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Remember in How I Met Your Mother how Ted thought Robin was 'the one', Stella was 'the one', Victoria was 'the one', but then he ended up marrying someone else? Well it wasn't a case of him being wrong, according to a new survey, people can have up to three people they would consider to be 'the one' across their lifetime. 3,000 men and women were polled by UK company Vashi, people on average saying they'd met three people they would consider to be the love of their lives.

Other research has applied the same theory to modern dating, figuring out a mathematical equation that could decipher how many people you'll have to sift through to find 'the one'. We usually reject about the first 37 per cent of people we meet, unfortunately this doesn't stop the 'one that got away' issue, because the love of your life could actually be in that first 37 per cent! If you're still looking for 'the one', the advice from experts is to actively go out an seek dates, rather than waiting for someone to come to you.

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