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DVA dynamically changes the appearance of vampire players to visually represent thedifferent stages of vampirism.
Anyway, I was playing as a male Orc on Master and my follower was Kharjo, one of only two Khajiit followers available in the game.
Eventually I got bored and after amassing a bounty in the tens of thousands of gold, I surrendered and was sent to jail. So if you’re playing the game, your follower has disappeared and you’ve tried fast travelling, simply get yourself arrested! Doesn’t work for me, at one point, I had two followers, one left somehow, who was the thane or whoever, the chick who sits inside of your house in solitude, and a lizard woman, when the thane whoever left, I made sure I could keep getting followers by getting ride of my other one, and re-adding her. So on Xbox I had a dark brotherhood recruit (after you kill astrid and the dark brotherhood sanctuary is moved to the dawn star where you killed Cicero) it was the girl who cooks at the cooking pot in the dining hall where that red guard dude always sits, the one who gives you the contracts. Me too but It’s the quest called prophet where you have to have a moth priest read the scroll Serena has. So after I accepted a quest from farkas in whiterun, I had to cure him and apparently he was supposed to follow me to get a witch head but he never showed up. Ok for getting a new follower if yours is lost or glitched; you can simply find Delphine and follow that quest line.
Thanks for the article OP, but unfortunately it did not work for me either, BUT I found an alternative way to fix the character glitch on Xbox version. Basically, In order to free yourself from your glitched follower, go to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Dawnstar, and you attack one of your Dark Brotherhood inmates, until he attacks you back, then sheath your weapon and pay him 300 coins. This fix also works on the PC version of the game as i have just tested this as when doing a quest purity and trying to meet a companion to purify him from being a wearwolf but that quest glitched and the game crashed and couldn’t get a follower since, thanks for the tip! What i did was attack Nazir after completing all the quest but he and babette began attacking me, plus i did the jail thing in Riften!
JESUS ive been waiting its been a year and finally tht dark brotherhood b i t c h stop following me bc she was glitched also probably shouldn’t have put the elder scroll on her woops! I have it for Xbox 360; I have done several of the Dark Brotherhood Forever Quests, however when I attack them, they just chase me, and it does not add bounty????? Tried this and it worked…ended up waiting about 2 days before it gave me the memo that she was fed up and went gome. The world of Skyrim is vast, and exploring the northern provence of Tamriel can be a lonely business at times.
In last week’s Skyrim Fansite poll, we asked readers if they ever had a dog as a Skyrim companion.
If you’re looking for a dog as a Skyrim companion, you have your choice of a few four-legged friends. With the addition of a dog, you can travel the wilds and dungeons of Skyrim with man’s best friend, but there can be disadvantages.
More in Featured Skyrim5 Actors We Don’t Want to See In The Skyrim MovieThe Skyrim Movie Earlier this year, we speculated as to whether a Skyrim movie was in the works.
The numerous Daedric Lords are a large part of the mythology of The Elder Scrolls games as well as having a noticeable presence in every game in the series. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. DVA makes other visual changes such as glowing eyes incombat and when using vampire night vision, as well as blood around the mouth afterfeeding.
I nearly gave up until I accidentally stumbled upon the solution in the funniest circumstances possible.
I’d completed The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest (as part of the main storyline) and then headed to Riften, one of the major cities. If you get yourself arrested, the game brings your follower to you, resetting its location (e.g. Then when I wanted to get someone else, I couldn’t, she was the only follower I was allowed to have. I was doing that ebony blade quest where you kill people that trust you to gain power for the blade, vikas ended up on my hit list and was decapitated by me. So the girl was my follower and I think I told her to wait in dragons reach but I went back and she’s not there I looked al over dragons reach.

