old Tick-Tock who wasn't pleased to be disturbed from his slumber so early in the morning, which gave Izzy the idea if they all sing the crocodile a lullaby he'll go back to sleep allowing the pirates to safely pass.
Mama Hook calls out the young pirates enraged but her fury is turned to her son when Jake tells her that Captain Hook stole the treasure from them. Upon hearing that he only did it to make her proud, Mama Hook forgives her son and informs him that she's always been proud of him. A battle follows including events such as Izzy, Cubby and Skully getting trapped under the sail and Jake grabbing the chest with Peter's shadow inside but his vest is caught by Captain Hook's hook, the fight ends with the shadow being reattached to Peter, the villains falling overboard, and the crocodile chasing after them.
Peter, Jake and the crew begin their search on the shore of Never Land where they find a note from Hook informing them of the impounded shadow. Hook, Smee, Sharky and Bones are last seen on a spit of land watching in horror as Tick-Tock the Crocodile and a large float of hungry crocodiles begin to swarm around island as Hook screams for Smee to save him.

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