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The easiest way to learn your computer IP address is by visiting one of the dozens of sites that perform an IP look up on the screen, the best websites will add extra information like browser language, installed plugins, ISP and even show a map with your approximate location in the world, this is the same information a webserver gets when you visit it, it is often used for targeted advertising purposes up to the point that US surfers from the West Coast will be shown different advertisements from those in the East Coast if Google or Bing feel like it. NOTE: If you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, Windows command prompt will show your real IP and not the VPN or proxy IP you are using, you will still be surfing anonymously on the Internet.
TIP: If you would like to know your network card physical address type getmac -v in Windows command prompt (cmd), this address is not visible to the websites you visit but your Internet Service Provider or Wifi Access Point will see it when you lease an IP from them, it can only be changed using special software (MAC changer). The most obvious way to find out if your ISP or network administrator has assigned you a static or dynamic IP address is by asking them, if you are unable to do this another way is by disconnecting your computer from the Internet and see if you are given the same IP address when you reconnect, make sure to allow some time in between disconnections so that the DHCP server can reassign the old IP to a different user if you are in a dynamic IP environment, if nobody else requests an IP from the server while you are disconnected you will be given the same IP address and it will look as if it is a static IP.
If you do not have administrator rights, unplug your network cable from the computer, this will disconnect it from the Internet, wait for some minutes, and reconnect the network cable, now you can see if a new IP has been assigned or you keep the old one indicating it is a static IP address. Although in most circumstances the majority of users don’t need to worry about their “IP Address” due to DHCP from your local network or ISP, for system administrators knowing the IP address of your machine, server or customers PC is very important. The command prompt should open, now in the open line you’ll need to Type in ipconfig and Press Enter. If you want to call someone, you use their Telephone or Mobile number, right?  Well, an IP Address or Internet Protocol Address for a computer or network device is basically a phone number for your computer.  That’s it…  It’s pretty simple.
IPv4 is the old system we currently use to designate IP addresses across all of the public computers that are connecting to the internet.  The problem with IPv4 is the address is only 32bit’s in length which means there are not enough addresses to go around.
IPv6 is 128 bits in length which should allow for more than enough addresses in the foreseeable future.  The good news is most modern operating systems understand both so when the times comes for the cutover, it should be invisible for most users. On a side note, people are using the word Fail way too much, especially when it is actually they themselves who are the failure.
Thank you very much for posting; I needed just this Powershell command for a college assignment! Most likely you want to use the public IP address when you want to let somebody connect from an outside network (like the internet).

If you are on a Linux System for ex, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, RedHat etc, use ifconfig command instead ipconfig. Smartphones have appeared on the market with the launch of the entirely new and performance models. The screen resolution is often close to that of a powerful camera, which is starting at 8Megapixels. IP Addresses (Internet Protocol) are composed of four numbers separated by the sign "." and they are used by all devices belonging to the technology information (routers, printers, computers, telephones). In order to determine the IP address of your iPhone, more exactly the connection address you need to do some settings.
In the Image Below you can see I have a Virtual Machine running on my PC, a ethernet connection (wired), and a wireless connection. A static IP address remains always the same, they are typically used for routers (corporate) and servers that need to have a permanent IP as this is linked to applications and hardware. Plug the computer into a network via an ethernet cord, or connect to a wireless network, or tether a connection using your phone. I see both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address on my command prompt and i’m confused as to which to use.
It is called so because it includes all the features of a regular phone but it has a platform and an operating system that supports many programs and functions. It also has a large internal memory that permits to store music and photo files and your favorite videos, an operating system that makes the installation of software much easier.
This number helps to identify devices allowing them the ability to communicate with one another through a network.
For example, you have to go to your WI-FI settings and select the arrow pointing to the right next to the network you are connected to.

A quick short cut is to hold down the windows key (located in the bottom left corner of your keyboard by CTRL and FN) and hit the the letter "R". If the iPhone isn’t connected to your wireless network at the moment, select it from the list in order to connect to it (“Choose a Network” and connect to it).
Most of the time you will have a dynamic IP address unless you have setup a static address. It can work as a camera phone, including visual voicemail, text messages and a portable media player.
Apple iPhone with touch screen becomes increasingly the most preferred model for all the users because allows them to quickly access the information needed.
You can also have access to the Internet or Wi-Fi connection, for checking e-mails and for web browsing.
Because are so many devices connected to the Internet, IPV4 tends to let IP version 5 and IP version 6 in its way.
When you want to join your office wireless, for example to connect to a router, you need to know the IP address of your iPhone. If your Pc is not connected when the lease time expires it is available for the next person to request a IP address.
Also you could email yourself and look at the email header to see what the first received line shows as the IP address. Apple iPhone remains the most favorite device of any person who cannot stand apart from music and Internet browsing.

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