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Friendly Account Executives: You will find that at LA Business Personnel everyone works together and you are part of our team.
Fast Services: Once you register with us, we start working on finding the right job for you IMMEDIATELY. Successful Matches: With our thorough knowledge of your career needs and our client's job orders, we are very successful in matching applicants with the right job. Although finding the right business may be a challenge, the internet age makes it easier than ever before. Despite the convenience of the internet, it still does not beat the old relational approaches of the past. Other local networking opportunities such as local Rotary clubs or Chamber of Commerce connect you directly with business owners.
Building a good relationship with the seller helps them trust you and become comfortable with the idea of selling to you. If you are interested in buying your own business and want a more detailed study of how to buy a business, I highly recommend Richard Parker’s How to Buy a Good Business for a Great Price training course.
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Our applicants love how fast we place them on temporary jobs and how quickly we can set up interview appointments for them. Since everyone in our office works closely together, you can be assured that your resume will get to the right person at the right time. If you are not already connected with a small business community, knowing what is for sale, or about to be for sale, requires research.

Seeking advice and recommendations from owners of functioning businesses not only helps you find the right business, but it also establishes potential mentoring relationships that will prove invaluable after you purchase the business and transition into operating it. You do not want to push for an immediate answer; rather promise to follow up with them later. Reading the classified ads in industry magazines and newsletters, or in the local paper, you will find businesses for sale. Use the first call to get a general feel for their business, express your interest and time line, and invest in the relationship. After the sale, as the expert of their former business, they will also be a valuable resource when you are the operating owner. Just because an owner has not listed or even made a decision to sell it, does not mean that you cannot approach them about selling. We listen to you and make every attempt possible to find the right position that will meet your career goals.
That is why most of our temporaries have been with us for a long time - some since the start of LA Business Personnel in 1988! Business purchases often occur before anyone else even knows the owner was considering selling. As the confidantes of current business owners, they typically know of potential interest before the seller has even finalized their decision to sell. There is no harm in asking if they know of anyone who might be interested in selling their business. If you do this correctly, you may begin a relationship that will help you later when you are running your own business.

Many business owners sell, not just on price, but on their feeling about the potential buyer. If you see a business that interests you, do not be shy about contacting the owner to see if they would be interested in discussing a sale. Although it may be difficult, if you stick with it and put in the effort, soon you will find the right business for you and you will move one more step into increased control of your life.
Our regular full-time applicants are very pleased with our services and continuously refer us to their friends and family members. Of course, there is also Craig’s List if you want to interact directly with the current owner. Business owners will often “bounce” the idea off of their accountant and lawyer, seek their advice, and even put out soft feelers to gauge interest. The worst they can say is “no”, but in the best situation you buy the perfect business for you.
Asking your professional team to recommend or help connect you with potential sellers may be your best option for finding the right business.

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