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Hospitalization of Jon Brower saw many difficulties as over a dozen firemen and rescue person were needed to transport him on a modified stretcher.
When Saudi Arabia’s King realized that there is man his country who has never left his home since three years then he ordered to make this happen. It was later found in an Interview that he lost more than half of his body weight after undergoing bariatric surgery. Considered as the rock star of the heaviest people in the world, this man was in a limelight all because of his weight. In an interview, she said that she starting eating a lot when she was kid and soon this eating disorder turned into a severe disease.
Apart from being the one of the heaviest people in the world, Walter Hudson also holds the Guinness Record for largest waist at 302 cm. Michael Hebranko also suffered from an extreme case of morbid obesity due to which hi peak weight reached close to 500 kg. Warning Signs of a Suicidal Person and How to Help Them April 22, 2016 Oriflame So Fever Perfume for Him and Her Review April 19, 2016 Kairtis Oil Review – An Ayurvedic Knee Joint Pain Relief Oil April 16, 2016 Does Technology Make us More Alone? 25 Rare and Weird Flowers that look like something else around the World Flowers are known for their beauty and colours. He was suffering from a massive generalized edema which is a disease where the body retains excess extra cellular fluid.
Even, in hospital he was placed on two beds pushed together and it took over 13 people just to roll him over for changing linen.He also made another record when he lost 419 kg of weight after a strict diet and it was the largest human weight less ever documented.
The reason that man, Khalid Bin Mohsen Sharri, has never left his home is his weight which was close to 610 kg.

She is also known for loosing most of her weight by natural methods and lost 236 kg weight in three months without any surgery. However, he dropped his weight to amazing 90 kg with the help of dieting and exercise coach.
10 Things I Hate About Girls Being a GirlHealth and Spiritual Benefits of Fasting you must knowTrue or False?
You will see this quote in a different manner when you see the list of heaviest people in the world. The most shocking fact about his weight was that over 400 kg of his weight was due to this retained fluid. Apart from making a record of being the heaviest person in the world, he also broke an unusual record when he married 50 kg Jeannette.
The king arranged all the facilities for him and he was transported from his home to the medical center. He was the only men who weighed more than 600 kg in the list of heaviest people in the world. The problem was that he was suffering from this disease to one of the greatest extents in history. But, his weight started growing at a much faster pace due to its uncontrollable appetite which was a result of drugs he was talking. He was also seen in many weight loosing commercials and T.V shows like Wogan and The Howard Stern Show.
The only thing which we would like to say that not every fat person is fat because of his own will.

A forklift was used to transport him and his home was demolished so that he can be easily removed.
Despite being unable to walk, he somehow got himself a mobile home and he would visit carnivals and fairs. One who are fat because of their eating habits and one who are fat because of some serious disease.
And, in these fairs he would warn people about ill-effects of drugs citing his own example.
He was featured on two TV documentaries, one in 2007, “The World’s Heaviest Man” and another in 2009, “The World’s Heaviest Man Gets Married”.
You can easily see a fat person around you but seeing a heavy person is one different thing.
From a peak weight of 597 kg, he lost 230 kg with the help of nutritionists and custom made diet.
Now, just imagine what will happen, if someone weighs above 300 kg or let’s say above 400 kg.

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