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Every move the Scorpio makes in mating is, to some degree, about owning your body, your mind, your soul. You’ll really make Scorpio happy if you choose an intimate location like the inner thigh, lower back or tummy. Of course, if you’re too chicken or too uncertain about the future, you can always get temporary tattoos. It makes your love physical and reassures heart-protective Scorpio that your love is enduring. She has more than 10 years of experience as a professional journalist and six years of experience as a professional blogger. Scorpios with fire Venus— (Sagittarius)  prefer to go somewhere and do something exciting!
Scorpios with Earth Venus – (Capricorn, Virgo) want a tangible keepsake or some form of commitment. Note: Scorpios NEVER have Venuses more than two signs before or after their sun sign, hence the limited options above. Be sure to get special body areas … waxed, and consider the latest trend of bejeweling the private areas just for kicks. Spend the whole day in bed: serve your Scorpio breakfast in bed, watch favorite movies in bed, body paint one another, watch porn, act out porn, you get the picture.
If you’re entertaining a Scorpio man, why not do a belly dance for him or a burlesque or striptease routine?
Keep in mind that Venus in Sagittarius is not just attracted to physical travel, they love learning new things and having philosophical discussions that take the mind on a trip.
Scorpios love mental stimulation and a Scorpio with a Libra Venus can easily fall in love by sharing mental tasks.
Present the Scorpio with receipts of enrollment in a local class to learn a new skill together. The key is to show the Scorpio you want to harmonize your intellectual life and fall in love through mental journey. Scorpios who love with an earth Venus, want tangible proof of your love and long-term devotion.
A drawer or closet at your place … to show you want them to hang around and that your territory is their territory. Nigeria has had a tumultuous aviation history — airline companies have collapsed and the country has suffered a number of accidents, including a crash that killed 163 people in June.
Now the government is trying to revamp the industry, remodeling terminals and even announcing plans to start a national airline, according to the AP.
As part of the effort, workers have started clearing the country's notorious "airplane graveyards," airfields that hold the carcasses of dozens of planes and can be seen as passengers land at the airport in Lagos and elsewhere. Around 65 of these defunct planes sit rotting around the country, sometimes still loaded with fine china and instruction manuals, the AP reported. The planes will be offered for free to people who apply, but most will probably be headed for the scrapyard. Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos is home to one of the biggest "airplane graveyards" in Nigeria. Some of the planes belonged to airlines that are now defunct, and still hold fine china and flight manuals. Despite beginning its recovery in early 2009, the labor market recovery continues to be painfully slow. Part of the problem is that companies continue to layoff employees in their efforts to control costs.
With the help of Bloomberg, we compiled a list of the 18 biggest layoff announcements of the past year.
The companies include banks, airlines, and consumer goods companies.  But the tech companies dominate the rankings. Just three months after Yahoo's new CEO, Scott Thompson took charge, in April the company announced that it would be laying off 2,000 employees. First Solar announced that it would layoff almost a third of its workforce early last year, as it was planning on shutting down operations in Germany completely, and on letting its operations in Malaysia sit idle.

