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Just one day earlier, the two made no secret about their affection for one another at the British Fashion Awards, with Cara embracing an ecstatic Kendall from behind.Getty ImagesThough perhaps their fast friendship shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Whole lotta trouble goin' on: Jerry Lee Lewis with child bride Myra To us, that first generation of rock fans, this guy was the real thing.
Legendary: Their marraige portrayed in 1989 film Great Balls Of Fire, with Dennis Quaid as Jerry and Winona Ryder as MyraSo, when the music swept the world a couple of years earlier, teachers, preachers, parents and pundits alike had been quick to fulminate againstA  the youthful, on-stage gyrations of Elvis Presley, describing them as obscene, and to read into the lyrics of rock songs a lewd carnality which was probably accurate but being missed by most young fans.
2005: Jerry in Essen, Germany, while touring Europe with Little Richard and Chuck Berry Off stage, things were getting much, much worse. Cara's been known to have some super-famous gal pals, including Rihanna, Reese Witherspoon and Selena Gomez.
Jerry Lee Lewis, an American rock and roll singer with long blond hair who played a frenetic boogie woogie piano while standing up, and often with one foot on the keyboard, was on his way to Britain for a six-week tour.

This may not seem like a big deal today, as rock musicians criss-cross the Atlantic all the time, but in May 1958 it was thrilling. Despite Lewisa€™s assertions that Myra was "a grown woman", as far as Britain was concerned, she was below the age of consent.
Known for his style, way with words, and skills in the cage, McGregor has grown into a huge draw for the UFC.
Army, anyway), there was a feeling that we were getting everything second-hand and missing all the fun.
If youa€™re becoming confused, think how we must have felt back in 1958 as the hillbilly courting behaviour of some citizens of Americaa€™s Deep South unfolded in our newspapers.
But buttoned-up, respectable, repressed Fifties Britain had never come across the real thing before.

Although the affair had ruined the career of Jerry Lee Lewis, it had also made him very famous, infamous, actually. Some set their amplifiers on fire on stage while others drove cars or pushed grand pianos into swimming pools.

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