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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. As the parents of seven other children, Renee and her husband Simon Howie never considered terminating while the girls grew healthy The condition is so rare that only 35 cases have ever been recorded and none have survived.Due to the incredibly complex nature of their condition, doctors are so unsure about what to expect from the twina€™s condition that they are being forced to make their prognoses day by day. The twin girls were not breathing in the first few moments after their birth, leaving their parents in a state of great anxietyBut despite problems from the first moments of their birth, in which Faith and Hope were not heard to be breathing despite having a clear singular heartbeat, the girls have now defied all odds and are currently in a stable state and breathing without any assistance.Although the couple were aware from the early stages of pregnancy that their children would have great developmental problems, they explained that while the girls continued to grow healthily, they couldna€™t come to terms with letting their unborn twins go. In the video, Jenelle admitted to the cop that she’d had two shots and two or three drinks that night. Radar reports that Jenelle’s boyfriend later puked in the back of the police cruiser. So these idiots were either drunk and rushing home to screw or drunk and messing around while trying to operate a moving vehicle. Following her boyfriend’s arrest, Jenelle joked around on Twitter with such witticisms as “Fantastic way to end the night!
These women are sad, and I feel even sadder for the kids they are recklessly and irresponsibly bringing into the world in an unprepared (financially, emotionally, mentally) state. A friend I grew up with ended up pregnant with her son at 17 and I have to say that I am so incredibly proud of how she has handled being such a young mom. While living with her parents, she managed to start college at the same time that all her friends did, while working weekends to support her son. Today, at 23, she is now a registered nurse and just had a brand new house built with her fiance (who is not the child’s father) and her son is doing fantastically. I’m not sure why you chose 25 as a magical number that women are capable of becoming parents. There are women who have told me, personally, they wish they had children younger because by the time they hit their thirties, they were busy and lacked the energy and stamina they had in their twenties.
By the way, if you have statistics that prove that age has a direct correlation on the quality of parent one is, please produce it.

This gal would be a major screwup with or without MTV, she just wouldn’t have as much money! I’m not aware that there was a scientific study done which proved that AGE, and age alone, had any direct correlation on parenting ability. Mr Howie confirmed that specialists are being called in to decipher a range of problems and assess the twins in great depth, from the functioning of their lungs and blood vessels to decisions about how best to proceed with feeding.
I feel so happy to have been brought up by a wise mum, who was not only financially stable, but was grounded and knew enough about life to teach me about it.
Our mothers are examples of how people with different circumstances can do really well as parents. But my niece became pregnant at 17, and she had the baby, and she was and is a wonderful mother. It’s only been in the past century that women have felt the need to wait so long, and I would argue that is because of feminism.
Sure, there are outliers but the Gilmore Girls is utter fiction and there’s a reason people freak out if you announce your pregnancy in high school, hypothetical circumstances or not. We can go on with qualifications until the cows come home but what remains is that they’re teenagers and that makes a difference, whether some older people are bad parents or not.
It makes a point of saying that kids aren’t tools or commodities and that you should try to be older and stable when bringing a child into the world. We just want to bring them home, happy and healthy to make our family a little bit bigger and a bit more chaotic,' Mr Howie said. But despite all the forewarned medial problems likely to come their way, Ms Young and Mr Howie are just happy their girls are alive and well. The cop suggested that to her though, I got the impression that she was messing around with her boyfriend while he was driving.
Jenelle is on probation for multiple other offenses, including assault, drug possession and violation of probation. I know plenty of financially stable parents that have still failed their kids in one way or another. A teen is a teen, and meant to be doing teen things, like running around and exploring life, studying, working, etc.

On that same note, your mother may have been a better parent when she was older, but to assume that is the same for everyone else is illogical.
This is a scientific fact; their brains are not done fully forming and they are not able to grasp the severity of consequences. We own a home together, but the marriage thing is a big deal,' she told the talk show host. She struggled financially and in other ways, but for some reason, she knew how to put her child first and do all of the right things after the initial mistake.
Just couldn’t bear the idea of my beloved niece, who has broken her back to do all the right things to correct her mistake, being called a bad parent. To say that age is THE main correlation on parenting and quality is, to the best of my knowledge, incorrect.
You can have a couple of case studies where teenagers were good parents but to say that there is just as much of a possibility that a teenager will rise to the occasion as an older woman is just plain scientifically wrong.
Regardless, to make a claim that all or even most teenagers are bad parents, is without any type of factual basis and is merely an opinion of bias.
Most of these girls are struggling with chemical dependency, emotional issues and are biologically parents but barely bother to raise the kids that are making them famous. In August, she was ordered to spend 48 hours in jail for failing a drug test while on probation. Most teens are just categorically not mentally or emotionally prepared for the full responsibility of bringing up a baby into the world and for the transition from child to adult, when she herself is not yet even an adult! Sure, Mama is in a great career and is married, but she ignores her children and secretly despises them. Meanwhile, the 19 year old has to borrow money from her family to support her and her child, but she invests all her time and energy into that baby.

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