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Starved for affection from her unromantic husband, Marge's long denied sexuality is unleashed by a charming but cold-hearted womanizer who arrives in town to run the hotel bar. What I find interesting is the fact that, though we don’t get reports cards anymore (thank God!), we still do receive progress reports. By sharing this information and giving each other feedback, it allows us to be more open and honest with each other rather than internalizing frustrations which ultimately result in emotional stacking.
While they no longer come in the form of how well we share crayons, they are in the form of quarterly performance reviews, taxes, credit reports.
While life takes us on this amazing adventure, it’s important that we don’t get lost, lose that spark, or worse, fall out of love because we didn’t didn’t check in with each other on how we were doing in our relationship.

Whatever it is which would truly make them beyond happy and even more in love with you, ask them how you can step up your game. We pay so much attention to performance in our careers and finances, yet we fail to check our performance in the biggest and most important parts of our lives: love. When is the last time you asked for feedback on the kind of boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife you were?
When we don’t stay tuned into our relationship it’s easy to the “little things” slip… and for most it was “all the little things” that had us hooked in the first place.
Perhaps your feedback comes back to you in harsh words… Either way, there can be a better outcome.

When we don’t check in to see how we are doing, we end up being reactive instead of proactive.

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