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My buddy says if she is truly into me then she will take down the dating profile herself, and that I don’t need to ask her to do it. Another Filipina girl I talked to told me that she has been dating her American boyfriend for more than two years, and that she still has two dating accounts live and active. Also: I love your site,it has taught me a lot, BUT you might want to consider how often YOU guys running this site end up being the guy a pinay cheats on us with. On the other hand, if you intend to make a further commitment, and your expectation is that she should remove her account first, then that is another story and should be communicated to her.
It all depends, if she keep go back to her account or not, some girls will not delete account, but she will never logs into account again…i know because i marry one before and her account was still active even we were engaged hahah, but she never log in account again aftre we meet online about one week.
Im having relations with 2 filipina engaged to foreigner, if he is not here, they will have sex with me very easily!
There are to many filipina’s out there that will be more then willing to date you so I would not get yourself stuck on one that you are not comfortable trusting.
Anyways, you’re blessed Courtney, and its really a pleasure to see you in love on your profile pic.
We have been dating for three months already but I find this very strange, don’t you?

She said she never really logs into them or uses them, but she told me that if her boyfriend did not trust her anymore because she has those accounts then he doesn’t deserve her. Especially if her sites are under false names or nicknames that we can’t find in search engines. From what I read, there are like 5 of you taste testing as many different pinays as you can physically handle.
Now if your situation becomes more committed then she should close down her dating profile. IMCO, If you are not touching (in any way shape or form) your girlfriend at least once a week…you are living a fantasy.
After I caught her cheating on me with 5 diff guys, one of them married, I forced her to shut them down. It didn’t matter since the damage was done, but my suggestion is bring another girl with you whenever spending time with her. You maybe found one who is already in a relationship with someone else and just using you because she knows she can’t love someone like you. Why don’t try to open it up to her, that you do not like the idea of her chatting with anyone but you.

If she really care for what you feel, she will try to understand by either closing the account or letting u go inside her account to let you clear your doubts. If she asked you that you simply have to trust her then at least you have to make sure that she’s worthy of your trust. She is advertising herself to any suitors, who regardless of her interest or intent, can very easily swoop in & steal her for many reasons. It is like this, when a girl really feel something for the guy, she will not do things that will ruin the trust and relationship. And misunderstanding always starts with gut feeling that is not being disclosed to another.

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