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The Find A Pet Song,[2] or May the Best Pet Win,[3] is a duet featured in the episode May the Best Pet Win!
According to Daniel Ingram, the song's lyrics and general concept were inspired by "Fabulous Places" from the 1967 movie Dr. Fluttershy: Maybe not, but I've seen this particular seal catch ten feet of air when he breaches the water! With Becoming Popular, "Find A Pet Song" was nominated for "Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation" in the 39th Daytime Emmy Awards under the title "May The Best Pet Win" with Meghan McCarthy, rather than May the Best Pet Win writer Charlotte Fullerton, credited as lyricist.[5] (This attribution is probably a mixup, though.

True True Friend Winter Wrap-Up • Dance Magic • It's a Pony Kind of Christmas • Jingle Bells • Deck the Halls • We Wish You a Merry Christmas • Silent Night • Twelve Days of Christmas • Last Year I Got Coal for Christmas • Jolly Ol' St.
The song features a sequence of pets that Fluttershy presents to Rainbow Dash in hopes that she'll adopt one. Dolittle.[4] Music from this song is used in the Fluttershy's Songbird Chorus game on Discovery Family's daytime programming website.
It is the first song of the second season, the first duet in the series, and the first song sung by Rainbow Dash in full length.

It is the fifth track on the Songs of Friendship and Magic soundtrack album, where it is given the same title as the episode but without the exclamation point.

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