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NEW YORK — The Jerusalem-based nonprofit Shavei Israel has launched a Portuguese-language e-book called “Do You Have Jewish Roots?” offering a practical guide to uncovering one’s Jewish ancestry. The Portuguese-language e-book, which is being distributed free of charge, is part of an ambitious and historic initiative by Shavei Israel to locate the descendants of Iberian Crypto-Jews (Bnei Anousim), or Spanish and Portuguese Jews who were forcibly converted to Catholicism in the 14th and 15th centuries during the Inquisition.
Shavei Israel recently launched a Spanish-language version of the guide and tens of thousands of people responded by downloading the book to discover if they are historically connected to the Jewish people. Shavei Israel is currently the largest organization in the world today working with Bnei Anousim (whom historians refer to by the derogatory term “Marranos”), with emissaries serving in Spain, Portugal, southern Italy and Sicily, as well as Colombia, Brazil and El Salvador, all of whom work with thousands of Bnei Anousim. Freund collaborated on the e-book with Shavei’s educational director Rabbi Eliyahu Birnbaum. In nine chapters, the book covers all the major questions someone at the beginning of their process of Jewish discovery might have.
Beginning in 1391, a century before the expulsion of Spain’s Jews, widespread anti-Semitic pogroms swept across the country, leaving thousands dead and many communities devastated. In 1497, the King of Portugal presented the Jews living in his realm, who numbered as many as 20% of the population, with an even more dastardly choice: convert or die. Shavei Israel is a non-profit organization founded by Michael Freund, who immigrated to Israel from the United States with the aim of strengthening the ties between the Jewish people, the State of Israel and the descendants of Jews around the world. While we’ve had some very good experiences and met some very nice people, we have also had some bad experiences. Having said that, if you like having guests for Shabbos, the website is a great resource for finding those who need a place to stay for Shabbos.
During the Shiva days, prayer services are conducted in the home, and the Mourner’s Kaddish prayer is said. There are certain rules that, according to Jewish tradition, that must be followed during the Shiva period, and particular ways to set up the Shiva house.
The wash basins are set next to the outside doors so condolence callers can wash their hands.
Mourners and visitors must sit low to the ground, hence the floor cushions and Shiva benches.

As for the cloth slippers, when you enter a Shiva house, you must not wear shoes made of leather. The doors of the Shiva house remain unlocked at all times so people can come and go as they please without a knock or doorbell that can disturb the mourners. If you are interested in learning more about the Jewish tradition of Shiva, feel free to take a look at this article, where you can find much more information about Jewish customs, traditions, and holidays.
The unprecedented 109-page guide is aimed at assisting the millions of people in Brazil, Portugal and elsewhere who may have a long-lost Jewish lineage. There are millions of people throughout Spain, Portugal, and Central and South America who are descended from Iberian Jews, and we believe it is time for the Jewish people to reach out to them,” Freund said. In addition, Shavei Israel is in touch with more than 80 communities of Bnei Anousim throughout Central and South America, regularly providing them with a range of educational and religious resources.
In addition to the printed copies being distributed through the organization’s worldwide network of emissaries, it is available for free, online, as an e-book (please see the attached image of the e-book cover).
There are discussions on how to undertake a genealogical search (including how to access records from the Spanish Inquisition when and if appropriate), which surnames are most commonly Jewish in different parts of the world, plus information on “hidden” Jewish customs (such as candle lighting, mourning traditions, and the baking of challah), organized by geography and history.
In the decades that followed, there were waves of forced conversions as part of an increasingly hostile and dangerous environment for Jews. Some chose death, but most of Portuguese Jewry was dragged to the baptismal font and compelled to accept Catholicism against their will. The organization is currently active in more than a dozen countries and provides assistance to a variety of communities such as the Bnei Menashe of India, the Bnei Anousim in Spain, Portugal and South America, the Subbotnik Jews of Russia, the Jewish community of Kaifeng in China, descendants of Jews living in Poland, and others.
The Shiva house is typically the home of the deceased or their closest immediate family member.
The reason for this is that it symbolizes the feeling of being struck down by your grief and loss. Since no food preparation is allowed, it is up to the visitors to either bring food to the Shiva house, or to prepare it there themselves.
All the mirrors in the Shiva house must be covered, and stay that will until the seven days are up.

Coloring books for adults: 6 new titles, featuring beautiful vintage fashion & patternsClick to see them! It separates the duty (mitzvah) of honoring the deceased person from the mitzvah of giving comfort to the mourners. Modern Jews do this because it is said that appearance and vanity should be the last thing on the minds of mourners during this initial period of loss. In many cases, their ancestors were torn away from us against their will, yet they bravely sought to preserve a connection to the Jewish people. And while many were made to pay a heavy price by the Inquisition for their continued fidelity to Judaism, many others somehow succeeded in preserving their Jewish identity. They are referred to as the non-mourners, and the customary manners are not to initiate conversation with the bereaved, but to allow them to begin a conversation first if they so choose. Mourners should not wear makeup or shave or do anything that would otherwise bring pleasure or passion to their minds. Historically, though, it was believed that spirits were naturally attracted to mirrors, and could become trapped in them — therefore trapping their souls.
But untold numbers of forcibly converted Jews, as well as those who voluntarily underwent baptism, remained. Loosely translated, Shiva means the seven days of mourning, and is done in order to give the people who have lost someone seven days to adjust to life without their loved one. When someone you loved has died it, should not matter to you if your hair is mussed when you are in mourning.
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