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Much has been written about Puerto Rico's $72 debt crisis, but very little has happened to resolve it. Everyone's talking about John Oliver's and Lin-Manuel Miranda's viral video, but the reality is this: Congress won't act. President Barack Obama and the White House lack the political courage to be forceful about this issue, though the fact is that if Obama actually started treating Puerto Rico like he is treating Cuba, he would pretty much guarantee a Democratic victory in November. And even though Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has no problem celebrating the accomplishments of brave Puerto Ricans who fought for this country, he won't even make Puerto Rico a legislative priority, instead kicking the island down the street as if it were a old can of Goya beans. Meanwhile, the political bickering from the island's political class continues to dominate the dialogue in Puerto Rico. So while progress stalls (are we even surprised by this), what are Puerto Ricans (yes, they are American citizens) supposed to do? It's not like Puerto Ricans are not used to engaging in civil disobedience to spur action on issues. In the age of mass entertainment and celebrity worship —two of Puerto Rico's favorite pastimes, next to political bickering— Mark-Viverito's call to action needs to tap into something deeper. Therefore, I offer several civil disobedience examples that can happen right now if Puerto Ricans are serious, truly serious, about bringing more urgent attention to what is happening on the island. Puerto Rico politicians are urged to stop working against each other and put Puerto Rico first.

Unless Puerto Ricans just want to break away from the United States (an entirely different topic that would deserve yet another column), we should either commit to a real solution to this crisis or else we are just bound to keep repeating the same mistakes of the past. A native of Puerto Rico, Julio Ricardo Varela is the politics editor and digital media director for the Futuro Media Group, which produces Latino USA, In The Thick, Humanizing America, and America By The Numbers With Maria Hinojosa. At his final White House Correspondents' Dinner appearance, President Obama reflected on his remaining time in office and joked about who might be standing in his spot next year. Over the past seven years, President Obama has poked fun at the press, himself and Washington insiders during his speeches at the White House Correspondents Dinner. At this year’s Beijing auto show, Chinese companies showed off their ambitions to reshape the auto industry with vehicles that can be controlled by smartphone apps.
You can to get this amazing graphic about Funny Quotes About Boyfriends And Girlfriends, right click on your mouse and choose "view image" and "save image as" to save this picture to your PC. If you are for the proposed Fiscal Control Board, you are a neoliberal free-market capitalist pig.
The case of Vieques is a recent example, but the cynic in me cannot believe that boricuas will start thinking in terms of a New Boricua Spring. By now, the Broadway crowd knows that one of the most successful shows ever was created by a playwright of Puerto Rican heritage. If you really like it and want to get another good images related with Funny Quotes About Boyfriends And Girlfriends, you can browse in quotes category.

What if the show closed and Lin-Manuel told the world that Hamilton won't come back until Puerto Rico got the attention it deserved?
It’s an interesting way of combating an international smartphone addiction, adopting street safety signs with the times rather than trying to fight the onslaught of near-ubiquitous mobile technology.
This season, there are over 30 major leaguers of Puerto Rican descent, including Chicago Cubs star pitcher Jake Arrieta.
Imagine how the North Side of Chicago would react?Have Justice Sonia Sotomayor take a looonggg vacation.
Think about this global headline: Sotomayor Takes Break from Bench to Protest Lack of Action on Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis. I mean, the city of Orlando alone would come to a standstill.Cancel the Puerto Rican Day Parade and head to DC.
As ridiculous as this would sound, it at least forces the issue to the front pages of the world.

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