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NEW YORK -- UPS expects to deliver 527 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, surpassing last year's record high by 10 percent. The world's largest package delivery company estimates 28 million of those will be delivered on Thursday, Dec.
The busiest day of the year has moved close to Christmas because more Americans are ordering gifts online and using expedited shipping.
To handle the big jump in package volume, UPS plans to hire 55,000 seasonal workers to sort, load and deliver packages, the same number that it hired last year, but 10 percent higher than in 2010. UPS' smaller rival, FedEx, expects to handle 280 million shipments between Thanksgiving and Christmas, up 13 percent from the same stretch last year. FedEx's busiest day is much earlier because its peak time shipments are comprised of fewer priority packages. Overall holiday sales are projected to rise 4.1 percent, according to The National Retail Federation. But online holiday sales will grow 16.8 percent, excluding travel purchases, according to research firm eMarketer. A staple of many shopping malls across the nation, the gourmet gift basket retailer relies heavily on holiday sales to add to its profits. The department store operator announced it September that it would ramp up holiday hiring by more than 10 percent from last year to support its business in stores and online. The holidays are the busiest time of year for the world's largest retailer and the company plans to hire more than 50,000 temporary workers to help keep store shelves and move customers through checkout lines as the 2012 holiday season approaches.
Much like Best Buy, GameStop has seen its sales erode as more and more consumers turn to buying online. The fall is prime season for privately held Party City Holdings Inc., which is perhaps best known as a seller of Halloween costumes. It takes a lot more workers to help move the millions of boxes and packages Americans send to each other each holiday season.
The Memphis, Tenn.-based company, which is closely watched as an indicator of consumer demand and economic health, anticipates handling more than 280 million shipments during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
This happens every year, irregardless of the economy, so it sounds like a demm spin to create the perception of a recovering economy. I hate to be a stickler, but does it say anywhere in the article that the President had anything to do with these hiring numbers?
It's been three years now since Warren Buffett announced the end of the Great Recession, and told Americans, in effect, that things can only get better from here. But Monday morning, FedEx (FDX) employees got a different memo from their bosses: With fiscal fourth-quarter profits down, and full-year cargo volume dropping for the first time in more than two years, it's time to tighten belts and jettison some crewmen. Hoping to give its profits some lift, FedEx announced that it will begin offering "voluntary" buyouts to its staff. Some may be tempted to spin FedEx's announcement, and in particular, the October release date as an attempt to sway the results of the November presidential election. To the contrary, FedEx says it will spread out the redundancies, and the costs thereof, "over several quarters in fiscal 2013 and 2014." If anything, FedEx appears to be going out of its way to ensure its bad news doesn't affect results at the November polls.
And let's not forget that as of today, Obama has started his own DREAM ACT by letting up to a million illegal aliens, children under 30 who came here with their illegal parents can now stay in our country and receive work permits. But that would indirectly mean that, that same person has their head shoved so far up their buttocks that it would be impossible to retract it. I think that Barack's job creator, Jeffery Immelt will help you continue to get that warm fuzzy feeling that you are looking for. The reason I bring this up is because yesterday I saw the announcement Google had finally released the car dock for the Nexus One (FUCK YES).

