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It is customary for LDS members, friends and family alike, to gather around in a home for service or reverent activity. One of the most exciting features of any visit to LDS temples is the strikingly ornate and intricate LDS temple artwork that can be experienced. The past years have seen a rise in Christ framed LDS artwork made by some of the most established LDS artists in the industry. This Easter, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites you to follow Jesus Christ and find new life. The Church has produced new videos and images for your family to enjoy and to share with others. The Facebook page will release shareable images on social media each day during Easter week (March 20-27) to remind people of the different facets of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Back on the home front, the team will be focusing on Daniel in our Journey through the Old Testament. In the video, there is a part where Daniel teaches the girl to pray, so I thought I’d include a few prayer based activities as well as lion based activities and crafts.
Oriental Trading (surprising source!) has 6 prayer activities for kids to do, including making a prayer box to put requests into. Delightful lion crafts are all over Pinterest (find them here), but I’ll highlight a few of my favorites below.
If you think the kids would enjoy reinacting the story, grab these printable masks over at MM printables. If you want to try something a little different, check out this fun lion pillow made by tying pieces of fleece together.

LDS statues for members whose temple or church is far way is a great way to bring out the spirit, denoted by sentiments beyond those of tranquility, respect and love into any LDS home. Enjoying LDS temple art with family and friends should be another wonderful way to engage your true passions.

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