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Of course, with billions of hours of video available to chose from, how does one go about tailoring his interests and finding the people who create that great stuff?
If you arrive at the YouTube's homepage with no clear search goals in mind, it can be difficult to discover something new. YouTube has its celebrity set — if you are a frequent reader of Mashable, you probably know some of them — and they are a good place to start. If you don't see any from a category that interests you, check out our guides for standout YouTube channels for home improvement, fitness, sketch comedy, travel, beauty and cooking. YouTube is a solid community first, and most video creators interact with each other through comments, likes, subscriptions and even video shout-outs.
Aside from useful ways to find content within YouTube's walls, you may also have to explore other social networks to find content you're interested in.
If you're already plugged into Twitter, finding your favorite YouTube channels there will ensure you not only stay updated, but also follow who they retweet and share content from.
There are also a few great YouTube-focused blogs that highlight up-and-comers, including New Media Rockstars and TubeFilter.
Unfortunately, there is no quick fix for finding great YouTube content at the moment, so you'll have to get your hands dirty and dive in. An update to the YouTube app for Android and Google TV gives you the option to automatically pair these devices, and watch videos from your phone or tablet on the TV. Once the devices are paired, you can browse videos on your Android YouTube app and click the TV icon to play them on your Google TV. The Android device can also be used as a remote control, with pause, scroll and skip options at your disposal. Of course, YouTube still must convince its massive billion-plus user base that subscription is the way to go after consuming it for free for years, a process that’s likely to be a bumpy road. The new version will be heavily monitored by the Pakistani government, who will be able to request that any content they deem offensive be censored, Reuters reports. The new version of YouTube in Pakistan will allow the government to request that certain content be taken down.
Censorship online is always uncomfortable territory for Silicon Valley tech companies, which pride themselves on being outlets for freedom of expression. YouTube markets its YouTube Kids app as a safe space for kids online—a place where they won’t be exposed to all the different kinds of kid-inappropriate content the Internet serves up so efficiently. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and the Center for Digital Democracy say that they’ve found hundreds of commercials and promotional videos of junk food products on the app from the likes of Coca-Cola, Nestle, and Hershey.
These screenshots of a Crunch commercial found on YouTube Kids were included in the complaint filed today by the Center for Digital Democracy and Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood. The consumer groups first complained to the FTC about YouTube Kids’ advertising practices in April. While there are established guidelines on the kinds of ads that can be served up during children’s programming on television, the Internet is (after all these years) still new territory as far as regulators are concerned.
Google has vowed to help YouTube creators fight back against phony copyright claims by offering legal protection to creators—at least, to a few of them.

Fred von Lohmann, copyright legal director at the company, wrote in a blog post today that Google will now help defend certain videos that fall under the fair use doctrine.
Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), web hosts are required to remove content posted by users if someone files a complaint alleging that the content infringes a copyright.
In many cases, creators that receive takedown notices should be protected by fair use doctrine of copyright law, which holds that parts of copyrighted material can be reproduced for news reporting, commentary, criticism, parody, and other select reasons. But Google’s current copyright protocol still relies heavily on an automated system called Content ID. Google has a long way to go to fix its system, but copyright reform advocates welcomed today’s announcement.
Surf from cat video to amateur vlog to high-quality episodic show in just a few clicks, all under one network.
While extensive YouTube searches can help fix your bike or tie a Windsor knot, a television-like experience that offers a stream of entertaining content requires more work. You can check out the 100 most subscribed channels to get an idea of what's popular on YouTube.
If you're hooked into Google+, you can see videos your friends share from the "Social" tab on the left side of the page. Plenty of personalities guest star on each other's channels, across all kinds of interests, and videos can sometimes daisy-chain off each other.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.
While the video is playing on the Google TV, you can use the Android device to find the next video to watch or browse the web without interrupting playback. 1 Internet video destination finally announced its YouTube Red subscription service a week ago—and the new premium offering doesn’t sound half bad. During its launch, executives also clarified that Red can be thought of as interchangeable with a Google Play Music subscription (itself a $10 value). And yet, as the company looks to solidify its presence overseas, it’s finding that not all knowledge is welcome in all places. And yet, as their global footprint grows, these companies are increasingly being asked to grapple not only with censorship abroad, but also with concerns about terrorism at home, both of which require them to be the gatekeepers of free speech.
But two children’s advocacy groups are claiming that YouTube Kids is exposing impressionable young minds to another kind of pernicious influence.
In a complaint filed today, the groups are calling on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate YouTube Kids. But screenshots provided in the complaint show what appear to be ads, promotional videos, or videos with product placement selling Reese’s peanut butter cups, Crunch bars, Hershey Kisses, Nutella, and Pop Tarts. The idea is that parents can park their kids and not have to worry about whether they’re watching anything objectionable. The groups took issue with product placement-style ads in YouTube videos themselves that don’t disclose that a video creator is shilling a product. For the advocacy groups, that’s a problem as children are increasingly spending more and more time watching videos online.

But the new effort would still seem to leave many creators on their own when it comes to unfounded claims that their videos are in violation.
If your work is taken down, you can file a counter-claim, but until the dispute is resolved, the content will remain offline. As part of the Content ID program, copyright holders can upload works to YouTube, and the system scans for infringing matches. Videos that include even a small amount of infringing content are placed under the control of the copyright holder, who can collect advertising revenue from the video if they decide to let it remain online. The most popular stuff seems to fall under a few categories: comedy, gaming, style and music videos, with strong showings by a few brands and publications. While there might be a lot of crap on YouTube, you'll find the best, most relevant stuff by staying active.
Finally, you can connect multiple Android devices to the TV, all of which can then add videos to the playlist.
In February, Google filed a patent that describes a system of voice commands through which you can operate your Google TV with your Android device. For $9.99 a month, audiences can browse YouTube ad-free and get access to original programming from YouTube creators, save videos to watch offline, and play videos in the background on any mobile device. A YouTube executive also confirmed to WIRED that its upcoming podcast feature, which will soon live inside the Google Play hub, would also be part of the Red subscription service. In a way, the service is reminiscent of Amazon Prime, with its access to video, music, and e-books, though without the two-day shipping. In a statement to Reuters, a YouTube representative said the company will review each request to ensure the material is, in fact, banned under that country’s laws. Unlike adults, the groups argue, young children likely wouldn’t be able to distinguish an ad from a regular video.
It’s a guilty-until-proven-innocent system that has led to abuse by copyright holders seeking to silence critics or cover up embarrassing mishaps. Worse, YouTube allows the copyright holder to evaluate complaints of overstepping instead of fielding those complaints itself, meaning that if your fair use work gets caught up in the Content ID system, you have little recourse.
But if you're struggling to start, Mashable will guide you to finding quality video creators, no matter what your tastes.
Take the biographical video trend "Draw My Life." Once you discover a popular video topic, you'll find other participants.
Creators also can fall victim to bizarre algorithmic accidents that result in non-infringing material being flagged.
Finding and connecting with your top YouTube subscribers using this new dashboard will help you build relationships that may lead to future opportunities.How else do you connect with your subscribers? And because YouTube automates much of its copyright enforcement, as we’ve previously reported, many users have their work erroneously flagged as infringing. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy list of subscribers that conveniently displays your most popular or recent subs?It sure would be! Let me know in the comments below and make sure to come back next week for more social media tutorials.

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