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Well, just like the meme above warns, we were immediately hit with an onslaught of Manti Te’o fake girlfriend jokes. After all, as mature as those first few sentences sounded, the truth is, of course, they are still pretty funny. The Chargers drafting Manti Te’o fits because just like his girlfriend,their chances of making it to the playoffs this year are imaginary.
Glad for Manti Te’o that he got drafted by San Diego so he can be closer to his girlfriend.
Eating by the water, Tyson talks about the view in front of them, but them adds a sweet sentiment about his current squeeze.
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Texas A&M Freshman Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy, but we wonder who has won his heart?

20-year-old Johnny Manziel born in Texas to Michelle and Paul Manziel who also are the proud parents of Johnny’s sister Meri, went to Tivy High School in Kerrvile, Texas, after that he decided to pursue his major in Business from Texas A&M University.
Johnny whose nickname is Johnny Football has been awarded several throughout his football career, was named San Antonio Express-News Offensive Player of the Year, National High School Coach Association Football Player of the Year, Texas Associated Press Sports Editors Player of the Year and this year he  received the Davey O’Brien Award and well, most recently the Heisman Trophy. Certainly that is all very interesting and awesome but we really need to know who is Maziel dating? Here are some of the girls seen with Johnny Manziel that we told you about, recognize any of them? Johnny Maziel’s girlfriend is  Sarah Savage and believe if you thought the girls in the photos above were sexy, Sarah is way sexier, she is a total babe!!
In 2010 Sarah worked as a sales associate at Fly Paper Stationary, this May she became a sales and marketing intern at Copy Corner. And when she is not working or in the arms of her football beau Sarah Savage is modeling, for 5 years she was one of the beautiful models at Avant Agency, Inc.

Sarah Savage is the gorgeous daughter of Brian and Bonnie Savage, she has an older brother Bradley. Te’o will now bring his non-existant girlfriend to a city with non-existant sports titles.
That’s right by where his fake dead girlfriend was fake living and was fake buried!!!!! This site is NOT an official website, nor affiliate, for any universities, colleges, professional sports organizations, corporate entities, or the NCAA.
Why is she getting two bachelor’s degrees instead of pursuing a graduate degree at A&M?

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