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So your teen is a junior and you’ve decided the current SAT – last administration on January 23 – is not an option. The differences between the new SAT and the ACT are not as clearly defined as there is definitely more overlap in skills tested as well as format.
Next week I will send out the email that will tell you how to easily score and find out the better exam: new SAT or ACT, or both. I also invite you to come in for your complimentary Test Prep Strategy Session  where I will be able to personally go over your students scores, recommend the better exam, project an SAT or ACT score, and provide further recommendations as to how to make that SAT or ACT score goal happen.
Patrick O’Brien, author of Making College Count, entrepreneur and professor, squares off with career expert Dr. Question: How will I know if I’m doing a good job in my internship and if I’m differentiating myself from other interns? The best way to find out how you’re performing in your internship role is to ask your boss. Pat’s Bottom Line: An internship can be a great opportunity to learn (and to land your first full time job offer).
Our combined list is a really helpful check list of 10 things you should be doing during your internship. Susan’s Bottom Line: Pat is absolutely correct on this point – the best way to know how you are doing is to ask your boss.
Are you transitioning from college to career or working in your first job after graduation? A member of Tau Kappa Epsilon at the New Jersey Institute of Technology was shot early Monday morning. American College Testing widely known as ACT- is used as a benchmark of eligibility for admission of students, by majority of colleges and universities is called ACT. Commencement of ACT is usually in February, April, June, September, October and December; the months which are scheduled for the ACT to be offered nationally every academic year. One of the prominent reasons to agree to the importance is that the test scores are accepted to all the 4-year colleges and universities across United States. Learning of high school syllabus of English, Science, Math, Reading and writing are the subjects to be co related to the test papers in the ACT and hence it varies a lot from any IQ or aptitude test. Parentsa€™ encouraging their kids to take up not so easy courses in the high school has been the smartest way to prepare for the ACT. Your visibility to colleges and scholarship agencies increases on the basis of the details you provided as mentioned in the above point. This entrance test is liberal enough to assess the applicant basis the correct answers a€“ no negative marking. Applicants are allowed to select at the most 4 colleges; to which ACT will share your scores. Students when think about ACT test; we would say it has four segments namely English, Science, Math and Reading.

Ita€™s a dilemma for the students to decide on to which exam to take as the colleges may acknowledge either the ACT or SAT.
Numbers counta€¦there are instances where applicants end up doing well in SAT whereas few more score significantly on ACT. On receiving the ACT scores people think twice before opening the envelop whether should they open it or should go ahead to register themselves for the next available retest. The table below would be of great help for all those who are looking for score of SAT that might be equivalent to ACT composite score. Graciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas, van 10 y a favoritos!No tengo la maquina, pero con una plancha funciona? Oye, podrias resubir este post con las imagenes que se vean bien y el video de youtube borrado por favor?? What types of reading will help my teen improve his Cross Scores and Subscores – hence overall score?  A good place to start is my recommended reading list. Susan Davis-Ali, founder of Leadhership1, author and Carlson School of Management faculty, on how to achieve success after college. You’ll most likely get a formal review at the end of the process, but it’s best to know now so that you can make mid-course adjustments before you complete the role.
I’ll share the five most important from my perspective and then Susan will share hers as well. Grade yourself as a YES or NO on each one, and keep grading yourself every week with the goals of answering YES consistently to all 10 by the end of the summer. Realistically, that person might not give you a lot of feedback until the end of the summer (at which point it’s too late to make changes), so use this self-assessment on a weekly basis to keep yourself headed in the right direction throughout your internship. Are Your ACT Scores Good Enough to get Admission and Find out Top Colleges that Super score the ACT?
The thought process behind designing such an entrance exam was to have and use a common parameter to assess all the applicants.
Admission office of the school you intend to join is the best option to seek advice and guidance about the ACT exam. Students who are regular and hardworking at school are more prepared for this test as compared to others.
However in this E-learning age various online test preparation options such as testing tips for each subject, free student booklets, preparing for the ACT, sample essay writing and free online practice tests are widely used.
It helps you out with a unique Interest Questionnaire followed by a student profile section. This works to be an additional benefit to be prepared for the real world post your high school.
ACT is flexible enough to allow students to choose ACT assessment plus writing test; if they want to go for the writing test or not as it involves extra time and money. Individuals close to these numbers may likely get picked up at a significant number of colleges and universities, however; they might be dropped by more choosy schools.

Sincere effort are been made to provide precise details available from a concordance table.
But the question remains – which one one is the better exam for my teen, or perhaps is taking both the best option?! SAT AssessmentTM  very successfully.  It has proven to be an invaluable tool to help parents and students make the decision.
Are you doing the work thoughtfully — identifying problems and looking for creative ways to solve them, or are you just mechanically completing tasks. Some of the steps to do so might take you outside your comfort zone, but if you’re not a bit uncomfortable, you’re probably not learning. Talking like a professional makes you seem like a professional worthy of a job offer, so drop any college lingo while at the office. Companies want to hire people who appear to enjoy the work, so make sure you show enthusiasm! You understand that we have no obligation to monitor any discussion forums, blogs, photo- or video-sharing pages, or other areas of the Site through which users can supply information or material. Applicants are supposed to populate fields, including your interest, courses and educational preferences. For those who are appearing for ACT more than once are supposed to choose the dates of results on which the ACT score charts would be shared to colleges. This leaves them with a chance of repeat test and SAT, if required at the fall of the senior year. Hence with higher scores one has better and more options in terms of selecting the colleges or universities.
In general, you don’t want to be the last to arrive and the first to leave, unless they specifically ask you to limit your hours. If you take the time to understand WHY you’ve been asked to do the work, you’ll often do a better job of completing in an intelligent fashion. Are you having lunch with people, getting together with people after work and working to forge real relationships with a broad range people in the organization? Projecting a positive image is half the battle in gaining a coveted offer at the end of the summer.
Basis the details provided in this segment you are providing ample information to the colleges, about the curriculum you attended in high school and the career choices you are looking for. A few schools might look out for written test scores and hence it may be advisable to go for it.

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