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Walmart just snuck out an early sale this morning featuring a pretty decent selection of console bundles and discounted PS4 and Xbox One games.
Build your own PS4 bundle, includes camera, one console, one game, one controller, starts at $509. Build your own PS4 bundle, includes PS4 console, one game, one black Dualshock 4 controller, starts at $474.
Build your own Xbox One bundle, includes one console, one game, one controller, starts at $419. Xbox One Call of Duty Advanced Warfare bundle, comes with game, custom console and controller, $449. Two select Xbox 360, two select 3DS games, two select PS3 games or  two select Wii U games for $30.
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So as soon as the New 3DS was announced I know that the changeable faceplates was something I'd personally really like. Now your probably thinking this is super difficult but alas much of the work has been done already.
I'm really interested to see what design you guys will come up with whether they are Nintendo themed or otherwise.
Competition will run till the end of the month Christmas day and at some point after that a vote can be held. Spike Chunsoft’s upcoming Attack on Titan game for the Nintendo 3DS will have a story mode where it’s been confirmed that Eren, Mikasa and Armin will be playable characters. While fighting Titans, you’ll be using three-dimensional movements to quickly take them down. When you’re playing as the protagonist Eren,  you can transform into a Titan as well, and use powerful punches and kicks to take out enemies. Attack on Titan for Nintendo 3DS also features the “World Mode,” where you’ll be able to create your own customizable characters and take on vast number of missions.
In World Mode, there are several ways to enhance your character to have a better chance of survival against the Titans during the missions. What is spoilers is what wasn’t shown in the anime like the fact that the armored titan is in fact zip zop zoopity bop.
In the manga, after the Chapter 40 mark, loads of revelations about the Titans and some stuff from the beginning that comes back. However from the foreshadowing in the material spanned by the anime alone, there are quite a few hints dropped. Could you tell me which chapters from the manga weren’t faithfully adapted so i could read and them and get the full story. The anime does a pretty good job at adapting the manga, but it shuffled the order for lots of scenes.
Filler anime-only episodes were 22 (though it’s canon, expanding on the manga story), First half of 23 (and the ending was slightly altered by author request), All of 24.
And of course Episode 25, which had a lot of filler bits added (one was to appease the lust of fangirls of a certain someone, despite introducing a glaring contradiction) with all scenes related to a major revelation from the manga being omitted, and reduced to a pathetic, almost comical post-credit one second scene! Also most people that watched at least midway through the series or the manga already know about it and they are far more likely to visit this article than a person who may have thought it was crap and still clicked on this article. Aerith’s death can be considered a spoiler but most people know it at this point so its common knowledge, When is it ok to talk about anything going by logic like that because it will always be a spoiler for someone interested. While I see your point, the difference here is that what was spoiled ISN’T common knowledge, nor is AoT 16 years old like FF7 is. Okay so from now on when I play games in japanese before localization, I’ll stop respecting others like a decent person and just spoil whatever I can.