Colgate-Palmolive, which makes a variety of consumer products like shampoo and toothpaste, announced that it would be laying off 2,316 employees by 2016, in an effort to cut costs, after its third quarter earnings dipped by 1% year-over-year.
The county has created the Palm Beach County Business Development Board to help encourage and attract firms, especially those in financial services, to the area.
Kelly Smallridge, who runs the Palm Beach County Business Development Board, told the New York Post, “We’re not doing a multimillion-dollar marketing campaign.
The New York Post and Dealbreaker have discussed some of the reasons why hedge funds like Apex are moving down the coast.
People aren't just going there for the fun and sun — Palm Beach also makes business sense, too. The chart to your right, which displays the average monthly high and low temperatures in Palm Beach, speaks for itself.
The agency announced that it had tracked down and seized $13.6 million in fraudulent NFL merchandise from abroad. The founding partner of Silicon Valley investment firm Andreessen Horowitz, Ben Horowitz, recently gave a great presentation at the DLD conference in Munich. Specifically, he laid out what might be described as a "magic formula" for building humongous,  world-dominating, dynastic-wealth-creating tech companies.
Andreessen Horowitz looks at 2,400 qualified (pre-screened) investment opportunities a year.
Horowitz says that four things are "knowable" about every opportunity: 1) the idea, 2) the entrepreneur, 3) the market, 4) the business model. Jesse Heiman has taken on extra roles including "Geek,""3rd UFO Enthusiast," and "Winking Comic Book Nerd" in more than 200 films and TV shows, but on Super Bowl Sunday, he'll be making out with supermodel Bar Refaeli in front of 111 million viewers in Go Daddy's big game commercial. But Heiman first had to impress a stand-in for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in the first audition in December.
But the career nerd worked his one-sided saliva-swapping magic on casting agents, because he landed a callback the next week with a real-live woman who regularly stands in for Refaeli. The first make out was straight to business and "genuine," but Heiman told BI that he started getting creative on the second try.
After Heiman landed the job, the stand-in was on the set of the actual Go Daddy shoot as well and told him that he was her favorite and most memorable kiss of the whole audition process. But then, after he made sure his lips were properly chapsticked and that he hadn't applied excessive amounts of cologne, Heiman was ready to get down to business. While the actual commercial, which is meant to show Go Daddy's new "sexy meets smart" platform, shows a prolonged close-up kiss, that's apparently the PG-version of what happened on set. While Go Daddy told us that it would post the banned ads on its site during the game Sunday, Refaeli (who also complimented Heiman's kissing skills) told the "Today Show" that she'd rather have the raunchier version. And, given that a super model just praised Heiman for his kissing skills, this ad should also do wonders for the single actor's game.
But until then, fans might be able to find Heiman at a crowded party or bar in Los Angeles Super Bowl Sunday. The Park Avenue pad occupies both the 30th and 31st floors of the co-op building on 733 Park Avenue. Thursday night, hundreds of members of the technology elite—founders, investors, hustlers, hackers—gathered at the Louise M. When a handful of tech blogs launched The Crunchies five years ago, the notion of an awards ceremony for startups modeled after the Oscars seemed like a self-mocking joke—and indeed, few took it seriously at the time. Fast-forward to 2013, and it's clear as day that the tech world has stars like Marissa Mayer, Mark Zuckerberg, Aaron Levie, Brian Chesky, and Kevin Systrom.
The article argues that the 2011 peak of $1921 was the top, and that now the run of the cult metal is coming to an end. The second is that the era of crisis is over, and so the impulse to hedge against collapse (or massive volatility) is diminishing. Big thanks to Credit Suisse for their permission to feature several charts from the report. But in the very long run, gold has surged to near its all-time highs, and is massively above its long-term average. In those three decades, Clinton has gone from one of the country's most divisive political figures to one of its most beloved.

The country finally came around to Clinton during her four years as President Barack Obama's Secretary of State. Hillary Rodham started getting presidential buzz back in 1969, when she delivered the commencement address at Wellesley College.
Super Bowl XLVII is less than a week away, and more than 70,000 fans are preparing to swarm the Lousiana Superdome to watch the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers battle it out for the biggest prize in the NFL. The coveted 400 level suites are going from $112,000 to an astounding $300,000+, according to StubHub.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life.
When they are not wearing Scorpion tattoos, or mounting Scorpions on the wall of their house (Like Moi!), they are wearing Scorpions around their necks. I almost feel like I get a sort of strange energy when I wear scorpions — and they are always conversational pieces. If you choose the latter, make sure you get a poem that reflects the nature of your love for the Scorpio, and point out how the poem captures your relationship. The European market for green energy had deteriorated for too much to sustain business operations, according to the company. Compare that to New York, where the state and local governments took $14.71 of every $100 earned in 2010, according to state records.
For comparison's sake, the average temperature in Palm Beach is about 20 degrees higher than in New York City. Customs and Immigration Agency has been busy hunting down Internet sites pawning fake NFL swag.
Although a YouTube video dubbing him the "World's Greatest Extra" went viral with almost three million views in 2011, he's still waiting for a big part in a pilot, TV show, or movie. It comes with three landscaped terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows in the foyer, and a private elevator. Davies Symphony Hall for the sixth annual Crunchies Awards, a ceremony which celebrates private-stock valuations and product launches instead of box-office scores and film premieres. And arguably, the digital products they launch on the world are far more important than the ephemeral celluloid narratives of Hollywood. This represents an extreme level of safe-haven seeking, thanks to "existential concerns" about the essence of Western Capitalism.
Love deeply, forgive quickly, take chances, give everything with no regrets and forget the past with exception of what you have learned and remembered everything happens for a reason. In romantic relationships, Scorpio fuses these two 8th house concepts of love and property by making the lover owned — in all ways. Synthia is obsessed with penning blogs that examine Scorpio's mystique, Plutonic personalities and the risque, taboo 8th house life. Make sure the movie contains a highly sensuous relationship that’s either taboo in some way or about star-crossed lovers who desperately fight the odds to be together.
The penthouse was listed with Fox Residential Group, and the buyer will remain unknown until the sale is registered next week.
Senator and 2008 presidential candidate, Clinton navigated policy battles, scandal, and five campaigns, breaking down gender barriers at each step. Those who are strong don't make it their mission to hurt others, or to seek out to find who may hurt them.
If your apology isn't sincere and you're just apologizing to avoid an argument then that can just lead to more damage. The current Scorpio AT has an older 6-speed automatic unit sourced from Drivetrain Systems International (DSI)Also Read: Mahindra XUV500 AT vs Hyundai Creta ATCompared to the XUV500, the Mahindra Scorpio has a traditional ladder frame chassis and a longitudinally-mounted engine. Also you can't just apologize for everything, you have to know what you're apologizing for.

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