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Reddit user "Mookler" has discovered a map within Grand Theft Auto V that will help players to find out easter eggs hidden at numerous places in Los Santos. Whether we are seeing them on the big screen, small screen, the red carpet of an awards show, or on the cover of our favorite magazines, one thing is certain”¦we are fascinated with celebrities and their fashion. Maybe you have a fashion muse (mine is Rachel Bilson) whose taste you admire or you feel like reflects the overall look that you would like to emulate.
There must be something in the water in Tinseltown right now, because stars are getting engaged right and left. We think these picks would be perfect for their big day”¦ head over to Tailored and let us know what you think! Here are a few of our favorite philosophical quotes on this subject, but please, tell us below- When did that moment strike you, when you realized you could be FREE?
In 2008 I decided that if 2012 was going to be the end of the world then I would make the most of my last four years. I dropped out of the second best engineering school in the nation after 3.5 years of study. And through serendipitous connections I now live in a Circus-arts community warehouse in Oakland where I am surrounded by beautiful and artistic creatures twirling, spinning, dancing, flying, flipping, breathing fire and inspiring awe on a daily basis. I can definitely understand the temptation to try to exchange one’s freedom for some socially conceived benefit.
I broke up with normal March 2012 a job I had been very successful at and done for 17 years.

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This week, we're giving away: A FREE E Copy of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" to everyone who registers! Three quotes on self-awareness from the masters: “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. Chiliad, players can use it as an overlay atop of existing GTA V map to discover other easter eggs hidden in the game. Sara Morgan, founder of Tailored, the new personalized shopping site for brides, is here to help us define our bridal style! And as founder of Tailored (, a personalized shopping recommendation site for brides, I know that weddings are no different!
No matter who it is, when it comes to staying on top of the latest trends or looking for a new way to wear what we have in our closet, it’s fun to look to the stars for a little inspiration.
That’s why we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to start looking to these engaged celebs for some serious wedding fashion inspiration. I started to research topics that actually ignited an internal passion; art, design, spirituality, neuroscience, music, dance. Sounds dramatic, but that was exactly the thought I had as a teenager, and I still carry this thought within me. I am graced with a multicultural family, have gotten to live in the jungles of South America, the Redneck Riviera in Florida and grew up dancing with people in the streets in Jazz funerals and Mrdi Gras in New Orleans!

Whatever they managed to whip up when creating me laid the foundation for what and who I am.
But this right is, in the words of our founders, inalienable — in other words our possession of it does not come with the ability to give it away. Tailored aims to help you discover and purchase products and services for your wedding that match your style and budget with a shopping experience customized to you and your taste! Whether you are a classic bride (a la Natalie Portman), a trendy bride, (like Jessica Simpson), a hippie bride (Kate Hudson anyone?) or somewhere in between”¦ we’ve selected some of our favorite celeb inspired wedding looks for you to check out.
And one day I will teach my son’s the importance of caring for each heart which they develop an intimate connection with. But the path that it took me down has proven to be the most wise decision I have made in this lifetime. Back then I had the epiphany that I was born into this life to live it the way I want to live it and be happy.
I don’t come from a wealthy background but I wanted to start a new life somewhere else.

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