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Tia and Tamera’s little brother Tahj is a grown-azz man now and he has a tender young thang on his arm to prove it. Recently Tahj took his lady, Erica Campo, to Bali for a romantic vacation to ring in the new year. A Kent man left for dead by a roadside in Indonesia following a motorbike accident more than a year ago is to marry his girlfriend next week. Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump steps up his criticism of China's trade policy, accusing it of "raping" the US. As if standing guard over the market, this old monkey greeted us when we entered (near Uluwatu).
About the author: David Webb is a Vancouver, BC-based travel writer, photographer and magazine editor. BETTER OR WORSE: Christine Puspayanti enjoys some close contact with her husband Martin Stephens in Kerobokan prison.
CAPTIVE COUPLE: Bali nine heroin courier Martin Stephens and his bride Christine Winarni Puspayanti dance at their wedding inside Kerobokan Prison. Rain buckets down on the tin roof of Kerobokan prison's visiting area, a courtyard about half the size of a basketball court. An hour into visiting time the jail's most famous inmate, Schapelle Corby, is sitting cross-legged on the ground, cuddling and kissing her Indonesian boyfriend, a former prisoner she met inside. Other couples are also making the most of the full-contact visits, which sometimes go further than the guards would like.
In the old days, they could have paid off a guard for a few minutes of privacy in a nearby room, sharing it with other frisky couples. But since the new-broom governor, Mr Siswanto, took over, conjugal favours are not so easy to come by.
Scott Rush, the youngest member of the Bali Nine, is sailing perilously close with his American girlfriend, Karen Hermiz. Some, such as Renae Lawrence, are with fellow inmates, while others are with strangers they met on visits, tourists in Bali who wanted a brush with celebrity.
Rush learnt two weeks ago he had won a last-ditch appeal against the death penalty that also reduced his sentence to life in jail.
Now he wants to marry Ms Hermiz and has sought the counsel of fellow drug mule Martin Stephens, who married his Indonesian girlfriend, Christine, in a high-profile wedding in the prison grounds last month.

Stephens, a former Wollongong barman serving life, seems to have found the most lasting relationship. Ms Puspayanti, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity two years before she met Stephens, talks to him about God every day. Ms Puspayanti says Stephens has ''a good heart'' and she married him for better or worse, a phrase which takes on a new meaning here.
Along with Matthew Norman, Tan Duc Than Nguyen and Si Ye Chen, he hopes the application will be granted, reducing their sentences from life to either 20 or 15 years. It is Wednesday morning and Pastor Thompson Manafe, who presided over Stephens's wedding last month, is getting ready for a monthly service in the small Christian chapel in the middle of the prison's grounds. The grounds inside Kerobokan are much greener than the concrete walls outside would suggest. He shares it with fellow Bali Nine drug mule Martin Czugaj, a German called Hugo who is serving two years for cannabis possession, and Emmanuel Ihejirika, a Nigerian convicted in 2004 of importing 396 grams of heroin to Jakarta. Iherjirika used to be the cellmate of the Perth millionaire Chris Packer, who spent three months in Kerobokan. When the service starts in the small chapel, it is Bali Nine ringleader and death-row inmate Andrew Chan who stands behind the pulpit, swaying back and forth with a microphone and singing loudly to the hymns. The distraught family of British teacher critically injured in Bali have spent A?250,000 bringing him home because he had no travel insurance.
Mathew, of Overseal, near Swadlincote, south Derbyshire, had been in the country for almost two years teaching English and PE, when he had a motorcycle accident. The family was given a glimmer of hope when doctors in Singapore said MathewA  was healthy enough to come home. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. It must have been an amazing trip because the happy couple shared all of their special little moments abroad with their Instagram followers! And the long-tailed macaques in the jungles and temples of Bali, Indonesia are perfect examples. Ms Hermiz was banned from visiting with a charity group after the pair were caught taking that access one step too far.
Everyone seems to have their own way of coping and each of the 12 Australians has found love, or something that passes for it.

In June 2005, a 30-year-old single mother from Java, Christine Puspayanti, was visiting a friend when she noticed Stephens.
A year after that, they offered to help her bring her six-year-old daughter, Laura, over from Java. Now she calls Stephens ''daddy'' and says she doesn't want to return to Java because ''daddy is here [in Bali]''.
They hanged him over a debt of $60,'' he says, describing the years before Mr Siswanto took over, when Kerobokan earned its notorious reputation. He produces an official form, written in Indonesian, which is his application for a reduction in his sentence on the grounds of good behaviour. After he was released, Packer gave the Nigerian $40,000 to help him with legal fees and the cost of living comfortably in Kerobokan. The only other Australians in the congregation are Stephens and a Melbourne man, Angus McCaskill, sentenced this year to seven years for cocaine possession. Stephens says he has always believed in God and it is his faith, and his wife and step-daughter who keep him going. Mathew Taylor, 30, was involved in an horrific motorbike crash on the Indonesian island, but because he wasn't insured his family faced sky high medical bills. His girlfriend, Anda, found him languishing untreated in a hospital after going missing on July 9.He was so badly injured she only recognised him by his underwear. Some are mischievous, some are downright nasty, but they all are cartoonish and funny – like little, grabby, bratty toddlers hassling you for food and shiny things. It is the kind of behaviour that got Rush moved from the Kerobokan water tower - the former home of the Bali bombers that now houses Rush's fellow drug smugglers, minus Renae Lawrence - and an admonition from the security chief for being ''childish''. He introduced himself, and when she held out her hand to shake his, he took it and kissed it. Friends and relatives were forced to take out huge loans and raise funds to keep him from death.

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