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Chuck Fipke, with a degree in geology, was hired out of college by Kennecott Copper to look for gold and copper. With Superior's backing, he teamed up with a geologist and pilot named Stewart Blusson, formed Dia Met Minerals, and headed north.
Fipke got a helicopter and flew back and forth over the Arctic Circle, using a magnetometer to track variations in magnetic field that would suggest kimberlite. In 1991, Fipke found a kimberlite pipe (buried under 30 feet of glaciated sediment) with a concentration of 68 carats per 100 tons — the first Canadian diamonds ever found.
Chuck Fipke had partnered with mining giant Broken Hill Proprietary Company (now BHP Billiton) to get the diamonds out; BHP opened the Ekati mine at Lac de Gras in 1998. Diamonds from Canada now account for 10 percent of all diamonds by carat sold in the world. Well in this case the guy who helped find the diamonds was able to look at what we already know about geology and then do some tests using chemistry for some specific chemicals.
I never used to have a fear of heights, either, like a lot of you, but I do now on some things.
Subscribe Connect with Science Buzz on Facebook and Twitter.You can also subscribe to our RSS feed using any newsreader software. Although Herkimer County, New York is the location for which these crystals are named, similar doubly terminated quartz crystals have been found in a few other locations, including Arizona, Afghanistan, Norway, Ukraine and China. The easy way to prospect is to find pieces of vuggy rock and break them open with a heavy hammer.

The keys to success are selection of good rocks to break and not being discouraged if you break fifty rocks without finding a crystal. On a recent visit to the Ace of Diamonds Mine at Middleville, New York we met Bill McIlquham of Peterborough, Ontario. Nice Herkimer Diamonds are highly prized mineral specimens and are sought by mineral collectors worldwide. If you like minerals and have an opportinity to visit the Herkimer County area of New York, consider spending a day looking for Herkimer Diamonds. Arctic Ocean Seafloor Map: The ridges, basins, shelves and rifts defining the Arctic seafloor. Beryllium - a light, stiff metallic element critical and strategic to the Department of Defense. After thousands of miles and hundreds of hours in the air, he found a promising site near Lac de Gras, a barren world of lakes and rock and muskeg a few hundred miles outside the Arctic Circle. It's the only place in the US where you can walk right in and look for diamonds in a place that actually might have some diamonds! By looking for the kinds of chemicals that are created in the earth along with diamonds he was able to make an educated guess about diamonds being nearby also. Just add the video URL to your textarea in the place where you would like the video to appear, i.e. Such doubly terminated crystals are very rare and this is part of what makes Herkimer Diamonds so popular with mineral collectors.

A Superior geologist named John Gurney, discovered that the presence of chromite, ilmenite, and high-chrome, low-calcium garnet within kimberlite predicted the finding of diamonds. He also noticed that the further North he went the less worn were the edges of the diamonds. Fipke would go on to sell his chunk to BHP for $687 million, retaining 10 percent ownership in the mine, worth another $1 billion. I'm sure someone can come up with a magic solution you can just pour on the dirt and diamonds will appear.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. The doubly terminated quartz crystals shown in the lower right photo are from a deposit in Afghanistan. Fipke, combining what he understood of Gurney's work with results coming out of Russian labs and his own skills with field sampling, started looking for diamonds in Canada. If you need a sledge hammer or other tools you can rent them at the mine for a very small fee.

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