I’m talking about FF7 and Saint Seiya as examples, aka the same Saint Seiya that ran in the late 80s to early 90s? It wouldn’t have gotten a Live Action movie and an anime adaption had it not been popular to begin with.
So you’re honestly trying to imply that before the anime happened, that everyone and their mothers knew about it? If people want to complain about spoilers that should be freaking common sense, considering AoT is a SHONEN, be my guest.
I don’t see how the demographic that the magazine is broadly targeting changes anything.
So I guess in every Mario game, It’s a spoiler that Princess Peach always gets kidnapped. I would like artwork of that or perhaps it to be playable like Oozaru Nappa and Raditz in the Tenkaichi games. Nordic mythology, from which SnK takes inspiration, has Loki, and one female titan as well as one suspiciously like Eren. Sounds interesting, but I doubt they are going to parallel that strongly by the end of the work, similar to Dragon Ball and Journey to the West on a smaller scale perhaps.
Though I really hope the monkey titan is going to be called Skrymir or Loki after Utgarda-Loki. Looking forward to that volume where that extra feature is then and it’s a matter of time till they get in a game if Oozaru Raditz (complete with longer fur at the back of his head) exists. I think there needs to be a spoiler alert in the title, because it’s easy for this to not be common enough knowledge. It’s a little hard to do right though, even if it is definitely information which spoils the immediate enjoyment of the series as you start it and this is a series which is full of tragedy, it is also an occurrence from less than 2 volumes or less than 10 episodes with the work. I guess a number of people will be scared away by the title, but people who are curious about the series like myself (though I finished it now) may still want to know specifically how the game is turning out regardless. But no matter what, A spoiler is indeed a spoiler and I would be indeed furious to have what I saw on AoT spoiled.
One of those funny situations where you kind of wanna say its a spoiler and it IS ?_? but with how much you see it around its hard to find someone who doesn’t know about it already. DBZ is a mess if you want people to get into it without spoilers as they probably know the gist of that, before knowing about the (in my opinion better) moments when we could see all of the combat, plenty of comedy with our violence and everyone got a shot in the story.
Question for those who have seen the series; how did they build the giant walls without being mauled by titans in the mean time?
Even that answer raises some questions about what the Titans really are… You may have guessed from the parts covered by the anime already. I fell in love with attack on titan, because of humans fighting titans, not because i knew titans were gonna fight titans. Yep, I’m sorta worried about the effect it will have the overall experience, but there is a chance that at least here only Eren will have the abillity and that it will be chopped up in individual maps where they want you to do it.
It actually doesn’t look too bad, not the titan thing but the HUD shows the abillity to aim or target, no health bar (expect to get one-shotted) and something including a blade in the bottom right. When this game is released, I’ll most likely be on World Mode all the time, killing titans with my customize avatar and friends.
I've been wanting to do a community project for sometime but I've not quite worked out what that would be.
Especially in the knowledge that 3rd party companies would design fantastic unofficial ones and possible even customised ones.
I've taken both the black and white New 3DS and removed the sections where the faceplates are so all you have to do is find or make to images to go in the top and bottom slots, line them up and copy the templates on top of them. It's a very simple application, while not as feature rich as GIMP or Photoshop, is intuitive to use thanks to it's similarities to Microsoft paint.

I particularly like the white Okami since I'm playing that currently and the art in that game is stunning. Remember this is just for fun so no worries if your designs aren't masterpieces I'd still love to see them. Famitsu gives us a look at another feature called “World Mode,” where you’ll get to play as your own character, and enhance them as you take on Titans.
Aiming for their weak spot behind their necks will be your target; however, it won’t always be easy to hit the spot, so going for their legs will make it easier.
Eren in his Titan mode is more powerful and faster than the other Titans, and you’ll even be able to defeat others with stomp attacks. I kinda think it has a shot since the manga is being localized and the anime has been licensed for release as well. Originally it began the Trost arc directly with the …attack and went from there, with flashbacks to the training days.
They’re going to report the news, but whether or not the spoiler is in the title, people are going to complain about spoilers in the article itself. But putting it in the title is just bad practice and horrible to the people you want to even be here.
Like could I talk about the first chapter or episode of AoT because no matter what someone will always be spoiled.
I mean personally I dont really care, but my friend who has been waiting for the blurays of AoT to come out was quite upset and for good reason. Stories tend to be more enjoyable in order and in less optimistic worlds, knowing whether someone apparently dies or not or whether they got an ability is information you want to hide. I mean when the first episode no way before the episode came out people were getting spoiled that Eren could transform to the point where people were making memes about it. And if they had the technology and engineering knowhow to build enormous walls like that, why not zap titans with equally hi-tech weaponry? That part was even ripped in an ugly way from Chapter 33 when it was being adapted to anime, so read the manga.
I just want to see a real time instance of starting a mission to reaching a titan’s neck to make me feel okay with the whole thing. When your done just create a simple blog and feel free to give any information on the images used or the themes you were going for. A spoiler is still a spoiler regardless of how long it’s been due to the fact that you are spoiling a plot point and it is a fact that not everyone will know about it. A lot of people I know who haven’t played the game are well aware of that event however.
Eren did not come across my mind because it’s common knowledge that Eren can transform. They become iconic pretty quick :3 Its only been 7 months since its aired but its really popular. Not literally(actually… kind of ?_?), but you know, with how well known it is to everyone. You can use whatever programs you want and if you have issues don't hesitate on asking for help. I want you to design something you'd like though if you want to make something others that will certainly help your chances of winning.

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