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Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own. As you move up the path, your dog should find a Dig Spot with a Mercenary Left Leg Tattoo in it. As you make your way through the camp, you'll eventually come to a series of paths leading up past a pair of guard towers.
Rolling around and tossing Fireballs is really the key to winning this match, but there's a twist: He'll call for reinforcements. Dweller's CampIf you've been following righteous decisions and interactions till now, you have the option to gain support from the dwellers by pressing and holding A to activate more pleasant gestures. Follow the trail again then kill the pack of wolves that will appear after crossing the second bridge. Mistpeak ValleyVault off from any of the edges there to quickly reach lower ground then follow the narrow path.
Chillbreath CavernsFollow the path and the dog will point you to the first dig spot in this area. If you continue following this path, this will lead you back to the other side of Mistspeak Valley.
Enter the small booth by the Monorail Station entrance to find a Rare Book (How to be a Crackshot). After getting the silver key, check the ruins further to its southeast and you should find a chest hidden behind.

That should be the last spot here so backtrack to the main intersection then continue uphill to reach the next village. At the shrine (who lit all these candles?) a cutscene will occur and you will receive the Guild Seal. Beyond each gate are chests that can be opened to upgrade your weapons, earn new skills and more.
The path leading down from the Catacombs entrance in the castle courtyard comes upon a giant open cave.
Silver Keys should be collected to not only score the I Am The Keymaster Achievement, but to unlock Silver Chests around Albion. On your way down the path you may notice a Gold Door -- you need a Gold Key to open it, and so you'll have to return later! Reaver's ManorAfter entering the manor, enter the room to the left (the one with the statue) and pick up the rare book Dangerous Things: Lightning. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk.
Later in the game, you'll have more gestures that will enable you to collect more guild seals. There is a path uphill to the left that will lead you to a lone, cozy property you can buy later on and beside that is a pond.
Take the path to the right then follow it until you reach a silver chest before the hanging bridge. Continue along the path, there's another treasure chest behind the large rock by the curve.

Before following the golden trail, go downhill to the left until the path becomes warm and green. Another dig spot is located beside the road leading to the Monorail Station, behind the large rock. The trail will lead you to another dead-end where you can finally dig James' engagement ring.
You can have them come to your position while you charge for an AoE (area-of-effect) fire attack or just release a volley of fireballs toward them. At the end of the path is a Silver Key but you don't have means of getting it for now so just leave it there for the meantime. You can sell it for some gold or just keep it so you can give it later on if you'll get married to somebody. Be very keen on finding them as it never hurts to have free stuff to help you in your journey. Before entering, checkout the small patch of grassland to the right as it has a dig spot as well.

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