10, it forecasts that 19 million packages will move through its network, up 10 percent from 2011. That would be the smallest increase since 2009, but still higher than the 10-year average of 3.5 percent. It needs plenty of additional workers to help fill orders and keep products moving through its warehouses nationwide. Wisconsin-based Kohl's Corp., which operates 1,134 stores in 49 states, plans to hire an average of 41 workers at each store, a 4 percent increase from last year. Faced with strong competitors such as Amazon, GameStop has nonetheless managed to hold its own in terms of sales and profits.
But the retailer also sells party supplies and seasonal decorations, which result in a steady flow of customers this time of year.
Competitor UPS added about 55,000 workers for the holidays last year, 10 percent more than it hired in 2010. In fact, it doesn't make any reference whatsoever to the economy as a whole either directly or implied.
This is all so stupid, I can't wait for this election to be over, Obama still President, and people have to hide their disgusting racism again.
A contributing writer for the Motley Fool, he also makes occasional appearances on Sirius XM Radio and NPR, and has been published on such varied sites as Yahoo! Details are still being worked out, and FedEx says it won't reveal the whole extent of the program until its investors and lenders meeting in Memphis on Oct. But viewed in the context of similar buyout initiatives at Ford (F) and General Motors (GM), and Google's (GOOG) just-announced layoff of 4,000 Motorola Mobility workers, FedEx's announcement actually appears to be part of a trend in America today. Big companies are starting to lay off workers again -- just like back in the bad old days of 2008. A slowing economy that's causing layoffs throughout the economy isn't such great news either. Major defense contractors have already given warning earlier this year they would issue 'pink' slips in October before the election for the end of the year. Further, I think that both of these posters have a very severe case of cranial rectal inversion.
I walked outside for a minute and found a note on the door that said FedEx had tried to deliver your package but no one was home and they?re going to try to deliver it tomorrow. I told the person on the phone that I was extremely annoyed and explained the fact we were home all day (not just one of us that could have been in the shitter or something, but an entire family). The Seattle-based company, which is unveiling a new line of Kindle-brand electronic readers and tablets, also plans to add 2,000 new jobs at three new distribution centers to help deal with demand driven by the new devices. The company also expects to add about 5,700 seasonal positions at distribution centers and more than 30 seasonal credit operations jobs. The Minnesota-based company plans to add 80,000 to 90,000 seasonal jobs, down a bit from the 92,000 it hired last year.
As with most retailers, the Grapevine, Texas-based company derives much of its sales during the all-important holiday sales season -- and its more than 4,400 stores in the U.S.
Based on the company's forecast, it appears those and full-time UPS workers will be busiest during the final week before the Christmas holiday. Motley Fool newsletter services have recommended buying shares of General Motors, Google, FedEx, and Ford Motor. They care about you and your package and want to get it to you in good condition and as safe as possible. Although I was mad this happened, I was nice to her and even told her that I understood this wasn?t her fault but that I was frustrated.

Seemed like he thought nobody was home and then simply drove away with all my sexy stuff BUT I SAW HIM PASSING BY!
Of those it hired last year, Toys R Us says roughly 15 percent of them were kept on after the holiday sales season ended. The boost in seasonal hiring is helping to contribute to what analysts say is the best year of seasonal-job creation that the U.S. And the coming holiday shopping season will be an important test of whether the signs of improvement that Plano, Texas-based company has lately been showing are real or not.
In addition to its namesake Party City stores, it also operates The Paper Factory, Halloween City and Factory Card & Party Outlet shops. The company says it can stick with the same number of seasonal workers as last year because it has been hiring staff throughout 2012. Its simple, its 4 years later and Americans are worse off than they were 4 years ago with no change in sight.
Motley Fool newsletter services have recommended creating a synthetic long position in Ford Motor.
The reason for this is a non-working, king of the campaigners and congress doing NOTHING to resolve the pending mass reduction in government funds that will create this monster. Isn't it Ironic that GE paid no income taxes at all and still received millions in returns from this administration? Target Corp., along with Walmart, is keeping an eye on expenses, which of course includes labor costs, so as to lower prices and stimulate sales. Sales are expected to be tepid this holiday season, but at least one company representative says that won't affect the need for seasonal workers. The sad thing is whats going to happen if we get more obama, thousands more small businesses are going to close and put a few more million people out of work, they see no relief from our current government and have had about enough.
UPS assigns the same drivers to their routes for months, even years, allowing a friendly, personal relationship to bloom. This worthless leader has not had a single budget of his own; last one was Bush before he left office. When the order processed and I got my tracking number it was on track to be delivered NEXT DAY (DOUBLE FUCK YES). She called the local facility and had them get in contact with the driver and demanded he redeliver. Many have already stated their intentions publicly, so if you vote O then don't be surprised. Admittedly I can understand that maybe the company as a whole cares, but that isn?t reflected all the way down to the employees working for them?
If you ever thought your vote makes no differences, folks, this time around it will make the difference of a bankrupt contry lead by a socialist LAMEDUCK who has clearly stated to the russian puke that after the election he will have more 'flexibility' which is a fast moving 'executive order' signing pen and what I believe will be his attempt to take away freedom in our country like you have not seen since Hitler. Letting millions of 'illegals' is just one step in his becoming the socialist king of a bankrupt country where the vast majority will be entirely dependent on the government (much like a lot of his relatives today) and as always when you have all the non-working uneducated minority which can be led by the nose you have a king and his sub-servants. Laugh as you may at this old man but I am well educated, wealthy beyond having a need, and have seen this in others countries I have lived in to know it is not fiction folks, it can happen right here in America.

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