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If you have discovered that your spouse has been unfaithful in your marriage, you may be thinking about a divorce and wondering how infidelity relates to a divorce. Although every state allows for a no-fault divorce, there are 17 states that are truly no-fault.
In the other 33 states, it may be possible to use infidelity to get the divorce you want, Even if your spouse does not want to end the marriage, you may be able to dissolve the marriage.
Unless you have caught your cheating spouse in the act, you need to confirm your suspicions. An asset search is another service that our private investigation firm provides, and this is something you need to consider before informing your spouse of wanting a divorce.
Regardless of which state you live in, it is possible that infidelity may be a factor in your divorce. Bruce Robertson is a private investigator and founder of Tristar Investigation, California’s premiere detective agency. As a career minded military spouse and mother a few things helped me find other motivated spouses along the way. One of my favorite moments was meeting another working mom while my daughter was in gymnastics. And thanks to social media your network doesn’t have to be local – for example the Military Spouse JD Network, a spouse bar association, has 900-plus members nationwide. Amy Bontrager has been chasing her husband for 10 years across the country while continuing to build an impressive resume both within the government and nonprofit sector. Finding a job that moves with you is like reaching the brass ring of military spouse employment. While every service branch and base is different, most of them will have these kinds of jobs available.
If you're applying for hundreds of positions without getting a nibble, a resume review may help. While the military will always throw a monkey wrench in any best-laid plans, your career doesn't have to be one of them.
Good news for you: Being a military spouse can actually make some parts of going back to school easier. Don't know exactly how to get your military spouse and family benefits or want to know more about what they are? Whether you're an old pro or new to the military moving game, there's stuff to learn about PCSing. If you're a career-minded military spouse, you've probably already figured out that keeping your career on track in the midst of deployments and military moves can feel downright impossible.
The individual military services offer job assistance to military spouses through career centers on base.
Blue Star Careers offers spouse employment help through resume assistance, networking, mentorship and professional development.
Provides free online career coaching, assistance and workshops to both spouses and veterans. Affiliated with Hiring Our Heroes, In Gear Career organizes and hosts in-person networking groups at military installations nationwide. MSAN's New Military Spouse Support Program helps mentor new spouses through the challenges of military life, including career issues.
Connects military spouse behavioral health clinicians with employment, education and licensure resources.

An online program that provides personalized job search tips, career guidance, advice and support to spouses from mentors who are more experienced military spouses, career experts and veteran and spouse-friendly employers.
A Defense Department-funded job board listing openings at private companies that have committed to hiring military spouses and veterans.
A group for military spouse attorneys, MSJDN offers networking and advocacy for spouses seeking to continue their law careers. The MilSpo Project supports military spouse entrepreneurs through local chapters, online resources and an annual conference. Offers help with understanding licensure rules, federal employment and unemployment resources for military spouses. A Defense Department site that works in tandem with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership to provide free job coaching, assessments, tools and resources for military spouses.
For military spouses and veterans, VCTP offers free professional skills assistance and training through Syracuse University's Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF).
Six tips to find a great volunteer trip Volunteering abroad can be a rewarding experience, and if you do it right, both you and the community you're serving getting something out of it.
If your husband or wife is involved in your finances or has a business, the first instinct your cheating spouse will have, when hearing your intention to divorce, is to start hiding assets. Although it may not be grounds for a divorce, it is possible that it could influence the settlement. Not only are we a small sliver of the already tiny military spouse demographic, but the military life challenges of moving and juggling career with sometimes-solo parenting can leave us feeling completely alone. I find that I can spot an equally harried working mother or father spouse from a mile away as they rush, just like me, to get their kid to the after work event on time.
Supporting each other can be the hardest action because historically, women can tend to hold each other back without realizing it. My favorite way is connecting people to each other – and expansion of the building a network idea.
Whether it is career or military life related, such a wealth of wisdom can come from those who have lived the experience. Where are you finding your support and validation of being a working parent while your spouse serves? These companies have also committed to training their human resources departments to work with the military community's unique skills and experiences. The site also includes tools for resume building, career assessments, creating career goals, exploring education and licensing help and researching occupations. You can also find information on their spouse page about business funding, disaster assistance and government contracting. If your spouse has cheated on you, it will have no bearing on whether a judge grants a divorce.
Contact our private investigation firm, so we can confirm infidelity, and we can follow up with an asset search.
How are we supposed to find support from other likeminded spouses when we have recreate our career network with every move? When I asked her where she has been the last two years since being at Fort Polk, she replied with “Working!” Most of us are so busy working and balancing life, we do not find opportunities to meet each other.
When a network is built, it creates opportunities for spouses to connect and to accomplish goals.
Whether we are threatened by each other or dealing with our own insecurities, we tend to struggle to find ways to support each other.

I had two friends move to Fort Benning; both were lawyers, and I was so excited to introduce them. Even after 10 years of being with my soldier and in the workforce, I know I do not have all the answers. She is blessed to be a mother of a free spirited 4 year old that is going to do great things one day.
But if you're just looking for help that will prepare you to get hired, different resources may be what you need.
However, it is still possible for a judge to consider infidelity when assessing the amount of alimony, but in order for this to occur, you will need evidence. Above all, make sure you consult with an attorney about the specific laws in your state and how they pertain to your specific situation. Nothing is more validating than connecting with another spouse who is balancing work, family and military life.
At different times during my spouse’s deployment, I thought to myself “Can I really do it all?” Talking to other spouses that “get it” gives me energy to keep pursing goals. Career support nonprofit In Gear Career has chapters at a number of military installations (find a full list here). I get motivated when I think about the impact this demographic of working military spouses can have if we learn to meet each other,  build networks, and support each other to reach goals.
Amy has a masters in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy and a passion for policy analysis. Our private investigation firm routinely works with attorneys and understands what evidence is needed to help you get more money in your divorce settlement. We can do this with video and photos, and with your assistance, emails, browser histories and phone logs. Their purpose is to promote employment, career development, and networking opportunities for military spouses. A healthy network is going to share information about job opportunities, and advocate for each other. She currently resides at Fort Polk where she works with Army Career Alumni Program as a Liaison Officer.
Our investigation will be thorough and will either confirm infidelity or lay your suspicions to rest. Even in different job fields, working spouses can energize each other to make differences in their communities and work environments. If there is not already a network of spouses at your installation or in your job field, I encourage you to create one. As a result, she was able to encourage the other by introducing her to an established network of local lawyers.
Although we don't endorse any specific non-profit, we do know that military spouses can use all the career help they can get.
If your spouse is being unfaithful, you will have the evidence you need to proceed with the next step.

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