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Currently needs a passenger window installed, tires, the tranny rebuilt, and a fuel supply issue resolved. Some people are like slinkies, they aren't good for anything, but you can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs. When my wife's forth born calls he always calls her 'OLD WOMAN' and I find this quite irritating. Though I agree that it is rude, and I would not put up with it, your wife obviously is not upset by it.
If you are asking yourself, “Is he cheating?” you probably sense something is off in your relationship. If you would like more information to make your Couple-ship Thrive please sign up for my newsletter.
Every single time my step-son calls and wants to talk to my wife, he says, "Answer the phone, old woman. The dynamic of the relationship between her son and her makes this "acceptable," in their world. Put down the tea and magazine and press talk." I think this is rude and it annoys me to the point of anger. If, however, she does not like it, then she needs to be the one to set the boundary, and tell him that it is not acceptable.

Once you have identified the deeper feelings, talk to your partner about how his behavior affects you. If your man is cheating, he may respond by denying it, blaming you or he may respond angrily. You may have credit card statements with mysterious charges, photos, sexting dialogue on his phone, hidden email accounts, or apps on his phone to hook up with others for affairs. After you have confronted him with the evidence of his cheating, ask him to be honest with you. Most people choose to wait six months to a year before making a big life decision like breaking up. If you're so busy that you are unaware of your feelings, you are missing out on a precious gift.
Your anger is justified but your man will not hear anything you say in an angry tone of voice. Look for the following behaviors: Is he posturing over you (for power and control) or looking at the floor (out of shame and deceit) or is he humble and sorry for his behavior? You may want to employ a sex addiction therapist if there is a lot of acting out on his part or a family therapist if is a one-time affair.
If he has visited strip clubs or had any sexual interaction with another person, you need to get STD testing for your own knowledge.

The time will give you a chance to process your feelings and give him time to prove to you he wants to stop the behavior and continue a relationship with you.
You deserve to be cherished and treated respectfully -- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes drawing a picture of the feeling can help you to express the feeling in a way words cannot capture. The worst end result is breaking up but the rewards of trying to work on the relationship can be deeply rewarding and deepen the emotional and sexual intimacy between the two of you. I know he may not mean much by it but the way it sounds is kind of hurtful to me based on my feelings for my wife, the love I have for her. Think about how you can stand up for yourself, address his behavior and maintain your self-esteem in the process.

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