I remember walking out and I expected him to follow me but he just turned around and hobbled back to his chair. Simply go to the jail in the town in which you lost them you will find your followers in a cell just standing there like a lost puppy. Anyway, I had two followers, Serana and Gregor (a Housecarl), and I enter a cave and come out, not noticing until about 10 IRL minutes later that Gregor wasn’t with me. I hit Nazim until he hit me back and when I sheathed my weapon, he and Cicero started attacking me no matter what I did.
She was lounging around in my house (it was Jordis who went missing so she was at Proudspire) when I went back. I was about to lose more than 6 hours of gameplay because Faendal disappeared with thousands of coins worth of stuff that I can’t afford to replace at this point in the game.
I got attacked by a stray dog after accidentally hitting it while fighting wolves outside riften. Sure, you can fork over 500 gold and retain the services of several good hirelings (see our earlier article Help Wanted: Finding the Best Hirelings in Skyrim ), but why not forego a two-legged follower and get yourself a dog?
Surprisingly, 42% of poll takers didn’t even know that you could have a dog in the game. These loyal dogs will fight by your side and obey your commands, but they cannot carry your burdens. Actually, he’s the only dog you have to pay for and costs 500 gold (the same as any other hireling). Meeko’s Shack is a small building found east of Dragon Bridge and south of Solitude Sawmill.
Stray Dogs are random world encounters that typically involve a dog fighting off a pair of wolves. Sure, you don’t have to give your pooch a flea bath or buy him a a dog license in Solitude, but fighting alongside a dog can present problems. But i guess it wouldnt really suit for a Khajit to have a dog as a follower (for obvious reasons). But whether their presence has been felt in the main storyline or not, their quests are some of the most interesting and varied in the game. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. If other people can leave a comment of their experience (describing whether it works for them or not) then that’d be appreciated. I ended up checking the whole of Riften, literally every place I’d been to and walked around, but there was absolutely no sign of him. I saved my game and in a mass of frustration and rage, I went around Riften on a killing spree. Later, like a long time after that, I saw a headless vikas runing through the woods and somehow convinced him to follow me.
I went back to my house in Solitude and got arrested there but they wasn’t with me in the cell.
Since then no one has been able to follow me, and neither has the purity quest been completed (it says it has been completed but I haven’t even started.) So Is this going to be stuck forever?? I’ve had my follower glitch out in dungeons and cave and stuff but I’ve never had them just fall out of existence! So I fast travel to a nearby location and she was right there and I got on my horse and quickly got over there. Except once I lost the priest I was suppose to sacrifice and found him at the secret entrance to the thieves guild. Or better yet, get a hireling and a dog (yep, with a dog you can have two companions at the same time). Speak with Banning (he’s usually found outside the Markarth Stables tending the horses). As it turns out, poor Meeko lost his Nord master (died of Rockjoint — his corpse is lying in bed inside the Shack). If you kill the wolves (or other enemies) and the dog survives, you can befriend the hound and he’ll become your best buddy. To fix this we had to suspend any changes while mounted, so you will not see them until you dismount.

Fearing I was losing my mind and thinking I’d maybe lost him earlier, I even revisited Ustengrav, Riverwood and High Hrothgar (all related to the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller quest) but to no avail. I killed all the soldiers and the majority of the NPCs in the main city area and even went to Mistveil Keep to take on the Jarl (who I ended up Fus-Ro-Dah-ing out of her throne)!
As I’d slaughtered half of the quest givers in the city, I ended up loading my saved game (pre-killing spree), unequipping my weapons, punching a guard and surrendering straight away, which also did the trick, putting me in jail and reuniting me with my lost follower. I think it does the same thing with animal followers as well because I deleted an animal follower mod too.
I really wouldn’t care, except I had some great gear on him, includig Otar Dragon Priest mask and the Ebony Mail, and I would prefer to be able to reclaim those. Oh, and if anyone wants to know how to get the woman off the building in the mage guild glitch for Xbox, I figured it out. I tried getting Lydia to follow me just to make sure Faendal was still a follower and not dead somewhere.
In fact dogs are the only animals that can become followers, and there are only a few such faithful hounds in all of Skyrim. He’ll sing the praises of Vigilance and dogs in general, offering to sell him to you for the right price. Also, be sure to check out our Skyrim wallpaper section for awesome HD wallpaper for your PC and electronic devices. He's currently on his third playthrough of Skyrim, and is playing as a Templar in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Daedric Artifacts are some of the most powerful unique items in the Elder Scrolls universe and having a few of them can make your life remarkably easier thanks to that power.Not every one of these artifacts is suitable for every player, and honestly some of the quests might put you off of ever even completing them. The disabling of the eyes under stages should now work correctly and revert you to your vanilla vampire eyes (or whatever replacer you may be using) instead of pre-vampire eyes.The stages utilize texture sets with custom normal and detail maps. Btw I have dawnguard, dragonborn, and the hearthfire add-ons if they have anything to do with it.
I looked everywhere near the location I fast traveled to, and she wasn’t there either. With the exception of Barbas, they can’t soak up a lot of damage and can be killed off somewhat easily. These actions range from the forthright and honorable, like clearing a dungeon of undead or killing an oathbreaker, to the downright disgusting. The diffuse texture remains vanilla, allowing you flexibility when creating your vampire's base look. Cannibalism anyone?Above: You thought we were joking?But any quests that you are willing to complete will reward you with a powerful tool that may aid either you, or one of your followers, on the path to stopping Alduin.
All humanoid vanilla races are supported, with custom normal maps for humans, elves and orcs. Sometimes dark pacts may be the only way to save the world so what exactly are you willing to do to gain that power? Vanilla 24 hour stages, as well as Better Vampire's faster stages and 2 stage system are all supported. Well if you’re willing to take that step then we list the various quests, artifacts and judge the rewards for you here.
As such that quest line is outside of the scope of this guide and will thus not be covered here. Make sure you have changed and get all vampire spells, can progress through the stages and most importantly, ensure you can feed and that feeding brings you back to stage 1. The beta testers ran into many issues getting Better Vampires, custom races and other mods to work together. Usually, once all the other mods were finally playing nice, DVA would work as intended.I also will not be replying to requests in the comments section. If there is an overwhelming number of requests for a single thing I may consider making that change, but for small cosmetic requests I recommend making those changes yourself.

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