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In 1910 airman Walter Wellman and five companions attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean in the airship America. Unfortunately the weather and other problems forced the crew to give up on the crossing before it was complete. Upon their return to New York Kiddo achieved celebrity status in a display in Gimbels Department store in a guilded cage with soft cushions. The airship America, although failing to complete the Atlantic crossing, had set several new records by staying aloft for almost 72 hours and traveling over 1000 miles. Ariana Grande wears a pair of mouse ears while performing at the 2014 Radio Disney Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. I used to like Ariana but as I said, I’ve been following her since the very first episode of Victorious and I know EVERYTHING. What I said about the feud is all based on things that she said, I’m not a hater at all, I used to like Ariana.
An attempt was made, but failed because the seas were too rough for the boat to catch the bag, so it was pulled back up again and Kiddo was forced to continue the journey. People like me, who know her sice the beginning of Victorious know that she would never dress like that.
People who followed the feud she had with Victoria Justice and have a brain, know that she was the one wrong.
Another important fact, she cheated on her boyfriend Jai Brooks and then tried to cover it up, of course, tweeting stuff making Jai look bad to the entire world.
I don’t really know what happened between her and Jennete but as you can see, she had a feud with BOTH of her co-stars and friends.
Ariana and Victoria were really good friends during the Victorious days, they even took a picture together like a month ago, so stop implying that she might have bullied her.

In Victorious people always commented on how cute she looked when nobody said anything about Jade or Cat.
No what she meant by ignore the haters is ignore the people that accuse her of stuff as well. Unfortunately once they were underway Kiddo decided he was not so fond of flying and started causing trouble by meowing, crying and running around ‘like a squirrel in a cage.’ The airship America was the first aircraft to be carry radio equipment and the first engineer, Melvin Vaniman, was so annoyed by the antics of Kiddo that he was moved to make the first in-flight radio transmission to a secretary back on land. Luckily Kiddo became more comfortable and settled down to become an excellent flying companion. I mean before she acted all innocent always wearing dresses (like you would wear when you 10 or something) and now she’s wearing tight clothes and showing off more skin to try and seem sexy, which doesn’t work for her because she has a innocent baby type of face! Jai said publicly that she cheated on him, and I honestly don’t think someone would make that up. And I realised that she’s not a good person at all, maybe she was before, but she changed.
Also, it wouldn’t surprised me if she cheated because she said she fell in love with Nathan when she was still with Jai. In my opinion Cat and Jade are extremely talented signers and deserved to sing more on the show but Tori always had to be a part of it. She ignored the people that kept tweeting to her that she cheated on jai, but she couldn’t ignore one fan?? Simon reminded the crew that it had been a good idea to bring a cat, as they have nine lives!
And this my friends, are only some of the reasons why I think she doesn’t deserve to be as famous as she is. Your claiming to be well informed , when really no one will ever know everything about Ariana.

She’s naturally beautiful unlike this girl who needs to wear make up and edit her selfies not only with filters but with PHOTOSHOP to look good.
If your trying to make her look bad in front of everybody your going to have to try way harder.
Maybe its because on Victorious it seemed like everyone liked her for her looks not her talent. I get that Tori’s was the main character but it always seemed like she got everything she wanted and had to be miss perfect.
That is why I seemed very hurt and made some rude comments to the people who didn’t like her. I realized that that was wrong because I was very rude and because people should be able to state their own opinion. I really bothered me though how on Victorious Tori talked to Cat in a tone that implied she was talking to a small child.
So if your going to correct me and Call me honey I would get my record straight to begin with. I support Ariana and I hope she has agreat time and gher music career is a bigger hit then it already is.

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