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New main objective: Meet Karliah at the Ragged FlagonGet out of Winterhold and head to Riften.
The thieves at first won't believe in what has been written in the journal - they need proof. New main objective: Speak to BrynjolfAfter discovering the theft, Brynjolf will have a few question for you - it's the best moment to tell him the whole story. During the conversation with Brynjolf, ask him how to reach the Riftweald Manor - that way you will learn of the mysterious mechanism which you can use to get inside relatively safely. New optional objective: Speak to Vex about ValdThe grey-haired woman can be as always found at The Ragged Flagon, nearby the bartender. If you bring Maven the artifact that Valdo lost, his debt will be paid and the man won't have to guard Mercer Frey's manor anymore. What's interesting, you don't need to worry about Vald at all - you just have to shoot an arrow at the mechanism on the upper floor or the residence to create a quite comfortable passage inside (screen above).
New main objective: Discover evidence of Mercer's locationAfter getting inside the Riftweald Manor, you need to focus and move very quietly - many dangers await you here. After crossing this room, it's time for the swinging blades and ram (screen below) - it will be hard to dodge them in the narrow corridor, so you should make use of the Whirlwind Sprint to reach the other side. New main objective: Speak to BrynjolfAfter ransacking Mercer's residence, head out of the underground and go through the door on the right (you will therefore avoid having to deal with the trap all over again). And if that's not enough, Instant Buttons has the possibility to add any sound as a Widget to your desktop, to keep it handy wherever you want. Application will not impact negatively on the performance of your device and interfere with other applications. As you have probably notice, the cemetery entrance to The Ragged Flagon has been closed, so you will have to use the one leading through The Ratway (the same one you used to get here the first time).

Luckily the red-haired man runs the organization during Mercer's absence, thanks to which you will be able to give him Gallus's Encoded Journal. Brynjolf will decide to check the vault - if Gallus was right and Mercer has been stealing from the Guild for years. As you tell him everything, the thief will tell you to get into Mercer Frey's residence - the Riftweald Manor - found in Riften. If you try to ask him about the guard, he will tell you to speak with Vex - supposedly they used to know each other. The hardest, but not requiring any violence option, implies cancel Vald's debt - that way you will get rid of the largest problem. Regardless of where she's at, the conversation will take a rather unexpected turn - it seems like Vald ran into debt because of losing Maven's pen.
A quite interesting option is stealing his keys as he's walking beside the gate (screen above) and afterwards slipping inside. What's important is that the residence cannot be accessed in any other way - all the doors are locked from inside. Inside the first room on the right there are two well-equipped bandits and fighting them is rather impossible to avoid.
Keep looking on the floor at all times - there are a couple pressure plates which activate complicated and deadly mechanisms. The documents that you have obtained suggest that the traitor wants to obtain the Eyes of the Falmer - an ancient artifact that even Gallus dreamed of obtaining. At the same time you will be warned of the guard - he's supposed to be a quite strong enemy.
Bribing him isn't an option - Mercer would probably kill him before he could use the money.

It however wasn't a simple writing tool, but the Quill of Gemination - a magical artifact of exceptional powers. The boat-wreck and the Quill of Gemination can be found midway between the Riften harbour and Goldenglow Farm - exactly as seen in the above screenshot.
The problems is that the courtyard is rather small and doesn't create much place to hide, while Valdo will attack immediately upon noticing you. If you didn't get the key from Vald, you can use picklocks - the only problem is therefore avoiding the guard.
After defeating them, go down to the ground floor and search for a suspicious wardrobe (screen below) - inside of it you will find a passage to the underground. The Guild is desperate enough that it will let you do anything - including killing anyone who will cross your path.
Of course nothing stand in the way of killing the dull thug, though you would have to reckon with getting a fine for the murder. Use the chance to take a look around the room - on the table you will find a book which will increase your Sneak and inside the showcase a powerful sword - the Chillrend. Luckily the path you need to follow is very easy - looking from above, it will resemble an inverted S.
There are also lots of Gems and the Bust of the Gray Fox which should interest Delvin Mallory.

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